cybersunshine: FREE Social Media Tools You Can Use! - 09/10/09 02:50 PM
This is going to be a very short yet very sweet post about some great social media tools that you can use that are not only easy but FREE. I'm watching the NFL kick off and really need to get back to the game!  :)
1. HootSuite
This great (and cute) little application lets you manage multiple Twitter accounts, view your retweets, mentions and statistics all within one very easy to use web application. There is even a "shrink it" box that you can paste long URLs into and it will shorten it for you automatically so you can … (4 comments)

cybersunshine: 50 Ways to Use Your Fan Page to Earn Business…Part FOUR! - 09/09/09 07:27 AM
If you’re following this post, you have setup your Facebook Fan Page and started obtaining Fans. I know that many of you got some helpful tips and tricks from my previous 30 ideas on how to use your page for your business.  Since my last post, all kinds of great things have become available for your Fan Page through Facebook. I hope that through these next 10 tips, you start thinking creatively on how you can promote your page.The first item on my list is critical to your social media campaign. It’s not only an execution strategy, but a way of … (4 comments)

cybersunshine: BREAKING SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Export Your Facebook Updates to Twitter - 08/26/09 04:47 PM
Good news social media of today, you can now export the updates you make to your Facebook FAN PAGE directly to your Twitter account. Get on Board...login now to your fan page and you'll be prompted to make the connection. Give Twitter the 'ok' and you're set to go. Hows that for making your life easier! Thank you Facebook!

cybersunshine: How Traditional Media is Utilizing Social Media - 08/26/09 06:47 AM
I live in Southwest Florida and I attended a business meeting last night where they had a panel of representatives from many of our area’s major media organizations discussing how the traditional media companies that they work for are currently using social media in their daily business operations.  In attendance were representatives from the Naples Daily News, The Fort Myers News Press, FOX 4 WFTX-TV, NBC-2 (Waterman Broadcasting) and BOBFM. From traditional newspapers to radio and TV, the panelist included a fairly broad spectrum of traditional media corporations.  I was both intrigued and rather surprised to find out that many of … (0 comments)

cybersunshine: New Website Boasts Lifestyle Search: Is Your Site that Creative? - 08/25/09 09:45 AM
I recently came across a new website, The brokerage is Avery Hess REALTORS® serving Maryland, Virginia, Metro DC and West Virginia and I have to give them KUDOS. They recently launched this custom site and you just have to check it out for its clean, simple design and along with it, some pretty cool features.
The first thing you should notice is the front page. It’s very Web 2.0. Clean and simple; using a three column format on the bottom of the front page. Three columns are becoming more and more popular in web design and are useful because you … (2 comments)

cybersunshine: 50 Ways to Use Your Fan Page to Earn Business...Part Three! - 08/18/09 03:31 AM
Welcome to Part Three of "50 Ways to Use Your Fan Page".   If you missed the first two posts, please check out my blog to catch up. Each post I will give you 10 more ideas on what kind of information to post and provide on your Facebook Fan Page.  I'll give you unique and creative ideas on how to promote yourself, your listings, your website and your company online using Facebook. I'll also provide you how-tos on promotion of the page, reading statistics and more.
The next 10 ideas on how to create value and promote your Facebook Fan Page are listed … (8 comments)

cybersunshine: Memorial Day: Remembering My Grandfather, a WWII Bomber Pilot - 05/25/09 01:48 AM

I am remembering my grandfather today who was a WWII Bomber Pilot. A member of the 449th Bomb Group, he was shot down and taken as a POW. My grandfather flew a bomber that they named "Reluctant Liz" after my grandmother, Elizabeth (Betty) Bontly. On April 4, 1944 known as 4/4/44, seven of the original planes from Bruning in the 449th were shot down in that single day. This event was immortalized in the paintings by artist Jim Dietz entitled "Maximum Effort". The painting commissioned by Col Hollie Wilkes hangs in the Pentagon. I have included an image of that … (0 comments)

cybersunshine: Facebook: 50 Ways to Use Your Fan Page to Earn Business…Part One! - 05/22/09 07:03 AM
Welcome to my blog series, "50 Ways to Use Your Fan Page to Earn Business."  Thank you for reading!  Over the next five weeks, I am going to provide you 50 unique ideas on how you can use your fan page to attract, retain and earn new business.   Each week I will give you 10 more ideas on what kind of information to post and provide on your Fan Page.  I’ll give you unique and creative ideas on how to promote yourself, your listings, your website and your company online using Facebook. I’ll also provide you how-tos on promotion of the … (2 comments)

cybersunshine: All About your Facebook Fan Page - 05/13/09 10:34 AM
My last post told you all about how to create a fan page on Facebook. Oddly enough it can be really hard to find exactly where you can create a page, once you have a login to this popular social media site. In my last post I provided you a quick link. Check it out if you still haven’t created your Page.
To those of you who have created your Page and are now ready to move to the next step, let me first commend you for your efforts! I know this can be scary…but don’t worry! It’s FREE and the … (5 comments)

cybersunshine: How to Create a Fan Page on Facebook...and then what to do with it! - 04/30/09 03:49 PM
Facebook Fan Pages are getting a lot of attention lately in the media and rightfully so. Research indicates that 70% of viral marketers report increasing brand awareness as one of the most successful areas of their social marketing campaigns. Not since the onset of the internet and websites have you been given the ability to reach out across the miles to millions of potential prospects in such an exciting and targeted fashion. Best of all, it’s FREE! As a real estate professional, you are your brand. You create logos around your name and business. If you’re a broker, then brand awareness … (9 comments)

cybersunshine: CyberSunshine, Inc. Ranked Top 100 South Florida Small Businesses - 10/09/08 04:30 AM
We are proud to announce that CyberSunshine, Inc. has been named amongst the Top 100 South Florida Businesses in the annual South Florida 500 issue by South Florida Business Leader Magazine, formerly South Florida CEO. Qualifying companies are privately held, have been in business for at least five years in Florida with a five year revenue growth of 40% or more. Additional criteria includes 100 employees or less, significant business achievements, honors, awards and community achievement. This is a true honor for CyberSunshine, Inc. and the hard working, dedicated staff. CyberSunshine, Inc. was started in 1998, has grown to service over … (0 comments)


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