saving energy: Home Comfort Pays for Itself - 09/03/13 12:54 AM
The math on energy efficiency and its impact on your comfort, finances, property and community.
An eye-opening video, every home owner should watch.


saving energy: Save Energy and Stay Cool this Summer… and Many to Come! - 07/22/13 05:48 AM
Summer 2013: The first weeks of July have been extremely hot here in the Northeastern U.S. Over the past few days we have had record-breaking heat, and heat advisories of all sorts. 
Being outdoors can get close to unbearable some days.  This forces us to seek respite from the heat indoors in hopes that our conditioners can keep our homes comfortable, and that the utility company can keep up with the increased demand.
In some areas, authorities have been urging homeowners to conserve energy. This is because increased consumption takes its toll not only on the energy supply system, but also … (0 comments)

saving energy: Home Staging for the Third Millennium - 11/02/11 06:22 AM
As the housing market slowly recovers from a combination of mortgage crisis, credit crunch, and overall economic instability, we’re seeing what industry experts call a "buyers market": lower prices and many choices.
While this reality is quite empowering for prospective buyers, it poses an extra challenge to home sellers.
The inventory of properties for sale is large, which allows prospective buyers to be fussy. Many of these properties are foreclosures being sold for much less than the market value of similar properties in the same area. How can you sell a property without losing money is this market?
Home staging has … (0 comments)

saving energy: Crawl Space Insulation in WA: Dos and Don'ts - 10/04/11 05:30 AM
Washington is one of the coldest states in the union, and the western portion also has some of the highest levels of precipitation year round.
For homes built on dirt-floored, vented crawl spaces, that mix of cold winter weather, and very high humidity year round can have a big impact on indoor comfort and energy consumption.
In fact, according to Advanced Energy, a nonprofit agency devoted to energy efficiency, energy losses through unimproved crawl spaces  are so significant that homeowners might as well put aside any other attempts to improve energy efficiency, until the crawl space is fixed.
A properly insulated … (1 comments)

saving energy: 4 Reasons to Green Your Home Before You Sell It! - 06/17/11 09:43 AM
The housing market - although showing some signs of recovery - is still suffering the effects of the recent foreclosure crisis. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, l this is a “buyers” market still flooded with many properties for potential buyers to choose from. Says the WSJ :
”There were about 15 million vacant homes in the U.S. last year, according to John Burns Real Estate Consulting Inc.—some 3.1 million more than normal.”
Faced with that challenge, sellers resort to home staging and often undertake remodeling projects to increase the property’s sales appeal. Until 2007 the … (0 comments)

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