real estate business plan: Be more than an agent, be an expert. - 04/10/12 12:04 AM

There is an old story of two lumberjacks who had a competition to see who could saw the most wood in a day. The first man was young and strong and no doubt had the greatest endurance. The second was not as young and not as strong, but had years of wisdom on his side. As the two began at the break of day, it was obvious that both were intent on winning the competition. The only real surprise was that the older lumberjack would stop and while he rested, he would casually sharpen his saw blade. At the end of the day, the … (4 comments)

real estate business plan: 3 Keys for Spring Focus - 03/19/12 11:04 PM

Finally, the temperatures are rising and the sun is shining.  Once again you feel alive, refreshed and rejuvenated. You are ready to conquer the world. Spring has got you in its grasp. “Bring on the spring fever” you shout, “I am so ready!” Well here is a word of precautionary nature, do not let spring get you sprung! In other words do not become so excited that you lose your focus. The key to presiding over spring fever is focus. Become focused on what needs to be done in your Real Estate business, then follow through and do it. Here … (0 comments)

real estate business plan: No whiners allowed! - 03/08/12 02:14 AM

Setting Boundaries with Clients
Have you ever had a real estate client who was a whiner? In my experience, whiners have two effects on us…and they’re both negative! Either they can be really annoying with their constant whining- stripping us of our joy, or even worse, sucking positive energy from us and distracting us from being productive.  As the saying goes- misery loves company so that’s why I would like to share two very important ways to deal (or not to deal) with whiners.
1)     Forget trying to please the chronic whiner.  A chronic whiner is almost impossible to please.  … (2 comments)

real estate business plan: 5 Ways to Acquire Simple Habits in Your Real Estate Business - 02/26/12 12:29 AM

Real estate is an industry which, at its core, is all about building and maintaining strong relationships with your clients and prospects. It is far too easy to get caught up in day-to-day activities and neglect simple and proven techniques that increase profitability in your real estate business.  The following list examines five ways to increase your productivity and achieve positive results.
Invest in a real estate CRM system that will allow you to keep track of all of your clients and prospects.  Choose a system that is user friendly with busy professionals in mind.
Train yourself to use … (2 comments)

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