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FHA 203(k) renovation loans are great if you can find a lender and agent who understands them. Deborah Garvin has put together a great explanation of how they work! In case you missed part one, you can read it here.Understanding FHA 203(k) Program:  Part Two   Process, Procedures and Best Practic...
When my brothers and I were growing up on a dairy farm, we had to have a lot of imagination to amuse ourselves. Think black-n-white TV, party lines and a pocket-sized transistor radio. We were way out in the boonies on a gravel road and rarely had visitors. But when we DID have visitors, we were ...
I received an unsolicited e-mail from a lender that I decided to read since they referenced FICO score in the subject line. This was one of those canned e-mails that was not written by the loan officer but by the company she works for. I was scanning the bullet points of what to do to improve you...
Deborah Garvin has compiled one of the best explanations of a FHA 203(k) renovation loan that I have ever read. Consider this scenario. You are looking for a home and find one that you love. But you now have a dilemma because it needs work that you do not have the cash or credit to pay for. You w...
My Mother-In-Law just left after staying with us for three days. Lia moved 180 miles away 7 years ago to be closer to her great granddaughter. She didn't want to deal with finding new doctors, so she travels here every time she needs to see one. This visit, what was really disturbing me the most,...
I received an all-too-familiar e-mail from a company who started their spiel with "We are looking for an agent in your area". Not agents, mind you, an agent. Gee, this sounds like an exclusive opportunity for me, let me jump on it right away! Seven years ago I may have jumped on the bandwagon, bu...
If your teenager became of driving age in or near Cotati, CA, chances are they learned how to drive with Miller Driving School. I get an almost daily reminder of the valuable service this business provides, not only because I live in Cotati, but also because I live on a hill. While starting and s...
In Northern California, we don't utilize attorneys to close our real estate transactions, we use Title Companies. When a buyer is ready to submit an offer to purchase real estate, the selling agent (aka buyer's agent) asks the buyer if they have a preference of which Title Company they would like...
    Today marks the first day of the 20th Annual Accordion Festival in Cotati, CA. The graphic above is an actual bumper sticker that is often seen on cars in Cotati. While exiting the grocery store last night, I had the pleasure of getting a preview of what this festival is all about. The colorf...
I just read a featured post with a great story called Lessons of a Hot Dog Vendor. While this story taught a wonderful lesson, I was surprised at the comments of so many real estate agents who admitted they don't read newspapers or watch the news on TV. I understand wanting to shield oneself from...

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