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Prudential is officially obsolete in Sonoma County (see correction below) as of tomorrow morning. Two of their offices have become Better Homes and Gardens and another two joined forces with Century 21. RE/MAX, once a Sonoma County powerhouse seems like it is hanging on by a thread. I counted 42 ...
  Thanksgiving in my home this year was on Saturday, after waiting for 4 remaining family members to arrive. Because of this, the Turkey Trot couldn't begin until Sunday morning, just to be safe. Sure enough, I went outside to fetch the Sunday morning paper and about 30 "Thanksgiving survivors" ...
A smile is a frown turned upside down. A 6 is a 9 to buy some time. Have you ever tried to find a house and it doesn't seem to be there no matter how hard you look? We've had some former home owners that have been playing tricks on whomever in the real estate industry might happen by for a BPO ph...
Today is Thanksgiving. We have 2 family members who have to work some god-awful hours in retail for Black Friday, so we won't be having turkey and family (more turkeys) over until Saturday. Instead of cooking today, I have been thinking about some of the wonderful people I have met during my shor...
PAUL HARVEY was a radio personality who was one of the best storytellers of all time. From 1976 until his death in 2009, Paul told a series of stories described as part mystery and part history. And each time he would end his broadcast with his famous line "and now you know ... (pause) ... the RE...
When my family met in Grants Pass Oregon for an annual gathering, my brother's motor home had two tires that virtually exploded on his way South. He was pretty upset about it, not because of the cost, time and frustration, but because the tires really weren't that old. Or so he thought. What my b...
If you missed the 2010 Sonoma County Wine and Food Affair, maybe now is the time to plan for next year. My friends at had a video made to show how the event was received this year. After watching this video, I'm sorry that I missed it! Here is some of what I missed ... Wild Mushroom ...
Wow ... talk about getting dumped! We've all been there, I'm sure ... but what did this cute little camping trailer do to deserve this? I was driving down Llano road in Sonoma County and happened upon this unwanted former "home" that will have to be hauled away. My only question is ... did the tr...
I remember Little Shop of Horrors as an odd and scary movie, but it was certainly entertaining. OK, maybe warped is a better word to describe it. California Carnivores plays on that movie, yet they do it in a delightful way. At the road to the entrance, you are greeted by a giant Venus Flytrap. ...
Growing up, my Thanksgivings were always spent together with my cousins, Aunts and Uncles on my Dad's side. One year, we all decided to gather at my family's beach cabin in Newport, Oregon. It was Wednesday, November 24th, 1971. Thanksgiving morning we stumbled out of our bunk beds and found our ...

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