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While folks on the East Coast are still shaking in their boots from a 5.9 earthquake and closely watching the path of Hurricane Irene, Sonoma County just entered into its frenzy 4th season ... CRUSH. The 2011 Crush officially started this week, when a small batch of grapes were harvested from a v...
I live in a very small town called Cotati (Koe-tah-tee) with a population of just under 7,500. Walking around town is always fun because there are so many characters here. You can usually find a game of chess in progress, along with diners eating lunch or dinner at sidewalk tables. Since Cotati ...
Pat Kennedy from D.C. wrote an interesting blog post about whether it is a good idea to get earthquake insurance, since a standard fire insurance policy doesn't cover earthquake damage. That's a good question and I'm sure it is on a lot of East Coast minds today. I live in California and I have t...
The morning after I returned from a very noisy camping trip, (Jake Brakes, Train Whistles and KIDS, oh my!) I was happy to be sipping a cup of coffee and catching up with the news in my quiet house. Well, almost quiet. There was an annoying hum that wouldn't go away. It sounded like water running...
When an appraiser is assigned a property, they are armed with more than just the offer price and the amount of any seller concessions. They are also told what kind of loan the buyer plans to utilize for the purchase. Each type of loan has their own set of property guidelines and the appraiser is ...
Honey, where did you put the cutting board? I guess "Honey" got tired of hearing that question. "Honey" glued said cutting board to the Formica counter top. At least some thought was put into this, the board was placed next to the sink for easy cleaning. Will the cutting board be included in the ...
The Government has given in again, this time by considering a name change of a California landmark. Some folks think the name "Squaw" is derogatory (for the record, I don't), and have tried time and time again to change the name of Squaw anything to something else. Our "politically correct" popu...
Talk about an ethical quandary. I recently had two offers on a condo, one that I knew wouldn't hold water. I presented both offers to the seller, who happens to be a bank. The asset manager accepted the offer that would net the bank (investor) a slightly higher amount, even though I recommended a...
It's not what you know that matters ... It's what you should have known. These were the words from my teacher, an attorney, when I was taking a required course for my Broker's license: Real Estate Law. The disclosure process, he said, is where an agent usually gets themselves into trouble. Make s...
Dear Freddie Mac. You disclosed to us that we are in a multiple offer situation. We signed your multiple offer disclosure and let you know we wanted to stay in the game. We were told it could take up to 48 hours for you to respond to our offer. HELLO? That was 12 days ago. That was 288 hours ago ...

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