sonoma county: Lions, Tigers and Termites, oh my! - 12/04/17 05:08 PM

Lions, Tigers and Termites, oh my! So, I kind of fibbed about the lions and tigers, but we have enough termites in California to make up for it. I recently had a buyer do the Heebie Jeebie dance when she learned that the property she intends to buy is infested with subterranean termites.
The Urban Dictionary defines the Heebie Jeebies as "A feeling of minor fright, anxiety, nervousness, apprehension, 'the willies', phobic." Yep, that's about right. Knowing that ANY 6+ legged pest is crawling under your house is enough to keep you awake at night.
So here is what happens next. The pest … (10 comments)

sonoma county: Sonoma County Home Sales - March 2015 - 04/30/15 11:35 AM
Sonoma County Home Sales - March 2015
 When you think of California these days, the word DROUGHT comes to mind. Sonoma County has experienced its share of low precipitation, but we are experiencing another type of drought ... INVENTORY. March 2015 actually saw an upswing in new listings, hopefully a sign of what more there is to come this summer.
The Sonoma County market as a whole has been acting like that famous snail that fell to the bottom of a 30 foot well, and is trying to get out. The snail crawls up three feet during the day, then slides back down … (4 comments)

sonoma county: You might be from Sonoma County if ... - 04/02/15 09:43 AM
You might be from Sonoma County if ...
You decline invitations to any event scheduled during the first weekend of March because Barrell Tasting is already on your calendar ... in ink!
Your mind doesn't wander off to Ancient Rome when someone starts talking about Pliny the Younger.
You know that a Luma is not a cousin of the Llama, and yet, you can still pet it.
You think nothing of running into Lucy Van Pelt, Charlie Brown, Woodstock or Snoopy.
You have no problem with the airport endorsing a dog house as a perfectly good airplane.
You know how to … (25 comments)

sonoma county: Speechless Sunday - Sonoma County Sunrise - 11/16/14 04:45 AM


sonoma county: Snacking on the job - 10/30/14 10:39 AM

Normally, I don't ever eat while I'm "out in the field". But when you are "out in the field" in Sonoma County, there are temptations this time of year that you just can't pass up.
I was present during a well test, checking the mineral analysis of the water and the GPM. Right next to the well was almost 17 acres of wine grapes. Merlot, Chardonnay, Malbec. Yum.
The grapes had been picked the week before, but there are always those clumps of grapes that hide and get left behind. There is nothing like a mid-morning snack of Sonoma … (14 comments)

sonoma county: Sonoma County Home Sales - August 2014 - 09/30/14 09:14 AM
Sonoma County Home Sales - August 2014
Well, things settled down some during the month of August. There were fewer home sales, and the median county-wide price dropped back under $500K to the relief of some buyers. For awhile there it looked like we were headed into 2004 territory where home prices took off like wildfire. Now that Summer is a distant memory and Fall is upon us, this is typically the time of year when the market cools off. Kids are in school and families start settling into a routine.

sonoma county: Trending ... Independent Brokers - 09/26/14 08:18 AM
Trending ... Independent Brokers
I just met with potential buyers who found me on Google. When I asked how they came across my brokerage, they said they searched for an independent broker in Sonoma County. They found four in their initial search, and after poking around a bit, they decided to call me.
Why me? This is how they explained it.
#1 I'm an independent broker, I've already mentioned that. They found me on Google because that's one of the first things I state in every profile I have. That includes Active Rain, Linked-In, Yelp ... everywhere I can think of. … (58 comments)

sonoma county: Sonoma County Real Estate Market Report March 2014 - 04/23/14 05:36 AM
Sonoma County Real Estate Market Report March 2014
We had a slight uptick in the number of new listings for Single Family Residences during March 2014, compared to March 2013. But there are still more buyers out there than available homes, creating a supply and demand situation that has continued to worsen in Sonoma County over the past two years.
Even with the new listing uptick, the supply of inventory stood at 1.7 months during March. What this means is if no more listings were introduced to the market, ALL homes would be sold within 51 days. It also means that Sonoma County … (2 comments)

sonoma county: Sonoma County Home Sales March 2014 - 04/23/14 05:32 AM
Sonoma County Home Sales March 2014
Home prices continue to rise in Sonoma County while multiple buyers bid on the same homes, as there is very little inventory on the market. There are a couple of reasons inventory is so low. First, although home prices have consistently increased over the past two years, many homes are still under water resulting from the housing crash in 2007. The second reason is because some home owners want to sell, but there is nothing to buy, so here they sit. It's time to get creative and figure out a way to match potential sellers who … (2 comments)

sonoma county: Does this area ever flood? - 01/07/13 07:53 AM

Does this area ever flood?
Good question! I usually get this inquiry when I'm showing property in rural areas next to a river or creek. But sometimes being near a tributary has nothing to do with whether an area will flood or not.
Blocked drains and ditches. A road that doesn't normally flood will certainly do so if drains, ditches and canals haven't been maintained. During the fall, tree branches and leaves play a great part in creating a back-up, just like they do in rain gutters on your house. All it takes is a few inches of rainfall … (34 comments)

sonoma county: Alaska Airlines + Sonoma County = Free Flying Wine - 11/19/12 11:01 AM
Alaska Airlines + Sonoma County = Free Flying Wine
You know those annoying baggage fees that most airlines charge you? Well, Alaska Airlines in conjunction with the Charles M. Schulz (Sonoma County) Airport has a baggage fee exception that wine lovers are going to be very happy about.
Each passenger can fly a full case of wine for FREE on any Alaska Airlines flight departing Sonoma County!
I'm embarassed to tell you that someone from Washington State told me about this. I guess when you live here like me, you don't have to figure out how to get your wine … (5 comments)

sonoma county: Safari West Open House Block Party - 11/13/12 08:27 AM

Safari West Open House Block Party
What? There is a Safari in Sonoma County? Why yes, yes there is! Safari West is having their annual Open House Block Party on Sunday, November 18th 2012 between 9:00AM and 3:00PM.
If you have never been to Safari West before, you are in for a real treat. And the admission price for this event is a real bargain!
Come and get a close-up look at the exotic family of cheetahs, giraffes, lemurs, gazelles, zebras and many of the other 600 animals that inhabit the preserve. It's not Africa, but it's close!
Guests will … (0 comments)

sonoma county: Commercial Crab Season Opens This Week in Sonoma County - 11/12/12 07:46 AM

Commercial Crab Season Opens This Week in Sonoma County
Crab. Yum. Every year I look forward to the week when commercial crab season opens. I'm kind of a weenie when it comes to cooking them, I'd rather let someone else do that chore. But my mouth waters when I think of the first crab of the season that I can buy and bring home.
Crab Louie, crab tacos, crab omelets, crab dip, crab cakes ... the possibilities are endless! If a price can be agreed upon between the fishermen and merchants by Thursday, we should be able to … (5 comments)

sonoma county: Rescue helicopter plucks 5 boaters from Tomales Bay - 11/06/12 05:42 AM
As Henry 1, Sonoma County's rescue helicopter, was patrolling the coastline near Bodega Bay on Sunday, they received a distress call regarding a capsized boat in Tomales Bay.
The crew of Henry 1 found three adults and two children, all without life preservers, clinging to the hull of a 25 foot boat. The youngest was just 3 years old. Two more children, ages 6 and 8, were trapped inside the cabin of the overturned boat.
Henry 1's crew utilized their expertise in "long line rescue" to pluck the first 5 victims from the bay. It took a total of … (7 comments)

sonoma county: Sonoma County ranked #1 in U.S. as premier wine destination! - 11/05/12 06:36 AM
Sonoma County ranked #1 in the Nation as premier wine destination!

TripAdvisor, the influential online travel site, has ranked Sonoma County as the nation's #1 premier wine destination. Just as impressive, Sonoma County ranked #2 in the world, just behind the Tuscany region of Italy. Here are the results:
Top 5 wine destinations in the U.S.
1. Sonoma County, CA2. Napa Valley, CA3. Willamette Valley, OR4. Finger Lakes, NY5. Long Island, NY
Top 5 wine destinations in the world
1. Tuscany, Italy2. Sonoma County, CA3. Hunter Valley, Australia4. Stellenbosch, South Africa5. Mendoza Province, Argentina
TripAdvisor … (7 comments)

sonoma county: I brake for grass fed cows - 11/03/12 02:31 PM

For those of you who have been following my blog, you know that I live in a very rural county, considering where it is located. Sonoma County is only 45 miles North of San Francisco, but if you happen to be in both places on the same day you would feel an intense difference. San Francisco = hyper cool and energized, Sonoma County = hyper beautiful and laid back.
Today I was in Healdsburg when I came across a familiar site ... cattle guards. They are an obstacle (in my area, that obstacle is a metal grill across the … (16 comments)

sonoma county: The line of demarcation - 03/01/12 02:07 AM
As a real estate broker, I am constantly traveling back and forth between towns and Cities within Sonoma County. And as well as I think I know my County, I'm quite often surprised when I find that a home isn't in the City I thought it was in.
There is a line of demarcation somewhere, dividing jurisdictions from one City to another, but that line is invisible. And sometimes it moves. This isn't usually a problem, until I find myself needing assistance.
Real Estate, as every agent knows, isn't the safest job in the world. Agents meet with people they have … (30 comments)

sonoma county: Last-Time Home Buyers - 02/02/12 11:20 AM
My maternal Grandmother, who was 84 at the time, broke her hip in her own apartment. Lucky for us, an attentive Meals on Wheels driver determined she was hurt and called for help. My Mom made the decision to move her Mother to a "retirement home" as soon as she was discharged from the hospital.
Our search was short lived ... there were only three assisted living facilities in Corvallis (Oregon, 1989) at the time. I remember thinking "there is no way there will be enough retirement homes for us baby boomers ... we will have to figure out an alternative … (65 comments)

sonoma county: "The Bachelor" shows off Sonoma County - 01/09/12 06:16 AM

I don't watch "The Bachelor" on TV, or any reality-type show for that matter. But it is pretty hard for me to not pay attention to this seasons episodes since "The Bachelor", Ben Flajnik, is from Sonoma County. In fact, this season their logo shows a sunset over a vineyard, Sonoma County style, instead of the usual seashore.
Tune in this evening and you'll see the actual town of Sonoma. Then you'll understand why I have lived in this beautiful place for 23 years. I might have to break down and tune in as well ... better yet, … (6 comments)

sonoma county: DRY and COLD in Sonoma County - 12/29/11 12:43 PM

This has been one of the driest Decembers that I can remember. This is the time of year when our hills should be transitioning from gold to emerald green. Instead, they are turning brown. The media has been uttering the dreaded "D" word (drought), leave it to them to instill fear in every water user in the County.
My rose bushes are certainly confused. They seem to be loving the frost and are blooming again. And my orchids (photo) are having a field day with the abundance of sunshine.
But enough is enough, Sonoma County. Let it rain.

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