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Everybody is buzzing around about personal branding. But why should it be important for you? You are a real estate agent, and you can easily find clients. Well, personal branding is crucial for every one of your sales. If you want to stand apart from the rest of the real estate agents, you should...
Sunny beaches, sunny days and historic landmarks as far as the eye can see. These are just three of the reasons why heaps of tourists flock to Malta every year in search of an idyllic vacation. However, there’s more to this island country than tourism. In the past years, Malta has emerged as a st...
Real estate is a competitive field that rewards hard workers and innovators, but that can be unforgiving for those who don’t try to constantly improve themselves. From one point of view, innovation and hard work translate as being up to date with the latest real estate trends and having a diverse...
Nowadays a fireplace is an essential addition to a house, and if homeowners want to remodel or build a house, they will also consider installing one in one of the rooms of their house. A fireplace is not just a source of heat, they change the look and feel of a room and they make the space more c...

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