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The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the real estate and every other industry, and it's challenging to realistically make housing market predictions for the following years. Even if the pandemic locked people inside their houses, real estate agents still manage to match properties with buyers, and...
Does your apartment look bare, but your heartless landlord won’t allow you to make any changes? Don’t worry; there are many things you can do to decorate the space, even though you think it’s impossible to make any changes. If you’re struggling to make your apartment look stylish but don’t know w...
 2020 marked the start of a new decade, even if things did not go exactly as expected this year. Our priorities have shifted since the novelty coronavirus was declared a pandemic, and so did most of our activities. As opportunities for where we spend our vacations and free time have become less a...
So, how have you been managing your real estate transactions lately? Not so great, eh? It’s understandable. Whether a deal involves commercial or residential property, it can turn out to be a complicated endeavor for various reasons. The mountains of paperwork, the involvement of the third party,...

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