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National education experts visited Socorro Independent School District campuses Wednesday to decide whether the district should be considered the country's best at teaching children. Socorro is one of five finalists for the $2 million Broad Prize for Urban Education, which is equivalent to the Ac...
I got my notice in the mail and the value only went up a few dollars. Great!!   My assistant got hers and her value is easily $30,000 more than anyone could sell it for. We must protest.   An acquaintance got theirs and it is easily $50,000 less than it would sell for. They smiled and left the co...
I was just reading the reviews of Mayor Cooks state of the city address. So some are to think the address was timed to benefit his reelection. While this blog is not supporting any mayoral candidate, I am wondering if the Central Appraisal District’s mailing of the Notices of appraised value are ...
Howdy all Spring has sprung, dust bowl is alive, buds and blooms are sprouting and to be noted this month is Easter, April 15 Income Tax Deadline and Central Appraisal Distruct mails out the 2009 PROPERTY TAX Valuations are due any minute.Will your valuation be higher or lower.  Don't laugh!   Ne...
Howdy from Cynthia Morris in El Paso Texas Of Note: I am not a tax professional, nor do I play one on TV or the Internet. You should seek advice from a CPA or professional tax preparer. If the IRS comes after you with guns blazing for anything you read in this post or anything you think you read ...
Many of the residential properties have homestead exemptions which reduce the amount of taxes accessed and required to be paid. Exemptions reduce the total appraised value and then reduce the amount of taxes to be paid. Yea! The most common is the Home Owners Exemption which is filled annually be...
I am a Broker Owner in El Paso Texas and came across the following interest research article. I know this is a great market and now everyone will know!!   According to the real estate research service, Local Market Monitor, six towns qualify as under-valued according to their most recent survey. ...
SenatorsWhether I am in favor of the stimulus package as is or not is frankly irrelevant.  News alone yielded a tiny bit of confidence world wide of our economy and the majority of citizens in US are so excited.  How we get back into financial wonderfulness concerns me but I would not want to be ...
January 25, 2008 YEA MONEY FOR ME, MY SPOUSE AND MY CHILDREN! THANK YOU CONGRESS, THANK YOU PRESIDENT BUSH AND SO..........HOW TO SPEND THE MONEY! Okay, first question is how much will I get? $600 for individuals, $1,200 for couples and, for families, an additional $300 a child. Estimated checks ...
January 24 2008       The Wyatts are lovely family of 3  --  well 3 when  we first met.  Sgt Daniel is originally from Florida....met Kara (who is originally from California)in Korea where they were both stationed and married in California and now reside in William Beaumont Army Medical Housing -...

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