jacksonville fl: Want To Buy A Foreclosure? - 04/29/15 06:51 AM
Many buyers think they are getting a great deal on a foreclosure property.
Some of them are good deals, but I think the great deals in our area are gone for the most part.
What buyers don't know about buying a foreclosure is varied, and depending on their agent, and the listing agent, it might be a great experience or maybe not so much.
Some of the differences in buying a foreclosure vs. an standard owner property include: 
There may not be utilities on for inspections. The seller may not permit utilities to be on for inspections. There are no seller disclosures on foreclosed properties.  The … (6 comments)

jacksonville fl: Really, What Matters? - 02/17/15 04:01 AM
It's in the eyes of the buyer - isn't it?
I helped a young couple with a newborn get into contract on a house that was clearly a flip, and still needed more work. The seller was willing to do a new roof prior to closing, we had inspections set - it seemed as though it was a go.
And, then this came up: 
I didn't see any evidence of a cemetery, and neither did the buyers when we were at the property, FYI. 
Now, I've had prior buyers actually PREFER to be on cemetery location: let's face it, … (14 comments)

jacksonville fl: Fun Fact About Jacksonville, FL - 02/05/15 05:15 AM
Having lived here for a long time (since 1990), I've read a lot about the area, but recently found some new things that were of interest.
The "Great Fire" of 1901 destroyed the heart of the city: 466 acres, 2,368 buildings.  8,677 residents were displaced, and 7 died in the fire. The fire started as a result of a chimney spark that ingited a fabric factory. 
It was one of the worst Florida disasters, and allegedly, the glow of the fire could be seen in Savannah, GA, and the smoke plumes as far north as Raleigh, NC.
As a result of … (4 comments)

jacksonville fl: I'm SO Good ! - 06/11/14 05:06 AM

I have had two recent experiences that are amazingly similar.
One was a $50K condo foreclosure that my buyer won on the highest & best, and was in danger of not closing.
The other was a couple from Tallahassee looking for a retirement place here in Atlantic Beach in the $600K+ price range.
So, what's so similar?
Both came via online source, and started with texting.
The other similarity?
Both women in each scenario have now decided to take the state real estate course, and get their license. 
I'm so good, I'm converting buyers into Realtors!

jacksonville fl: Jacksonville, FL & Beaches Homes Sold April 2014 - 05/14/14 04:18 AM
Median sales price is $154,990 while closed sales dip for month but up year to date. Sellers add 3,185 to inventory; five months now on hand.  
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – April 2014 real estate sales and activity is available from the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors on NEFAR.com. Except where otherwise indicated, statistics reflect combined results for single-family residential and condominium properties.
Key indicators for the month:
Median sales price notched up two percent to reach $154,990. Year to date, the median sales price is up 2.6 percent.  
Closed sales dipped 4.3 percent with 1,901 homes changing hands. … (5 comments)

jacksonville fl: Jacksonville, FL Home Sales, March 2014 - 05/01/14 05:49 AM

1,781 closed sales for the month with median price of $159,000. Days on market until sale averaging 89.
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – March 2014 real estate sales and activity is available from the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors onNEFAR.com. Except where otherwise indicated, statistics reflect combined results for single-family residential and condominium properties.
Closed sales came in at 1,781 for the month, dipping 1.8 percent from a year ago but up four percent year to date. Pending sales, those on which a contract has been written but have not closed, showed stronger momentum by jumping 15 percent over … (0 comments)

jacksonville fl: Spring Into A New Attitude! - 03/16/14 10:02 AM
I love spring. ABSOLUTELY love spring.
Here in Jacksonville Beach, FL, we get spring a little bit differently than others: some years we have a great long spring, other years we have  a very short spring, and go right into Simmer Season. No, that is not a typo: our summers are simmer time to me. It's hot, humid, and if there is no sea breeze, you feel tres warm.
I see spring as most others do: a time for renewal, re-engagement, re-energize. It's almost impossible not to with the birds chirping, the trees & plants showing their green sprigs of new … (10 comments)

jacksonville fl: Jacksonville, FL January 2014 Home Sales Report - 02/28/14 02:46 AM
New listings push inventory up slightly, but homes selling in average of 86 days. Closed sales hit 1,435; 10.1 percent more than a year ago but lower than December. Prices soften a bit. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. 
January 2014 real estate sales and activity is now available from the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors on NEFAR.com. Except where otherwise indicated, statistics reflect combined results for single-family residential and condominium properties. 
Key Metrics
There were 1,435 closed sales for the month, up 10.1 percent from a year ago but down from December 2013’s 1,840 sales. Pending sales came in at 1,983; a 14.5 percent increase over … (4 comments)

jacksonville fl: Out With The Old, In With The New! - 01/30/14 03:06 AM
As some of you may be aware, Prudential Network Realty in Jacksonville & St. Augustine, Florida is now Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Network Realty.
We had our annual company meeting yesterday at the Touchdown Terrace of Everbank Field, and it was fabulous to see our "old" sign on the stadium's Jumbotron change to our "new" sign of BHHS Florida Network Realty.
The energy in the room was incredible, partly due to some incredible statistics (for example, PNR was up 41% year over year in luxury listings, while the MLS was up 21% by comparison), and partly due to the brand launch.

jacksonville fl: Help For Jacksonville, FL's Seniors - 01/27/14 01:33 AM
We all know how tight budgets can be at all times in our lives, but especially so when living on a fixed income.
Seniors may have trouble with utilties, food, health, and prescription expenses.
I just learned about a local non-profit, completely volunteer driven, that can help with some of these issues.
Senior Life Foundation, Inc was established 12 years ago to help meet the urgent needs of low income seniors in Duval County, FL.
The foundation has worked with Jacksonville's Independent Living Program, Lowe's at Regency, Metro Rooter, and the Northeast Florida Community Action Agency to repair or replace aging … (14 comments)

jacksonville fl: She Ain't No Chicken! - 01/21/14 08:18 PM
Chickens are now legal in Jacksonville, FL.
After months of citizen input and City Council meetings, a trial program for the next 18 months will test how 300 households handle getting their eggs from their very own chickens in their very own backyards.
I became familiar with the chicken issue, and the fight for chickens last year as I spent quite a few hours at City Council meetings to deal with an open house sign issue for our local Realtors. 
The plea for chickens was heart felt and passionate, and presented very well by those for the chickens - there were … (6 comments)

jacksonville fl: December 2013 Housing Report, Jacksonville, FL - 01/13/14 11:06 AM
December 2013 Housing Sales Results and 2013 Annual Housing Report Available
2013 finishes strong: 21.7 percent increase in closed sales over 2012; $153,400 median price for 2013 is 15.3 higher than 2012; homes selling in average of 88 days.  
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – December 2013 monthly results and a 2013 Annual Report covering real estate sales and activity is now available from the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors onNEFAR.com. Except where otherwise indicated, statistics reflect combined results for single-family residential and condominium properties.
December highlights:
There were 1,840 closed sales; a 7.7 percent increase year over year. Pending sales … (7 comments)

jacksonville fl: Real Estate Predictions, 2014 - 01/05/14 08:38 PM
As I wrap up my year as President of NEFAR, I was contacted by Roger Bull at the Times Union the other day.
He was putting together a collection of 2014 predictions, (called a package the ad biz) and asked me to to give my predictions for real estate.
You don't have to ask me twice! I was thrilled to be part of the process.
Here is what ran in yesterday's Florida Times Union: 

jacksonville fl: The Price of Convenience - 10/20/13 12:06 AM
I know we are all accustomed to convenience stores, and running in to get that little something we need.  
For me, lately, it's Tic Tacs.
I smoked a number of years ago, and quit a whlie ago, but I have found that stress sometimes leads me to less than fabulous decisions.
Enter Nicorette!  Except, then I was just chomping on Nicorette, which is still nicotine.
I turned the corner a couple of weeks ago, to 100% Tic Tacs.
The price of these little mints varies greatly from store to store. At Target & Publix, in and around the Jacksonville Beaches, … (17 comments)

jacksonville fl: Jacksonville Public Libraries - 10/17/13 05:29 AM
I LOVED libraries growing up - as an avid reader, it was much more economical to go to the library than to buy books. 
Now,  I don't know if my libraries in Ridgewood and Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ have added concert series, but I know it's a great idea here in Jacksonville, with multiple libraries over our large geographic area. 


jacksonville fl: The Value of Stability - 08/01/13 08:05 AM

I just had a most amazing voicemail message - from one of my very first buyers!
She has called me several times for help with refinancing, and I was hoping she was calling with great news, since she said she was calling me from Italy.
She called me to help her short sell the house, unfortunately. I say unfortunately since she is military, and may have been able to participate in the HAP program if she had decided on this direction a year ago, but still, I'm thrilled she still has my phone number, and that my phone number has … (14 comments)

jacksonville fl: Friendly For Fulham at EverBank Field To Showcase Jacksonville - 07/19/13 11:56 PM

I had blogged recently that Shad Khan, the Jacksonville Jaguars owner, was bidding to purchase the English Premiere League team, and he has completed the purchase.
Now, how could this have a positive impact on Jacksonville, FL?
Consider a "friendly" soccer match at EverBank Field, featuring Fulham - it's an awesome opportunity to showcase Jacksonville, as well as the $63 million in improvements to EverBank Field.
This could be an incredible opportunity for all parties involved: Fulham, Jacksonville, Shad Khan, the list is endless!
You can read more here: http://jacksonville.com/sports/2013-07-20/story/friendly-fulham-everbank-field-could-showcase-jacksonville#ixzz2Zaq5gTRs

jacksonville fl: Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament, 7/16/13-7/21/13 - 07/15/13 10:07 PM

I remember when the Kingfish Tournament was just off the coast, close to the first house I lived in here in Neptune Beach, FL. 
It was right off the Mayport jetties, and the locals would gather on the beach to watch the mad dash of the boats at safelight time. All the boats (which seemed like hundreds) would come zipping by, trying to get to their "best" spot to catch the winning Kingfish. 
Now, the tournament location has been moved, but from what I understand, it's a better starting point, and tournament location as it offers a larger … (6 comments)

jacksonville fl: Shad Khan, Jaguars Owner, Looks at Fulham Soccer Team - 07/10/13 05:55 AM
Now, this is interesting: apparently Shad Khan is in negotiations to buy the Fulham Soccer team, which competes in the English Premier League.
I know many Americans think soccer isn't REALLY a major sport, but I grew up playing soccer, and love the game.
This obviously works well as part of Shad Khan's master plan, with the Jaguars playing one game per year in Wembley Staduim.
You can read the full story here: http://jacksonville.com/opinion/blog/544821/ryan-ohalloran/2013-07-10/report-jaguars-owner-shad-khan-pursuing-londons-fulham

jacksonville fl: San Jose Guard Tower Restored, Jacksonville, FL - 06/26/13 07:31 AM

This is such a cool story!
I have been in Jacksonville, FL since 1990, and have driven through the San Jose area many times. I've seen this tower over the years, and it's so nice to see a local community pull together to get this National Register of Historic Places site restored.
According to the article, this is one of four guard towers that lined the San Jose Estates neighborhood.
You can read the full article here:  http://jacksonville.com/news/metro/2013-06-26/story/old-tower-stands-rebuilt-jacksonvilles-san-jose-community#ixzz2XMNV6xpV

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