neptune beach fl: Jacksonville Beach, FL Homes Sold January 2015 - 03/19/15 04:52 AM
Here are the January homes sold in Jacksonville Beach, FL. This report includes all single family homes, and does not include any condominimums.    January 2015 Homes Sold:                                             23 Highest Sold Price:                                    $726,000 Lowest Sold Price:                                     $199,000 Highest Sold Days On Market:       … (2 comments)

neptune beach fl: What Did It Sell For? Jacksonvile Beach, FL - 03/15/15 09:18 PM
I've always enjoyed "checking" myself and the market.
You know, you see something for sale, and you think (either internally or externally) "No way!"
I toured this foreclosure property in Jacksonville Beach twice over the past weekend at the request of two buyers who were interested.
This particular price does not appear at the beach often at all, much less for a single family house: it's listed for $150K. 
This is a 3 bedroom,  1 bathroom home with about 1800 SF. Originally built in 1954, a large portion of the space is in an addition that looks … (6 comments)

neptune beach fl: Neptune Beach, FL Homes Sold 2014 - 09/04/14 02:06 AM
Here are the July homes sold in Neptune Beach, FL. This report includes all single family homes, and do not include any condominiums.   
   July 2014 Homes Sold:                                             15 Highest Sold Price:                                    $490,000 Lowest Sold Price:                                     $155,000 Highest Sold Days On Market:   … (8 comments)

neptune beach fl: Jacksonville, FL Area Home Sales Report, February 2014 - 03/17/14 03:20 AM

Fewer new listings are lender mediated, median prices and closed sales nudge upward, inventory still low.
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – February 2014 real estate sales and activity is available from the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors on Except where otherwise indicated, statistics reflect combined results for single-family residential and condominium properties.
There were 2,728 new listings added to inventory in February; an 11.9 percent increase over February 2013. Despite the jump in sellers deciding that now is the time to make their move, overall inventory fell 3.5 percent year over year to come in at 9,324 homes. The reduced … (7 comments)

neptune beach fl: Spring Into A New Attitude! - 03/16/14 10:02 AM
I love spring. ABSOLUTELY love spring.
Here in Jacksonville Beach, FL, we get spring a little bit differently than others: some years we have a great long spring, other years we have  a very short spring, and go right into Simmer Season. No, that is not a typo: our summers are simmer time to me. It's hot, humid, and if there is no sea breeze, you feel tres warm.
I see spring as most others do: a time for renewal, re-engagement, re-energize. It's almost impossible not to with the birds chirping, the trees & plants showing their green sprigs of new … (10 comments)

neptune beach fl: Out With The Old, In With The New! - 01/30/14 03:06 AM
As some of you may be aware, Prudential Network Realty in Jacksonville & St. Augustine, Florida is now Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Network Realty.
We had our annual company meeting yesterday at the Touchdown Terrace of Everbank Field, and it was fabulous to see our "old" sign on the stadium's Jumbotron change to our "new" sign of BHHS Florida Network Realty.
The energy in the room was incredible, partly due to some incredible statistics (for example, PNR was up 41% year over year in luxury listings, while the MLS was up 21% by comparison), and partly due to the brand launch.

neptune beach fl: FAQ: What Does Single Agency Mean? - 01/29/14 04:14 AM
Single Agency is a type of representation offered in Florida by real estate brokers.
It's important to note that the Broker chooses how the Associates/Realtors can represent their customers, so the Realtor makes their choice when they work for the Broker.
As a Single Agent, (and I am one) I owe my buyers and sellers the following duties:
Dealing honestly & fairly Loyalty Confidentiality Full Disclosure Accounting for all funds Skill, care & diligence in the transaction Presenting all offers and counteroffers in a timely manner, unless a party has previously directed the licensee otherwise in writing Disclosing all known facts … (7 comments)

neptune beach fl: Beaches Public Library, Neptune Beach, FL - 07/20/13 03:05 AM

I grew up in a book lover's home: Dad worked selling paper to book publishers, Mom worked for Oxford University Press, and the Sunday New York Times Best Seller list was a topic of conversation.
While I frequently got my Stephen King hardbacks for free, we used our local library as well. I grew up going to the library and borrowing books.
The Beaches Public Library in Neptune Beach is targeted for closing currently as part of the budget cuts by the City of Jacksonville. This is the ONLY library at the beach in Duval County.
While you personally may … (5 comments)

neptune beach fl: The Swap Shop, Neptune Beach, FL - 07/14/13 12:41 PM

I have been a longtime Beaches resident, and spent a lot of time at the Sun Dog Diner in Neptune Beach, my local version of "Cheers", if you will.
I have so many friends I've met at the Sun Dog, and it was great to stop in for lunch or a beverage to see who was there.
In any case, time moves on, and now the Sun Dog has closed, and a new restaurant will be opening; I'm not sure if it will fulfill the same social outlet, but I'm willing to give it a shot.
The Flying Iguana will open … (2 comments)

neptune beach fl: Neptune Beach, FL Homes Sold May 2013 - 06/15/13 06:26 AM
Here are the May homes sold in Neptune Beach, FL. This report includes all single family homes, and do not include any condominiums.    May 2013 Homes Sold:                                             2 Highest Sold Price:                                    $607,000 Lowest Sold Price:                                     $305,000 Highest Sold Days On Market:   … (9 comments)

neptune beach fl: Eviction Notice, Part 6, Neptune Beach, FL - 04/17/13 04:19 AM
I met with one of my buyers on this house (links to prior blogs are below) to present two offers on her condo, and then we discussed where they were in the process of defending a "quiet title" suit on the house they just closed on in mid-February of this year.
They had consulted with an attorney, and they now have another attorney, who was hired by the title insurance company.
They still have zero resolution: their attorney stated it could/should take 6-8 weeks to clear up, and gain clear title to the house. The second attorney states it might take … (1 comments)

neptune beach fl: Eviction Notice, Part 5, Neptune Beach, FL - 04/09/13 12:07 AM
Recap: I helped buyers (engaged, he in the process of moving here from out of state) purchase a home in Neptune Beach, FL. We closed 2/15/13, and she gave birth on 3/1/13. On 3/8/13, she was served with eviction notices.
Since my buyer could not be at the attorney's office, I drove her check down there, and was in his office when we did the conference call.  I have to say, while I was sitting there, and seeing the research they had pulled from our Clerk of The Courts, I could not help but feel as though I had missed something.

neptune beach fl: Maza New American Cuisine, Atlantic Beach, FL - 04/06/13 10:36 PM

I tried a new place today for lunch, Maza, in Atlantic Beach.
Owned & operated by a family with deep roots in our local restaurant industry, Maza is indeed New American Cuisine. 
Some menu items include: 
Shrimp Sriracha appetizer (pictured above) Gyro wraps (chicken or beef) Shwarma wraps (chicken or beef) Lamb Burger (one of our diners love this with bleu cheese for lunch) Duck confit appetizer Seared Fois Gras appetizer Dinner entrees include a filet, chicken tandoori, and other items. We met one of the owners while we were dining, and she shared a dessert on the house … (0 comments)

neptune beach fl: Happy Easter! - 03/31/13 04:09 AM
I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Sunrise Service, oceanfront again this year, and capture this shot of the sunrise as I was leaving the service - I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter morning, and is enjoying the day!


neptune beach fl: Eviction Notice, Part 4, Neptune Beach, FL - 03/11/13 10:39 PM
As you may recall, I had a buyer close on a house in Neptune Beach, FL, mid February; they are engaged, and he is in the process of moving down here. They just had their first child, and three weeks after closing, she was greeted with eviction notices on her new home.
Since I had involved the title company who closed the purchase, the attorney asked me to secure the Title Commitment Letter, so I emailed them that request, stating the attorney the buyer had retained was requesting it ASAP.  (side-note: I've ALWAYS wanted to be an attorney, so I love to … (7 comments)

neptune beach fl: Eviction Notice, Part 3, Neptune Beach, FL - 03/10/13 10:10 PM
A buyer/ of mine, with a week old baby was served with eviction notices 3 weeks after closing on her new home.
As part of my assistance, I took photos of the notice, and emailed them to the title company to alert them we had an issue; after all, we could not have closed if there were any clouds on the title.
The title company responded to me that the file and notice had been elevated to the company president, and he reached out to the legal firm that generated the eviction notice.
This, combined with the homeowner having called the … (3 comments)

neptune beach fl: Eviction Notice, Part 2, Neptune Beach, FL - 03/09/13 11:18 PM
I met with the buyer at her house to see the eviction notice, and confirm who had served it. I took photos as well, to have copies for my files. (LOVE the iPad!)
I had already emailed the local assocation's legal counsel with a thumbnail sketch of the situation to get his input.  (See? Being involved in the local association has major bennies!)
I reiterated to her again to not worry, we would at the very least accomplish two things: 
Get a stay (extension) on the writ of possession. Find our next steps once the legal counsel had replied to me.  … (3 comments)

neptune beach fl: Eviction Notice - Part 1, Neptune Beach, FL - 03/08/13 10:13 PM
My day started off great yesterday: good workout at the gym, wonderful breakfast.
And, then, the phone call.
My buyer/s (engaged, she's here in FL, he's in the process of moving here) bought and closed on a house in Neptune Beach, FL on 2/15/13. 
She gave birth a week ago. 
Yesterday, eviction notices were posted to her doors. She was absolutely astonished, and called me to ask for my help. 
Now, I've not encountered this exact situation previously, so my first words were "Relax. It's most likely a misunderstanding. I'll be there within the hour, and we'll figure out a course of … (12 comments)

neptune beach fl: Mezza Luna Italian Restaurant, Neptune Beach, FL - 03/07/13 06:33 AM
I stopped into Mezza Luna the other day, a wonderful Italian eatery in Neptune Beach, really because I had to pick up something next door. I hadn't been in to see them for a while, and was pleasantly surprised to see they had made some changes to the place: they used to have two entrances (odd for a restaurant), on that opened into the parking lot (shared with other establishments & City Hall), and one that opened onto First Street.
More patrons were coming in from the parking lot, so they decided to close the other entrance, which allows them the … (2 comments)

neptune beach fl: Jacksonville Beach, Fourth of July Fireworks Return! - 03/04/13 09:55 PM
I know for many the Fourth of July is far off, and makes one think of ice cream, and the summer heat....yes, even here in Jacksonville Beach, FL we are chilly (although not mitten-state chilly!), and this is great news: we will have fireworks this Fourth of July.
I blogged about the lack of fireworks in 2012, mainly due to safety concerns: Jacksonville Beach is the largest of the beach communities, and we get the most visitors from other parts of Jacksonville, as well as tourists.  Traffic, and public safety comes to mind when you host a fireworks display, and viewers … (5 comments)

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