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This is the public Blog of Debbie Holmes. Real estate agent extraordinaire, with scientific training (which makes me very good at analysis). I have three boys. One going who just graduated law school and two in graduate school. I am one lucky mom!



To busy doing taxes so here is stuff on the taxes from my facebook page:   Debbie Holmes I go in to the valley of darkness... I will work on my taxes.... I will put numbers into turbotax and it will spit out what I get back or pay.... I am pretty sure I get the money back....I am cross... The bla...
Well today I passed 100,000 active rain points.  I was planning on making a blog post advertising with this post .... But the points were rewarded for a contest I entered on trust.    I have been very busy in many different directions... Even real estate has picked up... I have 4 really good lead...
  The last  story for my state representative This one happened in 2011.... Judith and Sam, Judith and Sam are friends of mine.  I was at their wedding.   Their story is a little different They only had one mortgage and it was for a mobile home on a rented lot.  They bought their home right after...
  Deficency judgement continued.... Aisha   In October of 2011 I showed a house for a buyer.  The owner was home.  She is a lovely lady who developed breast cancer.  She was paying her mortgage until she couldn’t work because of the cancer.  Aisha is a single mother who now has a reasonable job. ...
  I was asked by my representative at the Idaho Statehouse to tell stories of hardship.  The stories are real and the names have been changed: John   I listed the home in February 2008. It is probably what drove me to my run for Congress. It made me mad enough to run. It was a short sale with Wel...
I was contacted my State Representative, Sue Chew and was asked if it was true that the banks were double dipping when they gave a deficiency judgement.  She was told that Bank of America was gauraunteed by the feds that they would lose no money.  She was wondering if the  banks were collecting f...
      Yesterday I found a political ally has changed his views and is now working on legislation I strongly oppose.   As Democrats in Idaho we have very little influence in how our state is run.  When the Idaho’s education secretary proposed then succeeded in passing three laws that hurt Idaho’s ...

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