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This is the public Blog of Debbie Holmes. Real estate agent extraordinaire, with scientific training (which makes me very good at analysis). I have three boys. One going who just graduated law school and two in graduate school. I am one lucky mom!



  I first met Jolly when she was 8 weeks old.  My parents had taken my boys on a ride to Burley and came back with a pup.   They hadn’t stopped the car an my youngest had puppy poop all over them.   Jolly entered my parents and our life and brought a lot of joy.  At about 10 weeks I was dog sitti...
First and foremost Merry Christmas to everyone who is celbrating.  I promiced myself I wouldn't write a real estate blog dealing with real estate but circumstances has changed.  First remember I do not actually celbrate the holiday.   I am planning on a very quiet day with my hubby and youngest s...
My family doesn't celebrate Christmas.  Oh we will go to Christmas parities and look at lights. We might help the less fortunate.  We will wish people a Merry Christmas and not explain how we don't celebrate. My husband wasn't born Jewish... He converted when I we had our first child.  When we ma...
Today I took a day off to take my friend and her guest (first time in Idaho) to the mountains.  I drive sedans.  Nothing fancy like a four wheel drive but I figured I would be careful. I took the precaution of making sure my hubby knew my route.  I was thinking of going on some back roads if they...
Most of the time I pick the right tenant.  But sometimes I fail to listen to my gut.... The prospective tenant said something at the lease signing table that really annoyed me and I had the impulse to tell her I changed my mind.  She said "now that I am on section 8 I can quit my second job and m...
Kidney cancer and runs in my family. My grandfather died of it.  My dad was diagnosed  in 2003 and my brother in 2012....  My dad and father were selected for a study in familial kidney cancer at the National Institute of Health.  They poked and prodded both of them yesterday.  For confidentialit...
Here in Boise, Idaho we are very civilized!   We had several really wet and dreary days.... But in out mountains we have SNOW!!!! Bogus Basin is a ski resort just 16 miles from Boise.  I don't ski but most of my friends do.  Bogus Basin is so named because they thought they found the mother load ...
  Everything is going great…. The buyer loves the house…. The inspection shows a great home…. The seller/listing agent was at the inspection…. Everyone got along great… The future tenants like the former tenant…It looks like a friendly deal…. Then….   The relatively mild inspection report comes o...
   Does anyone have any ideas I should add?  Especially in helpful hints. Happy Holidays….MAY THIS SEASON BRING YOU PEACE AND JOY!   A few HELPFUL HINTS:   1)          HAVE YOU BLOWN OUT THE SPRINKLER SYSTEM AND CLEANED THE GUTTERS? 2)          DISCONNECTED YOUR HOSES?  3)          CHANGED YOUR F...
My head reels at yet another tragedy that probably could have been prevented or at least been less horrific.  I cannot try to get into the head of someone who would do such a thing.   I can't imagine an entire Kindergarten class murdered by the teachers psychopathic son (or anyone).  Beautiful ch...

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