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This is the public Blog of Debbie Holmes. Real estate agent extraordinaire, with scientific training (which makes me very good at analysis). I have three boys. One going who just graduated law school and two in graduate school. I am one lucky mom!



I have been facebooking for a while now.   I started to keep track of my kids as they left home.  In 2008 I ran for House of Representatives and I started using it a lot for politics.  Later I started using it for real estate.   I have a facebook page dedicated to real estate but I use my persona...
It's a cash deal without an inspection.  My sellers signed on Sunday.  The buyers were supposed to sign at 11 AM.  When the call came from the buyers agent I was sure that she was calling to tell me her people signed.   What she called to tell me was that something was wrong with the lights upsta...
My husband's w-2 is in... My 1099 is in.  It is time for that terrible time of year. Tax time.  So far I still use Turbo Tax.  I use the home and business program.   I have 3 different business, a kid in college, a hubby and some stock 1099's.   For as little as I make it is a lot of work. It is ...
In our business sometimes one thing going wrong can make other deals fall. We don't like sales that are contingent on other sales.  We advise our sellers against them.  So we let the sale be contingent on funding.   The unspoken fact may be that the buyer might not qualify for the new loan as lon...
I was showing houses so much they were running into each other.   I was going all over the valley with my clients.  They wanted to see everything in every community.   I was also handling another client.  By Wed I was exhausted.  I had worked the whole weekend.   They asked a question before 7 AM...
They are great clients.   They made a good offer that was rejected last week.  They are fun to work with!  The semester just started and they placed another offer that was countered to high.    She seemed a bit shakey on Friday so we took the weekend off and will start again on Monday. We will ta...
Sometimes in the winter we get  a tempaure inversion.   What that basically means is that it gets foggy and hazy and after a while you don't see the sun.   You here tell from others that it is 10 degrees warmer and absoultly spetacular.  I know its true because I sometimes go visit the sun.   So ...
Yesterday I spoke to a listing agent about a home my clients were thinking about bidding on.  It was the first one they entered and they really liked it.  We continued searching the area.  It had sat on the market for over 2 months so I wasn't too worried but I didn't like waiting.  When I called...
I had to get the signature from one of my clients from the hospital room.  The other client lives 10 hours away.  He is coming through Boise this weekend on his way to Sun Valley, Idaho. I know more about my clients since the appendicites. I was told they were investors.  Perhaps they are but I a...
I was up early emailing some buyers about a house and the upfront money required.  I called the agent asking for utilities and was told that they were negotiating a contract.   I warned my buyers if they wanted any chance on the home they had better act fast.  They didn't and the house is gone. I...

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