birthday: Do you like green eggs and ham? Happy St. Patricks Day! - 03/17/17 10:07 AM


birthday: Today is the 47 th anniversary of the moon landing! - 07/19/16 08:14 AM
  Today is the 47 th anniversary of the moon landing.   I remember sitting on the floor in my parent's bedroom to watch it on the TV.   It was very exciting!   It was also late that is why we were on my parents floor camping.   I was just a kid.  I always thought we would go to Mars then  space. 
Twenty years later my middle son was born.  
So today I celebrate the moon landing and my son's 27th birthday!  Happy Birthday Jon! 

birthday: My baby is 21 today! - 02/16/14 01:50 AM
The time passes so swiftly.  It seems like yesterday that my firstborn was put into my arms. 
Today my last baby is 21!  He is a college junior, 6ft 1 in with a magnificant beard.  It is hard to believe that all three of my sons are men.   Yesterday my hubby and I took him to a very nice resturaunt.   We will spend the morning with him before we take him back to college.
Sometimes as we raise our children we get busy with other things.   They are important but as a political allie said "keep your eye on the prize!" … (0 comments)

birthday: In Northern Virginia for my brother's 50 th birthday! - 12/05/13 06:05 AM
My brother has had a hard year and half.   We were not sure he was going to see 50 but he has!  On Sunday we are going to have a family party with our Dad and his wife, two of my boys and other local family members.  I am so happy!  
And because I am an agent I have lots of work to do. In the last 2 weeks before Sunday I watched 2 seasons of Star Trek the next generation.  Since Sunday (as I got ready to travel) I wrote 2 offers, got one accepted, had a water heater go … (2 comments)

birthday: Wow I am a deck of cards old..... - 10/29/13 11:40 PM
Today I am a deck of cards old.  What I want for my birthday is some of my nibbles turn into clients.  It is funny because 2 years ago I ended up sitting an open house because the paper made a mistake and advertised last weeks open house.   I had a very good summer but things sort of stopped cold when the Government closed down.  It seemed that no one was interested in buying a home when the news was of self inflicted wounds on the economy.  Over the weekend I started getting calls.   If one of them would become a … (4 comments)

birthday: Working together.....Lets try to put the deal together! - 12/19/11 02:04 AM
Working together to get the job done!
105 E. Bridgewater Ct., Boise, ID 83706  is a beautiful home where I helped the investor on the renovations....
I listed it in September ....  Nothing happened..... After Thanksgiving we reduce the price....  Nothing happened..... I was becoming nervous.... When my other listing at 722 Pearl St., Boise, Idaho 83705 went pending I took more action.... My buyer was settled and I started spending my Sunday afternoons at the home....  I had good traffic....  But still no offers.....  Worse yet my fellow agents didn't seem to notice my price change.... Gulp....$10,000 off … (7 comments)

birthday: Today I have been a parent 21 years!!!! Happy Birthday Jesse!!!!!Happy St. Patricks day for the rest!!! - 03/17/08 05:47 AM
Today I realized that my eldest son Jesse is 21 today.  Yes, he is a St. Patrick's day baby!!!!!  The delivery room was very busy that day.  I have a Jewish Leprechaun.  A little later it dawned on me that meant I had been a parent for 21 years.  That is a little mind boggling.  It seems just yesterday that he was born.  Today he is a very self assured junior in College.  It is amazing how fast life passes one by.  Well I am not a drinker, nor is Jesse but I guess I should offer to stand him a … (8 comments)

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