boise: Madhuban for great Indian food in Boise! - 08/30/16 07:53 AM
Today I went to Madhuban - Authentic Indian Cusine
6930 W State St
Boise, ID 83714
Tel: (208) 853-8215
Fax: (208) 853 2738
They have a wonderful lunch buffet 7 days a week.  They serve dinner but I seem to go to lunch there.  The food is great.  Lots of choices for vegetarians and meat eaters.   On weekends they have even more choices.  If you like Indian food and live in Boise you should try this restaurant!
Just one of the many reasons to come to Boise!  I love living here!  You will too!  Give me a call  at 208-7610-2551!

boise: My trip to the Western Idaho Fair! - 08/25/16 09:31 AM
It's that time of year!  Time for the Western Idaho Fair.
The fair continues until Sunday!  It opens at 12 noon every day.   Yesterday with a nice cool day ahead I went to the fair with my step mom.   There is everything you expect at the fair.   There is rides, games, salespeople, animals, exhibits, politicians, community service booths, tractors.   Lots of different types of fair food.   I bought the Carmel corn.   Here are some pictures of the fair!
There are the contests about vegetables, flowers, horses, chickens, etc.   Lots of 4 H stuff here.  We also have future farmers … (0 comments)

boise: The Capital City Farmer's Market - 08/11/16 12:38 AM
Every Saturday we have the Capital City Farmers Market!
People come and get food, plants and artwork!  We have local artist preform.   There is over 150 vendors that occupy four city blocks. 
You can get hormone free meats, artisan cheeses, organic vegetables, handmade soaps, interesting
jellies.  All sorts of cooked food items.  At least half the vendors are local artists.   It is a great way to buy unique items and support local people.  
Come one, come all to the Capital City Farmer's Market.  It runs from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM so come spend Saturday morning in downtown Boise.
Call me if you … (0 comments)

boise: Analysis of 69 solds in boise less then $200,000. - 08/08/16 08:48 AM
69 homes have closed in Boise that was listed less then 3 months ago below $200,000.  This is truly a sellers market with the average days on the market 7 days  before marked pending.   The sellers are averaging 99.6% of there list price.  22 of these 69 homes sold above list price.  29 of these homes sold below list price.  This means we have a lot market with low inventory.  The homes that sold for less were usually less expensive homes with probable repairs.
If you want a great agent that understands the market and data give Debbie Holmes, 208-761-2551 a call. 

boise: Affordable housing in Boise - 08/05/16 01:46 AM
In Boise we know their is not enough inventory.  For fun I decided to look for 3 bedroom, 2 bath homes between $150,000 - $200,000.  This is a good starting point for a lot of Boisians who are looking for their first home.  It also compares favorably to what the same house would cost to rent.  I found 136 of these homes.  Some of them new listings others that have sat a while.    If you are afraid to get your feet wet call me.  Between you me and the loan officer we will figure out what you can afford.   Then we … (2 comments)

boise: Only in your state website - 07/31/16 05:54 AM
Today as I lookedA through facebook I found a link to this cool site:
There were some really cool things to do.  It had 11 different cool things to do in Idaho.  I have done most of them.
1. Hells Canyon Jet Boat Tour
2. The Idaho Penitentiary
3. A tour of Idaho's wine country
4. A mine tour
5. Cross Idaho bike tour
6. A Bucks knives factory tour
7. Ballard dairy and cheese factory tour
8.Ghoast tour of Boise
9.Tour of the Idaho Capital building
10.Tour Dworshak Dam
11. Idaho Art work tour
I have done 1,2,3, and 9.   There are of course many more cool things to do in … (0 comments)

boise: Wow I have been married 32 years today! - 07/27/16 11:34 PM
Wow I have been married 32 years today!  I married my best friend and fellow graduate student and my best friend, Randall Holmes.  We have had a wonderful advernture so far.  We have lived in Belgium and England.  We have raised 3 sons and can be proud of the men that they have become. We came to Boise in 1991 and have made Boise and Idaho our home. 
As with all marriages we have had ups and downs but it much more up.  Together we face the world and try to make it a better place. 
When I was asked to … (2 comments)

boise: Rafting in Riggons - 07/24/16 11:02 PM
I flew home on Southwest.  Standard procedure is that the early birds take either the asle or window seat.  My standard procedure is to take the first seat available that looks promising.   On my first plane I had a very nice conversation with a lady going to Chicago who was traveling with an elderly relative.
On the next phase I sat between a sleeping teenager and her mother.   I do not know why they don't move to sit together but they don't.  
Since we were going to my home I asked what brought them to Boise.  Turns out they were going rafting in … (5 comments)

boise: Boise has diverse resturaunts! - 07/20/16 05:04 AM
When I first arrived in Boise we had just a handful of non American restaurants.  To be sure there were a few ethnic restaurants but they were few and far between.  We seemed to be a meat and potato kind of town.   Fast forward 25 years later.  We now have lots and lots of eateries of almost every ethnicity.  
Some of favorites are:
Kibroms Ethiopian
For Middle Eastern I like:
Ishtar Market and Restaurant
Not only is their restaurant great but the market is wonderful with home baked pita and flat bread.
Both of these restaurants are run by refugee families recently resettled in Boise.  
Just go to Trip … (1 comments)

boise: Floating the Boise river - 07/18/16 03:03 AM
One of the great pass times in Boise during the summer is floating the Boise river.  You can do it in a inner tube, a raft, a kayak, a canoe.    The water is slow with just a little excitement.  You start at Barber Park in the east end of town and float several miles to Ann Morrison park.  You see lots of trees and some wildlife.  The hot arid climate is welcoming on the river.  I have floated the river in a huge raft I rented from Boise State and small little rubber rafts.  It takes 2 or 3 hours and people … (4 comments)

boise: There 23 homes less then $125,000 in Boise - 07/16/16 10:29 AM
There are not many inexpensive homes these days.  Just for fun I did a search today and found 23 homes in Boise.  Nine of these homes are condominiums.  Five of the homes are manufactured homes on their own lot.  One is a townhouse.  Eight are stick built homes.   A few years ago  I could find 3 bedroom, 2 bath homes for that price.   Most of these will have problems. 
You can find more houses for your money in Caldwell and Nampa.  For example there are 42 homes in Nampa.  One is a condo,  two are manufactured homes,  thirty four are single … (3 comments)

boise: Infographic: How to Move to a new House – With Your Cat - 07/14/16 05:32 AM
Wow this is a wonderful piece that will help any cat owner move.  Moving is stressful for anybody but it is really hard to explain what is happening to your kitty.   I might even print this out and give to my clients!
 Moving is one of the most stressful experiences in life for anyone, but especially for your cats! Everyone that knows me knows I love cats ( the name of my blog is one clue: Raining Cats and Blogs). I came across this great info-graphic about moving with cats and wanted to share it with everyone. 
I hope it helps anyone … (0 comments)

boise: Bogus Basis not just for skiing... There are great summer activities. - 07/14/16 12:57 AM
Bogus Basin is just 16 miles north of Boise.  It is not just for skiing.  There are great summer activities!
When I first got to Boise Bogus was mostly just for skiing and winter activities.  I always go up  for at least one trip during the summer.  I would just hike along the road with my family and marvel at being in our beautiful mountains. 
Bogus Basin has definitely grown up.   A quick look at their website reveals that they have they have many wonderful activities.  You can ride the chairlift and hike from the skiing areas.  A lift ride is just $10.  I am … (0 comments)

boise: Time for a sprinkler checkup - 07/13/16 12:30 AM
The Treasure Valley is an arid climate.   If you do not put water on plants you have sagebrush and cheat  grass.   This was hammered into me when I was house-hunting in 1991.  We saw 6 houses, 3 of which had dead lawns.  We were new and looking for our first home. 
Many of us have sprinkler systems.  They are wonderful.  They save so much time and effort.  In April and May you set up your sprinklers and check the heads.  Or if you are like me  you hire it out.  I not only sell homes but I manage some rentals and am … (0 comments)

boise: Why list it as a short sale when it is not? - 02/12/15 09:36 AM
Today my partner pulled in a listing.  The owner is a friend of his sisters.   We went to the home that had been marketed for 135 days as a short sale.   The pictures on this listing were awful.  The home had been shown exactly twice in these 135 days.  After 135 days on the market there was no price change.
Bill's sister talked to him about her friend.  She wanted to talk to him.   We figured out the listing by the shortsale status and the agency.   Bill set up an appointment for this morning.  We got to work early and … (5 comments)

boise: 4027 W. Mountain View, Boise, ID 83704 - 01/31/15 12:31 AM
Open Sunday February 1, 2-4 PM,
Our Newest listing!
Beautiful two owner home on Mountain View in west Moreland subdivision! This great home is designed for easy living with a french provincial designed kitchen. Lots of Anderson Windows throughout the upper level. Beautiful hardwood floors throughout with an upstairs and downstairs fireplace plus a dining room. Huge living room and recreation room plus some real basement space! Park like yard with a basketball court, mature trees and covered patios. If you like older homes this is a must see! BTVAI
4027 Mountain View, Boise, ID 83704


boise: Tomorrow I hope to list!!!! - 01/29/15 09:34 AM
I seem to take on 2 or 3 "projects" a year for friends and clients.  I project manage getting the house for listing.   Today my partner Bill Taylor, and I put the finishing touches on 4027 Mountain View in Boise.
We (mostly)  have installed new lighting, The electric has been brought up to date,  all the toilets and faucets work, lights have been connected, old paint has been cleaned up, new paint has been put on.  A drop in stove held together with wires has been changed for a nice free standing stove.  
The yard no longer resembles a fairy tale.  … (3 comments)

boise: Why I took on a partner - 01/18/15 02:12 AM
Today Quin White, a new agent,  asked about being approached by an experienced agent.   There are a lot of great ideas and questions for her to ask if you follow the link.
Now I have been in the business since 2006.  I cut my teeth on the crisis.  I don't quite earn as much as I would like but I have been pretty consistent.  There are times that I feel that I am a Debbie on a hamster wheel....
A couple of years ago a friend asked me to mentor her and she would bring me in on some of … (4 comments)

boise: Happy mid-January! Spring is slowly coming! - 01/14/15 04:33 AM
Well here we are at the ides of January!  The city is experiancing an inversion.  School has restarted.  Only a couple of months before spring!    Now is a great time for winter pleasures in the mountains.  For me that meant a trip to the Idaho City Hot Springs.  For just $16 each we saw the sun and the beautiful blue sky while we soaked in a natural hot springs about 45 minutes from out home.

Now is a good time to get your home in order.   Inside jobs are good.   We are cleaning our basement. 

boise: Don't tell me you can't sell near Christmas! - 01/14/15 04:22 AM
I was uninspired.....  I had 4 listings and very little activity.  I knew I priced the homes correctly but Thanksgiving had come and gone..... I still had 4 listing..... The first listing went on December 15.... We close today.... The next one went December 17.... We close next week.... Then the next one went on December 23.... I showed a home on Christmas eve... We close in a week.... Last but not least my last listing went on January 7.
I am now have no active listings and $991 pending (at least until this afternoon). 
I scratch my head and wonder … (2 comments)

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