closing: The HUD deal closes today! - 02/20/14 10:49 PM
After 73 days from our accepted offer.   After a terrible ordeal for my client refinancing his current home.  After 2 extensions.  After a TV being dumped in the back yard.  After problems with the inspection (because the heater didn't work and it was freezing outside).  After the client leaving a ladder on the property before closing.  
My HUD deal is closing!  It isn't an expensive home.   I could have flipped burgers for my commission!  Lots of aggravation.... HUD deals always are that way.  YEAH MY CLIENTS WILL HAVE THEIR NEW HOME and I will have PEACE.

closing: We are closing today. The water heater sprayed during the walk through - 01/30/14 05:03 AM
It's a cash deal without an inspection.  My sellers signed on Sunday.  The buyers were supposed to sign at 11 AM. 
When the call came from the buyers agent I was sure that she was calling to tell me her people signed.   What she called to tell me was that something was wrong with the lights upstairs.....
Not what I wanted to hear.  I called the owner (who had the contractor at his personal home) and explained that something was wrong and I headed over there.   When I got there the other agent was standing in the laundry/water heater … (1 comments)

closing: Woman in Nampa owns half a home. - 10/18/13 12:47 AM
In this news article an old woman bought a homen from Fannie Mae for cash.   The buyer didn't realize that the property line went right through her home.   I read this and I am thinking that a lot of people didn't do their jobs correctly.   My title officer would have picked it up (as would most others).  Fannie Mae should have picked it up before they marketed the home.    The Realtor should have read the comittment document.  The net result is that this old lady owns half a home.
Without the loan underwriters looking at this transaction everyone else must … (2 comments)

closing: Yom Kippor poem - 09/13/13 02:13 AM
Twas eruv of Yom Kippor and all through the house....
The smell of onions and brisket and soup was all through the house....
Will we make kreplach or matzo balls is still not decided....
The real estate agent (Kreplach maker) has been on the phone.....
Both her deals will not close today.....
One is in underwriting (still)...
The other the loan officer forgot to order docs....
I forgive everyone because I must....
Tomorrow I fast and reflect on my life....
Today I just hope to get through the night...

closing: Grrrr..... Why do some agent try to bully other agents.... - 12/16/11 05:35 AM
Just like in real life there are real estate bullies.... Most of the agents I work with are hard working professionals who are trying to look out for their client and get the job done.... I respect that.....There are a few that are threatening when things aren't going perfect..... For example....
I am the buyers agent for a couple in Meridian Idaho...We went pending on 11/28 and had the inspection on 11/30.... Not bad timing....The loan officer supposibly ordered the appraisal on 12/7... It is a big bank (Wells Fargo) and we all know they usually take a little longer....On Monday … (4 comments)

closing: The rosebushes are missing....... - 07/20/11 01:41 AM
This Sunday while I had 20 guests at my house my HUD buyer called me.  Apparently all the shrubery was clearcut on 2 sides of the home (including the heritage rose bushes)
As soon as my guests left I went to the listing and sure enough there was no shubbery and there was no branches on the ground.  I called the listing agent who sent an email to the assest manager on Sunday.   On Monday I called the property manager.  At first they said they would check into it.  Then I called the asset manager who said they had nothing to … (4 comments)

closing: Neel house finally closed - 02/19/08 01:04 PM
It happened.  At least we signed.  The house that was supposed to close on January 30 finally closed today.  My seller disappeared the second I got the time from title.  I found her 20 minutes before closing.  When we got there she told me she forgot to pick up her husband.  It is supposed to fund tomorrow.  This has been very aggravating and we have 9 addendum's on the contract due to the delay in funding.  Sometimes one wishes for a day job.  So that is at least one sold on the Boise real estate market.
This one is gone but … (1 comments)

closing: The house I was supposed to close on today loan fell - 01/30/08 03:53 AM
Today I was supposed to close a deal on a cute house on 4018 Neel St., Boise,  ID.  From the get go the loan officer seems off task.  Both the listing agent and myself became nervous when his company took 8 days to furnish us with the commitment letter.  The loan officer was picked by the client (who is the officers buddy).  For a buddy he was screwing his client.  The fees were much higher then customary.  We were told docs would be in this morning.  Instead we were informed that there was no loan.   We are trying to get the … (6 comments)

closing: Wow Crazy Monday and 2 closings - of course I have to bring $ to closing table lol - 01/29/08 12:06 AM
Yesterday (Monday) was a particularly aggravating day that turned out all right in the end.  The first problem not real estate related was the fact that roads were icy and it took forever to do my morning errands.  I didn't arrive at my office until 10:30 am.  Yuck!!!  Then I started to catch up with stuff.  I scheduled a closing for one of my listings.  The loan officer assured me that the paperwork couldn't get to Boise until Wed. morning.  He also took 8 days to give me a commitment letter (putting us out of contract) .  This is one loan … (0 comments)

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