debbie holmes: Prospecting - I sometimes feel overwhelmed - 04/13/21 05:41 AM
I have been a Realtor since 2006.  I have seen good times and bad times.  To tell you the truth I actually did better in the bad times.  I cut my teeth on the foreclosure crisis.  When times are good there are more of us Realtors and my clients have harder times buying homes. 
I know as a an experienced Realtor if you do something and stick to it you will get business.  This could be sphere of influence, cold calling, open houses, door knocking, farming a neighborhood, lead generation.   As long as you do stuff and you are consistent with followup … (5 comments)

debbie holmes: Today is the funny time before listing - 04/05/21 06:07 AM
For months I have been getting 1408 Dearborn in Caldwell, ID ready for listing.  On Friday I put it in coming soon.  I am so proud of our work.  I own this home and have owned it since 2008.   I closed on it on January 31, 2008.  I was going to flip it.   I still own it.   I haven't tried to sell it since 2008.  The time is now.  My home in the historic district is beautiful.  The prices are high.  It is a sellers market.   
Today the staging furnature comes in and I was told to stay away because of Covid.   … (2 comments)

debbie holmes: I am fully vaccinated! Are you? My Covid 19 story. - 04/01/21 07:11 AM
On November 1, 2020 I started feeling bad.  I was really tired and feverish.   Since my work crew often did not mask I was a bit worried.    I arranged to get a Covid test.  It was positive.  At first it wasn't too bad.  I had a virtual doctor appointment and hid in my bedroom.  I kicked my husband to the spare room.   I didn't even let him in to shower.  I was hopeful I could quarantine successfully.  I live with my 64 year old husband, youngest son (28), a dog, a cat, and a 4 week old kitten who needed to … (5 comments)

debbie holmes: The auction - 03/31/21 06:09 AM

About 3 years ago I saw a cool piece of property on the Meridian/Nampa border.  It was 6 acres.    It had a cool hand built log cabin and a shop.    The zoning was bad.  Only 1 house every 5 acres When I called Ada county they told me in it was in the jurisdiction of the city of Meridian.   The city of Meridian said that it was unincorporated and they had no intention of doing anything about the zoning until it was incorporated.  The buyer vanished without seeing this cool property that met all his needs.
My broker is interested in land.  … (3 comments)

debbie holmes: Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham? - 03/17/21 09:09 AM
Do you like green eggs and ham.    My oldest son was born 34 years ago.  He is my Jewish Leprechaun.  Probably the only boy baby born at Lourdes hospital who was not named Patrick.   I have embraced the St. Patrick's day birthday.  I have been making him green eggs and ham since he was a baby.  I made such a big deal about it that my middle son's favorite color is green.   I used to make it with real ham.  Then I stopped using real ham and went to turkey ham.    If my vegetarian leprechaun is here I use vegetarian ham.   … (4 comments)

debbie holmes: I entered a contest at work and won a computer! - 03/10/21 06:02 AM
Yesterday I won the 30 days to success challenge at work.  I won a computer, marketing package and social media help.    I would like to say I entered the contest to improve my business but I did it for the computer. 
That being said by partispating in the contest my business improved.  I have a couple of buyers I am trying to qualify.  I have a listing or two in my future.  I have made contact with people.  I have a pet project with affordable housing (one of my passions) that I am researching.  I am much more focused on my business.  
Next … (6 comments)

debbie holmes: We need more parks where the owners own their land - 03/05/21 07:38 AM

In the last few years the home prices in Boise have gone up.  It used to be two parents could almost always afford rent or be able to buy a home.   This is not the case anymore.  The opening price for a 3 bed/2 bath home is approaching $400,000.  
People are trying to buy trailers on rented lots and that is often higher than there means.  
What if we wrote a grant or found good hearted investors to develop a park where the people owned their own land.   If they converted the trailer to real property they could even get  a normal mortgage … (3 comments)

debbie holmes: I need a loan officer who speaks Swahili - 03/04/21 06:01 AM

The other day my lead generating service sent me people with a strong accent.  I assumed they spoke Spanish even though the name was not Hispanic.  I printed my flyers in Spanish and found a house buying guide in Spanish.  Then I went to meet them.
They were late but they arrived.  While I was trying to talk to them before they arrived I kept using my translator to Spanish with no good results.  Eventually the English speaking child came on the phone and asked me to wait.  They were refugees  and they asked me if I spoke Swahili or French.  I … (5 comments)

debbie holmes: I want to buy a - 03/02/21 06:23 AM

About two weeks ago I joined a lead generating service.  So far with one exception, everyone clicked on a manufactured home on a rented lot.   These make me nervous in the Treasure Valley.  Sometimes they are the only option but they are my least favorite option to sell.  I will state my reasons.
1) Lot rent has gone up very fast in the Treasure Valley.  In a few years it has gone from $460 in Boise to $700.
2) The park owner can sell the land underneath your home or develop the land themselves.  These "mobile homes"  are not really mobile and cost … (4 comments)

debbie holmes: Should I remodel or move up? - 03/01/21 07:08 AM
Yesterday I saw on Facebook that one of my Facebook friend's was thinking of remodeling.  They love there home but wanted to know who had remodeled.   I have known the young woman since she was 5.  She was in my son's kindergarten class.  I watched her grow up from a distance.  I am still friends with her mom.   They now have two children and their home seems to small for them.  Been there done that.  They bought a while ago so I am sure they have lots of equity in their home.   
They love where they are.  I have never done a … (3 comments)

debbie holmes: They make it sound tempting but this lady is in trouble - 02/26/21 05:01 AM
They send out postcards, phone calls and texts.  They want to buy your property. They will pay all costs.  My customers often come to me and ask if its a good deal.  Usually it isn't.  Usually I could get them much more than offered.  
The market is very very much a sellers market in Idaho.  Even not fixed up homes go for a lot.  I met Mary through a lead generating service just after she signed a contract to sell her 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on the east side of town for $325.  She indicated she needed work so she felt … (3 comments)

debbie holmes: My spelling is getting better. - 02/24/21 05:21 AM
It used to be that the spell checker on activerain would give me ideas for my spelling mistakes.  Since I have been back on I can find when I misspelled words but it does not seem to be giving me suggestions.  This means I have to open another window and check my spelling and hand correct it.  
Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed I have less spelling mistakes.  Apparently this exercise is improving my spelling.  Who knew?
It turns out something that annoyed me is helping me.  

debbie holmes: Is is time to sell? Hire me! - 02/23/21 06:32 AM
Do you need to sell?  Do you want to sell?  Do you just want to know what your home is worth?  If you do you should call me!  I am a great Realtor who works with a great team.   Every week we learn how to negotiate this crazy market we are in. You need me!
By training I am a Chemist.  That means I can analyze lots of data quickly to come up with a plan.  We start at the first contact.  I will ask your address and ask you about your home.  If I have any questions I can my team.   … (2 comments)

debbie holmes: Home prepping meets minor snags. - 02/22/21 06:21 AM

When I woke up on Wed.  I thought I was within 2 weeks of listing. It is remotely possible that I am.   The first thing that happened is it got snowy and cold.  That sort of stops the outside work cold (pun intended).  The painter is behind schedule but if we have to we can come behind him.  Not me.  I attract paint.  During this project I finally managed to paint without making too much of a mess.
On Wed we were supposed to get the beautiful new garage door.   The old wooden garage door had a smile and you could see … (3 comments)

debbie holmes: Life of the Realtor - 02/17/21 05:49 AM
Someday'ss you seem to be juggling.  This was yesterday  It was a good juggling act with all the balls coming down in the right places.   I am seeking land for my boss and another person.   Technically I am also looking for me (but I need to sell the Caldwell home before I can buy).  I attended 3 different meetings for real estate  yesterday.  I talked to my boss about the land.  I approached the FSBO's I have been talking too.  I handed out a CMA.  I went to Dearborn.  I scheduled the garage door to be installed.  Ordered some paint.  Picked … (2 comments)

debbie holmes: In the early morning before the dawn - 02/16/21 06:25 AM

I have been a morning person for a long time.  I rarlely need to set an alarm.  My mother (was) and brother (is).  Truth to tell I enjoy waking up a little before everyone else and having my coffee and getting my head together.  Until now.
I got Covid 19 in November.  I slept a lot.   Like 12 hours a day.  When I got better I started waking up at 5 AM.    That is just too early.   It 3 to 4 hours earlier than the workday starts.   My pets like it.   I refuse to feed them before 6:30 AM.  If I ever … (6 comments)

debbie holmes: Prepping my rental for Sale - 02/15/21 07:42 AM

I have owned this beautiful old home in the historic distric of Caldwell, ID since 2008.  It has been my one and only attempt at a flip.  Since the closing date was Jan. 31, 2008 you can see why it didn't flip.  In May 2008 I converted it to a rental and it has been a rental ever since.   
In the last couple of years the Treasure Valley has seen huge market appreciation.   When my tenant left unexpectadly in October I decided it was probably time to sell this georgeous old lady.   The house is very large.  It has gracious rooms, 5 … (5 comments)

debbie holmes: Anticipating Problems - Why you need a great agent like me. - 02/12/21 07:21 AM
My last two transactions had potential hiccups that could have delayed closing or even killed the deal!  Because I took care of these problems early the deals closed smoothly and efficiently
Deal #1 - Ex-husband refused to sign the quit claim deed at the divorce.  I knew my client for at least 20 years and often heard stories that made me cringe.  About 10 years ago he upped and left.  I cheered.  She kept trying to get him to sign the quitclaim deed and he totally ignored her.  The divorce decree gave her the house (that she payed for with her money … (4 comments)

debbie holmes: Tomorrow we close - The Treasure Valley is in a frenzy - 02/11/21 05:27 AM
My partner and I prepped this home we had under management.  It is a cute 1536 sq ft 3 bedroom, 2 bath in Nampa, Idaho.  In late August I did a CMA and felt we would be lucky to get $275K.   The tenant moved out in early October.   It was time for Bill Taylor and me to go to work.   We first worked on the yard and sprinklers.   Then we hired a painter. That painter got Covid.  We hired another painter.  He also got Covid.   Then Bill and I got Covid.  We were off to a slow start.  Around December we … (2 comments)

debbie holmes: I am back - 02/10/21 06:33 AM
I was posting regurally until the lockdown.    Then I just stopped and isolated. I was a 58 overweight diabetic lady. Now I am a slightly skinnier 59 year old diabetic lady.  (I lost 15 pounds).   I went back to work and went to the hospital with Covid but I am better now.  It was very scary.   I got it from a co-worker who wouldn't mask.  Then I gave it to my family.  My coworkers and family all lost a month of work.  
Now I am working again.  I listed and sold two homes and I am rehabbing a home I own … (6 comments)

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