idaho: Clients can touch your heart - 08/04/16 01:45 AM
I met Irene after her husband died.  I was head hen for the month, which means I coordinated the relief effort for our Synagogue when help was needed.  An older Jewish lady in Kuna (nearby town) who was unaffiliated husband had just past.   Her niece call the Synagogue.  Since I hadn't met the lady I coordinated the effort through a lady who had.  She invited Irene to our monthly ladies lunch.
I met her at the lunch.  She is a very nice lady trying to work her way around widowhood.   We hit it off and talked in the parking lot for over one hour.  I … (4 comments)

idaho: Free family photographs for our law enforcement! - 08/01/16 10:30 PM
This morning I turned on the morning news.  Turns out that a professional photographer is trying to pay it back to our people in blue. Most people here are common sense people.  This is just giving back to the families that protect us.
This is one of the things I like about living in Boise.  It is the simple acts of kindness that mean a lot.  So if you want to come to a community with real community values come to Idaho. 

idaho: Only in your state website - 07/31/16 05:54 AM
Today as I lookedA through facebook I found a link to this cool site:
There were some really cool things to do.  It had 11 different cool things to do in Idaho.  I have done most of them.
1. Hells Canyon Jet Boat Tour
2. The Idaho Penitentiary
3. A tour of Idaho's wine country
4. A mine tour
5. Cross Idaho bike tour
6. A Bucks knives factory tour
7. Ballard dairy and cheese factory tour
8.Ghoast tour of Boise
9.Tour of the Idaho Capital building
10.Tour Dworshak Dam
11. Idaho Art work tour
I have done 1,2,3, and 9.   There are of course many more cool things to do in … (0 comments)

idaho: Rafting in Riggons - 07/24/16 11:02 PM
I flew home on Southwest.  Standard procedure is that the early birds take either the asle or window seat.  My standard procedure is to take the first seat available that looks promising.   On my first plane I had a very nice conversation with a lady going to Chicago who was traveling with an elderly relative.
On the next phase I sat between a sleeping teenager and her mother.   I do not know why they don't move to sit together but they don't.  
Since we were going to my home I asked what brought them to Boise.  Turns out they were going rafting in … (5 comments)

idaho: Coming home on a jet plane - 07/23/16 12:17 AM
Today I come back to Boise!   I am coming home on a jet plane.   I always like coming home.   This time I did not rent a car so being home will be liberating.  I can also implement the business plan I laid out while I have been gone.  
I am home one week before my hubby takes his turn in Washington.   So on Monday is catch up Monday.  I will shift from the caretaker to the Realtor. 
So I am leaving on a jet plane.
As I left I blogged about I Like the Boise airport.
Hello Treasure Valley!  Hello Boise!  Hello Husband … (2 comments)

idaho: The Snake River Stampede - 07/16/16 09:35 AM

The Snake River Stampede
Have you ever wanted to go to an old fashioned rodeo?   Well Nampa is host to one of the top 10 professional rodeos in the United States.  It has history going back to 1911.  It started as a harvest festival.   We of the Treasure Valley know that we live in the wild wooly west.  Cowboy boots and cowboy hats are always appropriate.  A politician who wants to prove that he or she is one of the people will wear these items.   Forget the three piece suit you are in IDAHO.   Some of us are actually city folk (like … (0 comments)

idaho: Infographic: How to Move to a new House – With Your Cat - 07/14/16 05:32 AM
Wow this is a wonderful piece that will help any cat owner move.  Moving is stressful for anybody but it is really hard to explain what is happening to your kitty.   I might even print this out and give to my clients!
 Moving is one of the most stressful experiences in life for anyone, but especially for your cats! Everyone that knows me knows I love cats ( the name of my blog is one clue: Raining Cats and Blogs). I came across this great info-graphic about moving with cats and wanted to share it with everyone. 
I hope it helps anyone … (0 comments)

idaho: Time for a sprinkler checkup - 07/13/16 12:30 AM
The Treasure Valley is an arid climate.   If you do not put water on plants you have sagebrush and cheat  grass.   This was hammered into me when I was house-hunting in 1991.  We saw 6 houses, 3 of which had dead lawns.  We were new and looking for our first home. 
Many of us have sprinkler systems.  They are wonderful.  They save so much time and effort.  In April and May you set up your sprinklers and check the heads.  Or if you are like me  you hire it out.  I not only sell homes but I manage some rentals and am … (0 comments)

idaho: 1810 Aronmink, Meridian, Idaho 83646 - 11/20/14 01:50 AM

Wonderful Single level home in Meridian Idaho. Souring ceilings, great room concept, plant shelves, jetted tub, three car garage.   This easy living split bedroom design is ready for you! 
This home is for Sale or lease purchase with $10,000 down.   We will be open on Sunday Sat. 2-4 PM.  You can be home for the holidays! 

idaho: Single level townhouse! Easy living - 11/10/14 01:20 AM
This is a wonderful townhome centrally located.   All the updates have been done.  New cabinets, redone bathroom, tile floors and laminate throughout.   Vinyl windows with a beautiful side yard and covered patio.   Floor to ceiling bookshelves in second bedroom.  Small  Gas heat and air conditioning.  Small office.  Split bedroom design.  Lots of storage.   Catherdral ceilings.   Just a great home!
 See the Tour


idaho: Going to McCall Idaho today! - 04/11/14 11:35 PM
One of the things I love about living in Boise, Idaho is the beautiful mountains and wilderness around us.  We are a bit isolated in terms of nearest cities but we have outdoor activities galore.  
For example just 2 hours north of Boise is the beautiful mountain resort, McCall Idaho!
My first experiences with this beautiful place was the boy scout camp and religious retreats....
There is activities for everyone.  They have skiing, boating, walking, hiking ( not quite the same thing), hot springs, horse back riding, maybe a zip line.   They also have wonderful hotels, cabins and camping sites along the … (2 comments)

idaho: Time to prep the new listing - 04/07/14 12:25 AM
I have a great new listing in Meridian, Idaho coming up.  The house itself needs work but....
My friend has wonderful knick knacks, antiques and pictures crowding the home.  The beautiful 1800 sq fto home looks crowded.  Her stuff is nice but work will be required.   She understands and she will be down on Thursday.  I told her she could load the 3 car garage with things.  
Another problem is a pet problem.  She had some ornate wallpaper with a border.  It is dated but would have worked if not for the cat.  Apparently the cat took objection tot he flowers … (33 comments)

idaho: We have our snowpack back! - 02/17/14 12:41 AM
I was getting worried.  I had never saw the Lucky Peak Resevour so low.... It looked like a little puddle with the docks at least 30 ft above the puddle.   They were talking about farmers not getting their water.  That would mean no crops.  Animals not getting enough water.   I would have to use city water if I wanted my grass to be green. 
Some ski areas hadn't opened.  Now some of our mountains have an above average snow pack.  Skiing is good. Sledding is good.  It looks better for the farmers.  
Of course we have had to endure some rainy … (0 comments)

idaho: Negotiating property repairs in Idaho - The inspection is back. - 02/15/14 07:08 AM
The property inspection came back for my buyers.  I am sort of happy I am representing the  buyers and not the sellers because it was not so good. 
We have the usual collection of little things but a couple of things that my buyer will need fixed.  The real problems are all in the crawl space.  We have had a huge amount of rain in the last week.  Huge for Idaho not huge for most places.   In Idaho you can only see water in the crawl space a couple of times of year.  This would be one of them.  The crawl space … (3 comments)

idaho: I feel prices are about to rise in Boise - 02/01/14 12:08 AM
Call it a gut instinct.  Maybe it is a little more then an instinct.   I have some buyers and each day their search shrinks by one or two houses a day.  I am getting a little nervous.  This reduction of homes at the low end of the market signals a price rise.  The less homes available the more they will be bid up.   As the selling price rises we all price our listings just a little higher.   
This happened last year.  Eventually people got greedy and the prices dropped a bit.  But a search that started with 90 houses … (2 comments)

idaho: Signing on Sunday morning.... - 01/23/14 10:47 PM
I had to get the signature from one of my clients from the hospital room.  The other client lives 10 hours away.  He is coming through Boise this weekend on his way to Sun Valley, Idaho.
I know more about my clients since the appendicites. I was told they were investors.  Perhaps they are but I also know that they bought the house so that the daughter of the people who lived far away and her parents could stay there during her last illness.  It gives me pause.  Yes it was a good investment but it was also a great act … (2 comments)

idaho: Yesterday I was proactive.... Lets see if it works? - 01/15/14 01:28 AM
I was sitting at my political coffee on Monday and two of my friends mentioned neighbors that were moving.  I brightened up and asked if they had a Realtor.  Neither knew.  I asked questions to determine the address of one and met my friend so I could meet the other neighbor.  
The next day I wrote some letters along with my sellers promise.  Now I need to see if anything happens.  I am proud that I did this real prospecting rather then just thinking about it.   
This is 2014 and I am a great agent and need to have a great … (25 comments)

idaho: Price Reduction! $149,900. A great deal got even better! - 12/13/13 02:28 AM
Today we just reduced the price of this great townhouse in Boise.  It is close to the mall, the freeway, schools, movies.  10 minute trip to downtown.  Home is wonderful in turnkey condition!  Wonderful walking paths and RV Parking.  I will open this home Dec 14 2-4 PM.   This is a home you could be in before Christmas!  7182 W. Cascade Dr., Boise, ID  83704.


idaho: 7182 W. Cascade Dr. , Boise, ID 83704 Just $155,900 - 12/10/13 09:58 PM
I think I remembered how to embed.  This is a quick close.   No banks no problems just a really nice home in turnkey condidtion!  Come and see.  This lovely home will be open on Saturday 2-4 PM.  Come make this beautiful home in turn key condition yours!  Call Debbie Holmes NOW to find your Boise home.

idaho: I am leaving. This probably will mean my listing gets an offer... - 12/01/13 05:50 AM
I am going on a short trip to Northern Virginia to celebrate my brothers 50 th birthday party!  It has been a tough 1.5 years for him.   Despite metastatic cancer and some heart desease he will make it to his birthday.   Right now he seems to be relatively healthy.   So I leave on Wed. and come back on Monday.  
Most times I go away business picks up.  I get offers and buyers.  It is a time I would like it quiet but it rarely happens.  It is scary when nothing happens when I am away.   I got an offer last time … (4 comments)

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