inspection: The HUD deal closes today! - 02/20/14 10:49 PM
After 73 days from our accepted offer.   After a terrible ordeal for my client refinancing his current home.  After 2 extensions.  After a TV being dumped in the back yard.  After problems with the inspection (because the heater didn't work and it was freezing outside).  After the client leaving a ladder on the property before closing.  
My HUD deal is closing!  It isn't an expensive home.   I could have flipped burgers for my commission!  Lots of aggravation.... HUD deals always are that way.  YEAH MY CLIENTS WILL HAVE THEIR NEW HOME and I will have PEACE.

inspection: Negotiating property repairs in Idaho - The inspection is back. - 02/15/14 07:08 AM
The property inspection came back for my buyers.  I am sort of happy I am representing the  buyers and not the sellers because it was not so good. 
We have the usual collection of little things but a couple of things that my buyer will need fixed.  The real problems are all in the crawl space.  We have had a huge amount of rain in the last week.  Huge for Idaho not huge for most places.   In Idaho you can only see water in the crawl space a couple of times of year.  This would be one of them.  The crawl space … (3 comments)

inspection: My clients home sold! - 08/28/13 11:22 PM
In our business we have all sorts of strategies to sell homes.  We price the home competitively.  We help them decide what improvements (if any) to make.  We advertise the home.  We make filers.  We have open houses (some of us).  We remain in contact with our sellers.  We talk up our listings.  We have knowledge of the other homes in the area of the listing.
You do all this and list the home.   Sometimes nothing happens.  You get nervous.  You try to explain to the client that we might need a price reduction.  Nothing is happening.  You have a joint … (0 comments)

inspection: Seller thinks that inspector caused surge that killed her computer - 07/16/13 12:53 AM
My client has a very old computer.  Apparently when the inspector flipped the circuit breaker the power supply died.  Now I need to approach the inspector.  I want to wait until after the inspection report is in.  I think I will call my computer specialist and find out how much a power supply would cost to install.    What have you done when the inspector might have broken something in the home.    This is complicated by the fact that my seller is moving in 2 days and needs her computer.     Just one of those things.

inspection: Is Santa Claus my client? Christmas activity.... - 12/24/12 11:55 PM
First and foremost Merry Christmas to everyone who is celbrating.  I promiced myself I wouldn't write a real estate blog dealing with real estate but circumstances has changed.  First remember I do not actually celbrate the holiday.   I am planning on a very quiet day with my hubby and youngest son (who is recovering from the crud).
It started in late Octber.  I was reccomended by a former client at Parents weekend (they let me know).  The son calls me and states what his father wants.  I take him to see some houses.  He likes some and then the family prepares … (3 comments)

inspection: Client doesn't seem to want to sign the inspection contingency... - 12/16/12 10:29 PM
Everything is going great…. The buyer loves the house…. The inspection shows a great home…. The seller/listing agent was at the inspection…. Everyone got along great… The future tenants like the former tenant…It looks like a friendly deal…. Then….
The relatively mild inspection report comes out.  I look at it at the report and smile.  This should be easy.  We should as the seller to fix a few things because his daughter and friends will be living there until school ends and he is a good dad and just didn’t know these little issues.  But…
My buyer is … (12 comments)

inspection: Water heater venting mistake on inspection report...Mobile Home? - 07/15/12 02:58 AM
The inspector carefully explained how the vent did not meet code on the  water heater for the mobile home. I know this  doesn't work for normal stick built homes but it appears that there is a draw vent on roof of the mobile home.    This seems to be an acceptable practice in the mobile home. Note link...
My seller was upset because the water heater passed inspection (venting and all) in 2004 and has not been changed.  She showed me the old inspection report.  I have emailed the inspector and hopefully he will have an answer for me later today … (0 comments)

inspection: Selling a $12,000 trailer takes as much work as a big nice home.... - 07/13/12 04:16 AM
Well it happened.  My business partner got a listing for a mobile home on a rented lot.... Not my favorite animal to sell...  I had to do a lot of homework to find someone who would finance this place.  I also needed to coordinate with the park.   I found the lender by calling all my loan officers and one person knew of a lender.    THe problem is that they kept disqualifying the buyers second job.... The second buyer who was turned down got her family members to finance the trailer with cash.   She is one excited young lady.  Of course for … (3 comments)

inspection: Quiet time for me right now.... - 01/25/12 03:59 AM
Well the real estate market is a funny animal.   Sometimes you are so busy you don't know where to turn.  You are running around and falling in to bed late.  Then it gets quiet for a bit... I am in one of my quiet bits... Perhaps the two are related... When you are running around you do not have as much time to prospect.  With prospecting brings clients... When  it calms down you prospect again.  Ideally you never stop prospecting so the pipeline never slows... The quiet time is a bit convienent (except for the lack of sales) since my … (10 comments)

inspection: Long day...Car troubles... 2 pendings in two days...Great friends! Or all's well then end's well... - 11/30/11 03:34 PM
This has been a very busy day.  On Friday my buyers finally found a house and we came to terms on Monday.  The ninth offer of 10 was accepted.... Not only that my listing,  722 Pearl had an offer on it.  Today we have a ratified contract! 
I scheduled my inspection for the buyers at 1 PM.  The inspector's business manager (wife) rescheduled us for 4 PM.  I knew the inspector was busy so I called him around 3:30 PM... He was still in Payette (over an hour away).  He thought he could be there by 5:30...  I was a … (2 comments)

inspection: Hey buyer the market does seem to be changing in Boise - 10/26/11 03:14 AM
Dear buyer.....Last year when I took you out I seemed to only show distressed housing.....You could stop and think for a month or two on a property and it would still be there....You could underbid and be taken seriously....It was the ultimate buyers marker.....
First it started with the REO property under $100k....  It started in early 2011....multiple was bid up to significantly more than the asking price....  Underbidding seemed to be a thing of the past.....I started questioning listing agents more and more about offers....By March REO property was being sold for 107% of asking price.  Then the … (1 comments)

inspection: I had an awesome open house on 722 Pearl St. but I haven't slept much for three days.... - 10/24/11 03:27 AM
I had an open house where 2 families were repeat visitors... At one time we had 5 diffenent family units in the home.  It is funny how they all showed up at the same time.  The sad thing is I couldn't process them properly. I am hoping we recieve an offer soon...  The rental situation in Caldwell and iffy inspection report on another property is making me nervous enough that I seem to have stopped sleeping much....  
Apparently there is mold on the craftpaper of the insulation in the crawl space of my pending (I am buyers agent).  My inspector didn't … (3 comments)

inspection: Wondering if I will make progress or if we will cancel deal today? - 08/17/11 04:25 AM
About 12 days ago I was trying to protect a client's earnest money from the hospital room.  We are still waiting from a reply from the seller.  My instints were good about not quite depending on the underwriter to take care of the problems.  They took care of 1/3 of the problems but now we have asked for other problems to be dealt with.  The sad think is that the deal would serve my clients well but they are nervous.  They want a rental that will cash flow and will rise in value.  This home will do both.  The repairs aren't … (0 comments)

inspection: Working from the hospital room.......My stay in California.... - 08/08/11 01:05 PM
In the last post my step-mom was in the ICU.  She is getting better and will finally have the surgery on her arm tomorrow... It has been a very difficult week and my step-sister in law and I took the car home this weekend.  I do not have pictures from the hospital but I will include one from a break at the beach on Thusday... I do love the ocean. I actually went in fully clothed because I left Boise in a hurry and had no time to get a swim suit.  

Now as an active real estate agent … (6 comments)

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