mountains: Rafting in Riggons - 07/24/16 11:02 PM
I flew home on Southwest.  Standard procedure is that the early birds take either the asle or window seat.  My standard procedure is to take the first seat available that looks promising.   On my first plane I had a very nice conversation with a lady going to Chicago who was traveling with an elderly relative.
On the next phase I sat between a sleeping teenager and her mother.   I do not know why they don't move to sit together but they don't.  
Since we were going to my home I asked what brought them to Boise.  Turns out they were going rafting in … (5 comments)

mountains: Bogus Basis not just for skiing... There are great summer activities. - 07/14/16 12:57 AM
Bogus Basin is just 16 miles north of Boise.  It is not just for skiing.  There are great summer activities!
When I first got to Boise Bogus was mostly just for skiing and winter activities.  I always go up  for at least one trip during the summer.  I would just hike along the road with my family and marvel at being in our beautiful mountains. 
Bogus Basin has definitely grown up.   A quick look at their website reveals that they have they have many wonderful activities.  You can ride the chairlift and hike from the skiing areas.  A lift ride is just $10.  I am … (0 comments)

mountains: We have our snowpack back! - 02/17/14 12:41 AM
I was getting worried.  I had never saw the Lucky Peak Resevour so low.... It looked like a little puddle with the docks at least 30 ft above the puddle.   They were talking about farmers not getting their water.  That would mean no crops.  Animals not getting enough water.   I would have to use city water if I wanted my grass to be green. 
Some ski areas hadn't opened.  Now some of our mountains have an above average snow pack.  Skiing is good. Sledding is good.  It looks better for the farmers.  
Of course we have had to endure some rainy … (0 comments)

mountains: Today I am going to the mountains to see the sun and eat a hamburger. - 01/24/14 11:47 PM
Sometimes in the winter we get  a tempaure inversion.   What that basically means is that it gets foggy and hazy and after a while you don't see the sun.  
You here tell from others that it is 10 degrees warmer and absoultly spetacular.  I know its true because I sometimes go visit the sun.  
So unless I am needed in today (I  wake up with nothing on the agenda) I am going to Idaho City.  While there I will go to Calamity Jane's (a nice old fashioned western cafe).  I  might drive around a development or two just … (0 comments)

mountains: Is he a buyer or did I just take a nice old man on a great day trip? - 07/27/13 12:52 AM
Yesterday was a very busy day that has been part of a very busy couple of weeks.....  I love to show houses but I was exhausted and going to the mountains after my 3 PM closing was not first on my list.
This pleasent man called me a few days ago just before a movie started.  I took his information down and called him the next day.  He called me on a listing in a nearby town that I have.  Then he seemed interested in the mountains.  He was sort of looking for his daughter and himself.  Seemed sort of … (4 comments)

mountains: It's cold outside... - 01/03/13 09:54 PM
Boise actually has a reasonably good climate.  In the summer it is hot and dry but always cools off at night. 
In the winter it is mild compared to the mountains that surround us.  We rarely get snow in the valley.  But every once in a while, about 1 or 2 times a winte,  we get a real cold snap.  We are in it today.  When I woke up the radio announced that it was 4 degrees Farenheit.  At that temperture you start worrying about pipes freezing.... Unheated, unwinterized homes sometimes have trouble. 
Now I am from upstate New York … (2 comments)

mountains: Snow day!!!!! - 01/18/12 09:51 AM
Well it finally happened!  We have a snow day!!! As a matter of fact I think the winter storm warning was for the entire state of Idaho!  I did a good job to warn my dad and wife to drive through last night and not stop in Salt Lake City....

We had 6 inches but it is already melting.... It was very peaceful.... It used to be that I had to run around in the snow driving children to school.  Once in a while other cars would hit mine.  I am a pretty good snow driver (coming from upstate New … (9 comments)

mountains: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.... - 01/08/12 09:52 AM

I wish I could say this is the view...But it is not!  Bogus Basin has no snow....It is January and there is no snow at the ski hill..... I am not a skier so why does this bother me?  IT'S THE ECONOMY!
Idaho has magnificent mountains and ski areas... A few of them are open but many like Bogus basin are still closed.... Brundage Mountain in McCall Idaho is open and has offered Bogus Basin season pass holders a deal... Show your Bogus pass and you can ski Brundage for just $25 Monday through Thursday and $35 on the … (8 comments)

mountains: Today I will try to take off.....Maybe.... - 11/12/11 01:51 AM
Sometimes in our business we get busy....Especially when you combine managing your rentals with real estate sales....  I have just such a strecth.   I now have worked 42 days without a day off.  I tried to take my birthday off but the Idaho Statesman had other plans...  I knew I was getting tired when my client called me and asked to see homes....I inwardly groaned and showed them...I almost always love showing homes but I was getting tired...  Believe it or not I actually fell asleep in the bathtub...I had never done that even with new babies... I did twice fall … (5 comments)

mountains: Boise a Great place to live - 01/31/08 12:27 AM
Thinking of relocating?  Boise is a great to live.  We are the capital city of Idaho and have many attractions of a big city but still has a small town atmosphere.  People of all ages can find a high quality of life.  The cost of living is reasonable and we have a low unemployment  rate.  Idaho is a haven of recreational opportunities from our  beautiful mountains, winter sports, rivers, hunting, parks, pools, Boise State Broncos etc.  I've lived here since 1991 and have been very happy here.  I bet you will to.....
Are you interested in checking us out?  Look at … (3 comments)

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