negotiation: Negotiating property repairs in Idaho - The inspection is back. - 02/15/14 07:08 AM
The property inspection came back for my buyers.  I am sort of happy I am representing the  buyers and not the sellers because it was not so good. 
We have the usual collection of little things but a couple of things that my buyer will need fixed.  The real problems are all in the crawl space.  We have had a huge amount of rain in the last week.  Huge for Idaho not huge for most places.   In Idaho you can only see water in the crawl space a couple of times of year.  This would be one of them.  The crawl space … (3 comments)

negotiation: We avoided a deficiency judgement.... - 02/09/12 05:34 AM
The last  story for my state representative This one happened in 2011....
Judith and Sam,
Judith and Sam are friends of mine.  I was at their wedding.   Their story is a little different They only had one mortgage and it was for a mobile home on a rented lot.  They bought their home right after the marriage for $59 K… Things were going OK even thought they were paying over $900/ month for their mortgage (payment) and lot rental…Then Sam lost his job.  He was unemployed for over a year.  They did some things to try to keep body and … (4 comments)

negotiation: Ever wonder what makes a good blog (or at least one that gets responses)? - 02/27/08 12:39 AM
Hi!  Its the start of hopefully my lightest day of the week.  I still have to get up my listing  and set up a short sale negotiation with the bank.  I have written many blogs.  Some get responses, while others get ignored.  It wouldn't bother me if  people ignored my less interesting topics. I have written a great informative  bang up article on short sales yesterday (to help me organize my thoughts).  I thought it was one of my best, but alas no one responded......  So my question to everybody is, What makes a good blog that gets responses? 

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