seller: Closing the short sale - 10/01/15 01:15 AM

We took the listing on April 9.  We closed it on September 25.  My partner, Bill Taylor, brought this one in.  The owner had it briefly listed with another agent but that other agent did not give her copies of the paper work and lowered the price of the home without asking the owner.
Our client lived in the home 9 years.   She was a divorced lady becoming an  empty nester.  She was a very competent office manager earning in the mid 40's.  In November the owner sold  the business and 2 weeks later she was out of a job.  My partner's wife … (0 comments)

seller: Ooops! Wrong house.....I am offering on another. - 11/14/14 02:07 AM
I called the other agent to ask what her client thought of my listing.  To my absolute delight she told me she was writing an offer and expected that I should recieve it in an hours. 
I almost called my seller..... I was excited.  I decided against it.  She could know of the offer when I recieved it.  
I waited and waited the hour turned into 2 then 3.  At about 7:30 I messaged her and asked if she was waiting until the weather improved.  We have our first real snow.  
I finally went to … (2 comments)

Sometimes before closing a buyer starts to feel ownership of the home.  Let me make it clear.  UNTIL the home is Signed, Funded and RECORDED you, the BUYER do not own it.  If you want to fix something you need to get the SELLERS premission!   You also should not be on the property without permission.  With a HUD deal especially the BUYER and the AGENT signs a document stating that they will do no repairs or improvements to the property.  They will not go on the property without a REALTOR. 
UNTIL the deal is FULLY CLOSED the buyer is considered … (2 comments)

seller: Negotiating property repairs in Idaho - The inspection is back. - 02/15/14 07:08 AM
The property inspection came back for my buyers.  I am sort of happy I am representing the  buyers and not the sellers because it was not so good. 
We have the usual collection of little things but a couple of things that my buyer will need fixed.  The real problems are all in the crawl space.  We have had a huge amount of rain in the last week.  Huge for Idaho not huge for most places.   In Idaho you can only see water in the crawl space a couple of times of year.  This would be one of them.  The crawl space … (3 comments)

seller: How I became friends with Ilene - 02/13/14 06:41 AM
I first heard about Ilene when her husband died. I was head hen of our chicken soup group at our Synagogue. Since I was head hen that month the Rabbi emailed me with the details. Ilene's niece from back east contacted the Rabbi because she was all alone. I called the Rabbi and asked what we should do. He felt we should stay in contact with her but we didn't have to do anything about the funeral. I made a few calls and arranged for Annie who knew Ilene to contact her and make her feel welcome. My friend and … (2 comments)

seller: The domino effect - 01/29/14 07:33 AM
In our business sometimes one thing going wrong can make other deals fall.
We don't like sales that are contingent on other sales.  We advise our sellers against them.  So we let the sale be contingent on funding.   The unspoken fact may be that the buyer might not qualify for the new loan as long as he has the old loan.  So the contract falls because another sale did not go though.  I have heard of quite a number of deals falling due to one deal not closing.  Technically the sale is not contingent on the sale of the home … (6 comments)

seller: Signatures from the hospital room.... - 01/20/14 07:35 AM
We had a good offer on Friday!  I went to contact my sellers (they are business partners living in different states).  I couldn't reach the local seller.   It was Friday night no biggie.  
He called me on Saturday saying that he was sorry for not answering the phone last night but he had a terrible stomachsing  bug.   He never felt like that before.  I asked him if he was up to computer signing he said yes.  We countered on price and the closing date.  Come Sunday we couldn't reach the local seller again.   I got a call … (1 comments)

seller: Challenge -- What your sellers should know - 01/15/14 02:00 AM
I walked into a home and their was a huge dog in the crate. He was barking his head off. Now maybe the owner doesn't realize it but the dog is upset. People are entering it's territory. I would be upset if people came in who I didn't know and I didn't know why.
They are barking or growling. My client is unnerved. So am I. We can't get comfortable in the home with the pet so upset. It is even worse if they are out of the crate but that doesn't happen very often.
As I go … (0 comments)

seller: In Northern Virginia for my brother's 50 th birthday! - 12/05/13 06:05 AM
My brother has had a hard year and half.   We were not sure he was going to see 50 but he has!  On Sunday we are going to have a family party with our Dad and his wife, two of my boys and other local family members.  I am so happy!  
And because I am an agent I have lots of work to do. In the last 2 weeks before Sunday I watched 2 seasons of Star Trek the next generation.  Since Sunday (as I got ready to travel) I wrote 2 offers, got one accepted, had a water heater go … (2 comments)

seller: the roller coaster of real estate... - 11/08/13 11:53 PM
Sometimes I feel like I am on a roller coaster.    Yesterday would be a great example. First we can start the day with I had a plan for having 8 for dinner at 6 PM.... 
I go by the home I am trying to list and I see a FSBO sign.   I call the number on it and it is the sister to the person I am trying to deal with.   At the moment my broker is offering 70k and they haven't decided what they want to do.   I am trying to push the broker up to 80K but so far … (4 comments)

seller: Sometimes a seller has to cut their losses. Dad's house has to sell. - 09/04/13 12:37 AM
Yesterday I was called by a former client's mother (Jane)(I love referrals!).  I knew this lady for 15 years since she used to work at Eyemart Express in Boise.   We have 4 out of 5 of us in glasses.  One starting at 5 years old and the other at 8 years old.  Eyemart has a good warranty and prices so that is where we went.   Everybody knew the me and the Holmes' boys.
Jane's dad died a year ago in May.  At first they had a friend live there.  All he had to do is pay for the utilities.   His wierd … (1 comments)

seller: A tale of two inspections........ - 07/17/13 01:38 AM
It is always interesting on how a buyer will react to the inspection report.   It will depend on the market but it also depends on the nature of the buyer.   I had 2 offers settle on the same day.   The inspections were on the same day.       One I was the buyers agent the other I was the sellers agent.   
The one where I was the sellers agent is a really nice home with very little wrong with it.   Somehow the inspector spent 6.5 hours at the home.  He actually fixed a few things while he was there.  His report was very … (1 comments)

seller: Seller thinks that inspector caused surge that killed her computer - 07/16/13 12:53 AM
My client has a very old computer.  Apparently when the inspector flipped the circuit breaker the power supply died.  Now I need to approach the inspector.  I want to wait until after the inspection report is in.  I think I will call my computer specialist and find out how much a power supply would cost to install.    What have you done when the inspector might have broken something in the home.    This is complicated by the fact that my seller is moving in 2 days and needs her computer.     Just one of those things.

seller: Gas water heaters in manufactured homes and inspectors.... - 07/17/12 07:46 AM
A couple of days ago I wrote about a problem I was having with an inspector.   It wasn't the one I usually use.  The basic problem is that the inspector did not seem to understand about code for manufactured homes.  This created quite a problem and a lot of stress on the seller, the buyer and the real estate agents.  When I called him I told him it was a mobile home in a park and he indicated that would be fine.  Well it just wasn't.
He carefully brought my buyer, her mom and grandparents and explained that there was no … (4 comments)

seller: Buyer we are down why did you kick us in the ________? - 01/11/12 02:43 AM
OK the inspection report came back.... It wasn't good.  They found that the skylights weren't resealed which caused the M word on the new roofs sheeting..... My seller is savvy.  He knows he has to deal with the issue.  But you tried to specify the company that needed to be hired.  You also put in all sorts of things like redoing the sprinkler system 3 feet from the house... This is a killer deal.  The house is worth a lot more then you are paying for it.  You added everything the inspector found.  Even things not necessary like GFI's in the … (4 comments)

seller: Contingent short sale? What is it? - 01/08/12 02:31 PM
So we know a short sale is when the seller owes more then the house is worth..... So the third party the lender needs to approve or even renegotiate the deal..... We have all seen this.....
So the short sale listing gets an offer the buyers and the sellers come to terms..... Now the package is sent to the bank... If the buyer and seller are lucky the bank has given the listing agent an idea where the house should be listed.... More likely they told the agent they wouldn't talk until the agent had an offer....
At this stage … (4 comments)

seller: Preparing for the open house.... - 12/04/11 05:25 AM
Some agents like open houses.... Some don't....  It probably depends on how busy you are and if it is safe to hold the open house....   I know people who try to make it into a party.  I know some that have heavy print advertising.  I know an agent that will spend all weekend at a listing.
Well here is what I do....
Well the first thing to consider is your client.  Do they want you to do an open house?  Some find it intrusive.  When is it convenient for them?  After all it is all about them! The next thing look … (11 comments)

seller: Question about price reductions for my fellow Realtors? - 11/27/11 03:45 AM
Finally my sellers are ready to lower their prices....Maybe I will be able to make their properties move.... 
Question -- Should I reduce the price all at once for the maximum drama? Or should I split up the price reduction for a lengthier presentation?  If so how would you split up the reductions?  One  reduction will be $10,000 with the new price at $169,900.  The other reduction will be $5000 with the new price of $144,900.  Thanks for the imput!

In my market the price change shows as a new status change for 3 days.  These listings are getting elderly … (6 comments)

seller: With this post I hit 50,000 points! - 11/15/11 01:39 AM
Well I have been blogging off and on since January 2008.... Sometimes I am consistant.....Sometimes I took long breaks... Mostly I talk about real estate....Sometimes I talk about politics and heathcare.... Sometimes I talk about my family and important events... Others have better blogs but it is a record of what I do and it might help me with  my business.  I still don't know how to link blogs...While I have had this blog I ran for Congress and had a mastectomy.  My kids have left home....  I have learned to be a better agent.  I have asked questions... I have … (11 comments)

seller: Think about your words before they come out of your mouth......dead deal..... - 10/26/11 01:31 PM
Well if you read my blog you know that I have a deal trying to go south.  Today it went south....I almost salvaged it but I said something unfortunate.... I will reiterate the day..... 
There was an issue that was not serious on the inspection report but it did have the horrible m word......It was on paper attached to insulation attached to the concrete of the perimeter in the crawl space.  The experts and the inspector all felt that if you removed the insulation the problem would be solved.....The seller was willing to comply.
The buyer was upset.  As far as … (0 comments)

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