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This is the public Blog of Debbie Holmes. Real estate agent extraordinaire, with scientific training (which makes me very good at analysis). I have three boys. One going who just graduated law school and two in graduate school. I am one lucky mom!
You have been watching a property.   Your clients have been thinking about placing a bid.   They do not have a lot of resourses but they have some money saved and great credit.   You check out their search.  The property just dropped $7000.  They are excited!  They place their first bid in an att...
We had a good offer on Friday!  I went to contact my sellers (they are business partners living in different states).  I couldn't reach the local seller.   It was Friday night no biggie.   He called me on Saturday saying that he was sorry for not answering the phone last night but he had a terrib...
Today and tomorrow I am showing homes that qualify for rural development loans.  These are zero down loans with no private mortgage insurance.   It is really great for people without much down payment.   What is the catch?  You have to buy in a elegeble area.  How do you tell if the area is elegb...
When I woke up last Monday and got dressed for a networking group I was a little nervous. I had one mobile home pending, 1 listing that didn't get enough activity, clients that would buy eventually and nothing on the horizon.   It had been a bad last quarter. I didn't close a deal. Today I have a...
I was pretty excited!  I was prospecting and got 2 leads!  Talk about positive feedback.  One was a referral and the other filled out my website referral form.  Wow! One was legit and we are going out househunting on Sat.   The other lady started with saying she could only go up to $500/month.  T...
  I have a dream that Boise will celebrate Martin Luther King day as the Idaho Human Rights day!  Remember we celebrate on Monday!     Thie Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial is right near the downtown Boise Library! On the beautiful Boise River.   I hope you enjoy  the day and take a moment to ce...
  I walked into a home and their was a huge dog in the crate. He was barking his head off. Now maybe the owner doesn't realize it but the dog is upset. People are entering it's territory. I would be upset if people came in who I didn't know and I didn't know why.   They are barking or growling. M...
I was sitting at my political coffee on Monday and two of my friends mentioned neighbors that were moving.  I brightened up and asked if they had a Realtor.  Neither knew.  I asked questions to determine the address of one and met my friend so I could meet the other neighbor.   The next day I wro...
For the first time today I went to a networking group. I was asked by a friend if I wanted to go to LIZ. It is a networking group in Boise. So I went to Chick o Fil at 8 AM today (Monday). There were about 100 people there in various businesses. At the meeting I caught up with 2 parents from my k...
I have been trying to help a nice young couple find their first home. We are doing OK but not great. The few homes they really liked went quickly. They are limited to the bottom of the Boise market. Yesterday they called me about an open house they went to. They seemed excited. They made an appoi...

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