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This is the public Blog of Debbie Holmes. Real estate agent extraordinaire, with scientific training (which makes me very good at analysis). I have three boys. One going who just graduated law school and two in graduate school. I am one lucky mom!
Today is election day and it is time to VOTE!   Your VOTE does make a difference.... As someone who has run for Congress the saddest thing I found was when people are so disillusioned that they don't VOTE.  Many Americans have died in the past to protect your right to VOTE.  If you do not VOTE pl...
In 2006 I bought my first home for rental.   It worked so nicely I bought another.   At first I was a terrible manager!  I lost money by getting bad tenants.  It didn't occur to me that tenants would lie.   That they wouldn't pay the rent.  They might damage the place.... I was so disgusted with ...
Every day some person calls me on a sure fire way for me to increase my business.   It almost always has me spending about $100 per month.  Once in a while it has me spending more money.  They are either selling me leads or zipcode imprints.  Once in a while I bite.  I have a small account on Tru...
I was real busy when they signed me up.  They gave me 2.5 months free.  I was hoping a drip campaign would further increase my business.  I had clients coming from all directions.    I hadn't noticed any difference after the free period had ended but I felt I hadn't given them a fair trial.   I p...
Today I am going to accept the challenge of blogging once a day through the month of November.   I will try to organize my thoughts and work on my business so that my 2014 can be as good as my 2013.  This month looks to be a busy one.  Lots of holidays and I have to end my furlough started by Con...
  Happy Halloween!  This is my baby's Halloween costume.  He is the other Josh!   Fortunately he shouldn't be giving any little kids nightmares since He is a junior in college.   He might give his professors shivers.   Remember to watch out for kids trick or treating tonight.   Tonight can be fu...
Today I am a deck of cards old.  What I want for my birthday is some of my nibbles turn into clients.  It is funny because 2 years ago I ended up sitting an open house because the paper made a mistake and advertised last weeks open house.   I had a very good summer but things sort of stopped cold...
10/29/2013 In this news article an old woman bought a homen from Fannie Mae for cash.   The buyer didn't realize that the property line went right through her home.   I read this and I am thinking that a lot of people didn't d...
Winter is coming and so is  the frost.   It is time to have your sprinklers blown out for the winter.  In the Treasure Valley of Idaho I use the Sprinkler Guy.  His phone number is 208-376-4207. Failing to get the sprinklers blown out in Idaho (or any place that has hard frosts) can lead to epen...
I have been talking to the market leader representative.  He has been helping me with one of my many websites.   I picked up market leader when I was crazy busy and they had a great promotion.   Now they want to sell me leads.  My first reaction is that I have been there, done that.   Yes you get...

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