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This is the public Blog of Debbie Holmes. Real estate agent extraordinaire, with scientific training (which makes me very good at analysis). I have three boys. One going who just graduated law school and two in graduate school. I am one lucky mom!
It used to be that the spell checker on activerain would give me ideas for my spelling mistakes.  Since I have been back on I can find when I misspelled words but it does not seem to be giving me suggestions.  This means I have to open another window and check my spelling and hand correct it.  Ov...
Do you need to sell?  Do you want to sell?  Do you just want to know what your home is worth?  If you do you should call me!  I am a great Realtor who works with a great team.   Every week we learn how to negotiate this crazy market we are in. You need me!By training I am a Chemist.  That means I...
  When I woke up on Wed.  I thought I was within 2 weeks of listing. It is remotely possible that I am.   The first thing that happened is it got snowy and cold.  That sort of stops the outside work cold (pun intended).  The painter is behind schedule but if we have to we can come behind him.  No...
I have a lead generating service.   Yesterday I got a call from an older lady.  She was excited.  She had just sold her home and was calling on a mobile home on a rented lot.  That particular one was pending.  She did not know about lot rent.  I found out she did not have the money for a mortgage...
Someday'ss you seem to be juggling.  This was yesterday  It was a good juggling act with all the balls coming down in the right places.   I am seeking land for my boss and another person.   Technically I am also looking for me (but I need to sell the Caldwell home before I can buy).  I attended 3...
 I have been a morning person for a long time.  I rarlely need to set an alarm.  My mother (was) and brother (is).  Truth to tell I enjoy waking up a little before everyone else and having my coffee and getting my head together.  Until now.I got Covid 19 in November.  I slept a lot.   Like 12 hou...
I have owned this beautiful old home in the historic distric of Caldwell, ID since 2008.  It has been my one and only attempt at a flip.  Since the closing date was Jan. 31, 2008 you can see why it didn't flip.  In May 2008 I converted it to a rental and it has been a rental ever since.   In the ...
 My last two transactions had potential hiccups that could have delayed closing or even killed the deal!  Because I took care of these problems early the deals closed smoothly and efficientlyDeal #1 - Ex-husband refused to sign the quit claim deed at the divorce.  I knew my client for at least 20...
My partner and I prepped this home we had under management.  It is a cute 1536 sq ft 3 bedroom, 2 bath in Nampa, Idaho.  In late August I did a CMA and felt we would be lucky to get $275K.   The tenant moved out in early October.   It was time for Bill Taylor and me to go to work.   We first work...
I was posting regurally until the lockdown.    Then I just stopped and isolated. I was a 58 overweight diabetic lady. Now I am a slightly skinnier 59 year old diabetic lady.  (I lost 15 pounds).   I went back to work and went to the hospital with Covid but I am better now.  It was very scary.   I...

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This is a blog about all things real estate (and a few extras). I blog about my buyers, sellers, listings, short sales, the real estate market. I am internet savvy and am trying to learn more skills. I like blogging because I get to share information with other real estate professionals and my clients. I can find you a great home in the Treasure Valley. I was the Democratic Nominee for CD2, Idaho for the US Congress. I have two website: