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This is the public Blog of Debbie Holmes. Real estate agent extraordinaire, with scientific training (which makes me very good at analysis). I have three boys. One going who just graduated law school and two in graduate school. I am one lucky mom!
This week I am traveling to take care of my mother in law.  She had a heart valve replaced about a month ago and we kids all have careers so this week is my turn.   Although I have training I have the authority of a daughter in law not a daughter.So far that has not been a problem.  My mother in ...
I am a scientist by training and have been using computers my whole life of 54 years.  I used to be pretty tech savvy before they developed the word networking.  I graduated from computers the size of buildings to the tiny computer that I call my phone.  As soon as I had my first listing I purcha...
   Today is the 47 th anniversary of the moon landing.   I remember sitting on the floor in my parent's bedroom to watch it on the TV.   It was very exciting!   It was also late that is why we were on my parents floor camping.   I was just a kid.  I always thought we would go to Mars then  space....
 One of the great pass times in Boise during the summer is floating the Boise river.  You can do it in a inner tube, a raft, a kayak, a canoe.    The water is slow with just a little excitement.  You start at Barber Park in the east end of town and float several miles to Ann Morrison park.  You s...
There are not many inexpensive homes these days.  Just for fun I did a search today and found 23 homes in Boise.  Nine of these homes are condominiums.  Five of the homes are manufactured homes on their own lot.  One is a townhouse.  Eight are stick built homes.   A few years ago  I could find 3 ...
The Snake River StampedeHave you ever wanted to go to an old fashioned rodeo?   Well Nampa is host to one of the top 10 professional rodeos in the United States.  It has history going back to 1911.  It started as a harvest festival.   We of the Treasure Valley know that we live in the wild wooly ...
Wow this is a wonderful piece that will help any cat owner move.  Moving is stressful for anybody but it is really hard to explain what is happening to your kitty.   I might even print this out and give to my clients!  Moving is one of the most stressful experiences in life for anyone, but especi...
I consider myself a world traveler.  I have been many places.  Both in the United States and other countries.   And I have to admit the Boise airport is wonderful (for an airport).   We just have one long terminal.  None of the scary transfers where you do not have enough time to get places.   Yo...
I moved to the Boise Bench in 1991.  When we outgrew our home we bought the house next door in 1999.  Initially we bought here because it was in walking distance to Boise State University.  My husband was working there as a professor in mathematics and I was a lecturer in chemistry.  We also were...
Bogus Basin is just 16 miles north of Boise.  It is not just for skiing.  There are great summer activities!When I first got to Boise Bogus was mostly just for skiing and winter activities.  I always go up  for at least one trip during the summer.  I would just hike along the road with my family ...

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