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This is the public Blog of Debbie Holmes. Real estate agent extraordinaire, with scientific training (which makes me very good at analysis). I have three boys. One going who just graduated law school and two in graduate school. I am one lucky mom!
When I was a kid we celebrated George Washington's Birthday and Abraham Lincoln's birthday.  These must have been the only two presidents who had birthdays!  It was sort of great because we would have 2 days off and Valentine's day in the short month of February!   On leap years we would always j...
The time passes so swiftly.  It seems like yesterday that my firstborn was put into my arms.  Today my last baby is 21!  He is a college junior, 6ft 1 in with a magnificant beard.  It is hard to believe that all three of my sons are men.   Yesterday my hubby and I took him to a very nice resturau...
The property inspection came back for my buyers.  I am sort of happy I am representing the  buyers and not the sellers because it was not so good.  We have the usual collection of little things but a couple of things that my buyer will need fixed.  The real problems are all in the crawl space.  W...
Happy Valentine's day.   When  you love and cherish someone you often want to make a home together.  I wonder how many people will get engaged today?  I would like to think that Valentine's day is about love not lust.  The two can be related.  It is good to remember to treat your life partner wit...
  I first heard about Ilene when her husband died. I was head hen of our chicken soup group at our Synagogue. Since I was head hen that month the Rabbi emailed me with the details. Ilene's niece from back east contacted the Rabbi because she was all alone. I called the Rabbi and asked what we sho...
I talked to them a couple of years ago at a math party when prices were very low.  They could qualify but they were not ready yet.  Fast forward to December 2013.  John works with my hubby. I am in DC for my brother's 50th birthday party when John calls.  They want to buy a home.  We talk about w...
I do not know how I did it.  It might have been a bad fall last summer.  My neck back and arm flared up.  Truth is I was afraid to type or move.  Sleep was hard.  It still isn't completely better but last week I had to prioritize.  I kept the real estate deals that I had going and rested.  I had ...
I sell many homes a year.  Many of them are financed.   There are a lot of good lenders out there.  There are also lenders that are not so good.    I recommend one lender in particular because if she is involved I know exactly how the deal is going to go.  I know that if she tells me that the dea...
Call it a gut instinct.  Maybe it is a little more then an instinct.   I have some buyers and each day their search shrinks by one or two houses a day.  I am getting a little nervous.  This reduction of homes at the low end of the market signals a price rise.  The less homes available the more th...
I have been facebooking for a while now.   I started to keep track of my kids as they left home.  In 2008 I ran for House of Representatives and I started using it a lot for politics.  Later I started using it for real estate.   I have a facebook page dedicated to real estate but I use my persona...

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