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An open letter to Joe the PLUMBER...or CARPENTER...of God forbid, Joe the ELECTRICIAN:   Let me begin by telling you that I think you have a lovely home You have done much to increase its value since you purchased it so many years ago. I especially admire the work you did when you finished the ba...
Ant control If you locate a nest, you can remove it with a vacuum cleaner, then dispose of the bag outdoors. Unfortunately, you can't always find the nest or nests. If this is the case, control is indirect. Place insecticides very carefully, to form chemical barriers that foraging ants must cross...
This is an update to my previous post about the proposed $15,000 tax credit for home buyer. The outline of the latest $8,000 tax credit is far from the proposed $15,000. However, it is enhanced from the previous $7,500 tax credit that Congress enacted in July 2008. The following points are based ...
A new sales assistant was hired at a large department store. On his first day, the sales manager took him around to show him the ropes. They were passing by the gardening section, when they heard a customer asking for grass seed. The sales manager stepped in.Sales manager: Excuse me, but will you...
IF You Were Born on April 7th, Check this Out! 7 April 1967 Your date of conception was on or about 15 July 1966 which was a Friday. You were born on a Fridayunder the astrological sign Aries.Your Life path number is 7.Your fortune cookie reads: You will spend old age in comfort and material weal...
Make it Faster!   If you are like me then you probably spend quite a bit of time online. Whether it is working on your website, spending time blogging, or possibly doing some social networking at Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin. I don't know about you but I am not a patient person. When my comput...
What carpenter ants do Carpenter ants commonly tunnel in building timbers. With a longstanding infestation, damage may require extensive repairs. Usually, only minor repairs are needed. If you find the infestations soon enough, all that may be needed is to get rid of the ants. New colonies are es...
    There is no better Real Estate Investment deal than that of a motivated seller. We all want to find those motivated sellers. Those property owners who simply need to make a deal with an investor in order to unload their burden of a problem property. The first thing we must do as a Real Estat...
Short Sales     When you request a short sale from the bank, the will request a great deal of personal information to be submitted along with the offer the purchase, cma, authorization letter, and listing agreement. This is because the bank wants to know that you actually qualify for their short...
Signs of infestation Ants foraging around or in the home Piles of sawdust-like borings visible under porches, in basements, or emerging from cracks or crevices between walls and partitions Slit-like holes in woodwork, especially window and door casings Large winged ants in the house in late winte...

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