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Home Maintenance suggestions, infrared (thermal) imaging technology, and lots of home maintenance ideas you can perform yourself at home.
This image (above) is a perfect example of the problems that are associated with Aluminum wiring. Note letters A and B (the insulation jackets are melted), which I will explain "Why" in the third paragraph and C (mixing copper wiring with aluminum wiring on the same breaker). Aluminum wiring can...
  There are a wide variety of chimneys in Massachusetts, which represent an even wider variety of interrelated components that comprise them. However, there are three basic types of chimneys: single-walled metal chimneys, masonry chimneys and pre-fabricated metal chimneys that are commonly refer...
Your home is in escrow, and the Buyer has scheduled a home inspection. Should you (the Seller) be worried about what a home inspector (like myself) might uncover? The answer depends on the present condition of your home today and how well you've maintained its major components over the years that...
  Although some asbestos has been removed from our homes over the past years, there are many thousands of tons of asbestos still present in our homes today. There still remains extensive repair and removal work, which will definitely continue for the foreseeable future. The main source of asbest...
Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a wet or flooded basement. Wet or moist basements and crawl spaces are sources of high humidity, which can produce surface condensation, mildew and fungi, musty odors, and an unhealthful environment for its occupants. Such continuous moisture can cau...
Plesae Note: All states vary on home inspection standards. The information below simply pertains to Massachusetts only. Important information for Home Buyers... Home Inspector Facts For Consumers   I walked through the house, it looks fine. Why should I get a home inspection? One of the single mo...
Many variables affect who attends a home inspection. In most cases, however, Buyers hire the home inspector as their private consultant, which means the Buyer should have the last word on who should attend their home inspection. Real estate agents usually coordinate who attends the home inspectio...
  An infrared inspection of your roof can detect eveidence of latent moisture within your roof cavities and it can determine the potential for ice dams, plugged drains, and water retention that may cause roof damage and/or leakage which could lead to serious damage to your living area if not dete...
It's that time of the year again, at least in the great North East Massachusetts area. It's getting real cold outside and heating units are starting to come on, on a daily basis. This is the perfect time to learn where your heating dollars are going to waste and have an infrared scan performed to...
WATCH AND HEAR LIVE TERMITES IN ACTIONClick the computer screen ACTUAL SIZE OF A LIVE TERMITE NEXT TO A DIME Of all Wood Boring insects, Termites are definitely the most damaging wood destroying insects out there. Did you know that the average single-family home has as many as three to four termi...


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