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~ Parker Rd. and Arapahoe Rd. Intersection - Aurora, Colorado ~ Construction is all around us.  You can't avoid it.  Especially those of us that cross rthe intersection of Parker Road and Arapahoe Road right by Arapahoe Crossings in southeast Aurora.  For those of you planning on being in that ar...
~ Would You Buy This Home? ~ I was out showing property today.  We didn't have much luck.  I showed the buyers 4 houses and none of them were much to look at.  In fact they were the types of homes that made you want to douse yourself in hand sanitizer before you got back in the car.  And the smok...
~ My Friday the 13th ~ So there are superstitions about Friday the 13th dating back to the 19th century.  It is supposed to be a day of bad luck.  And there is always at least one Friday the 13th in every calendar year.  For 2011, this is the only one. Did you know that many hotels and high rises...
~ Wordless Wednesday (almost) ~ It's May 11,2011.  Right?  Spring is here, right?  Or at least Ithought it was here.  Yesterday I even wrote a post about Spring being here, entitled Change Is Coming - I Can Feel It.  Yesterday was a beautiful day here in the Denver area.  It was in the mid 70's a...
~ Change Is Coming.  I Can Feel it! ~ Yep, I can feel it alright.  I can see it as well.  Can you?  Today, the Denver metro area reached 87 degrees.  The sun was warm on my face and arms.  I felt kissed by Mother Nature.  I enjoy feeling the sun's warmth.  I am anxious for all the trees to come i...
~ Did You Remember To Call Your Mom Today? ~ Hopefully by now you picked up that phone or went over to visit her.  Today is Mother's Day.  And if you forgot, now is your chance to redeem yourself before it's too late! Even though Mother's Day dates back in time to the early Romans, centuries late...
~ Fun State Facts - Part 2 of 5 ~ Hawaii - Hawaiians live, on an average, five years longer than residents in any other state Idaho - TV was invented in Rigby, Idaho in 1922 Illinois - has a Governor in jail, one pending jail & the most corrupt state in the union Indiana - home to Santa Claus, In...
~ Could You Be the 1 In 800? ~  The statistics are overwhelming.  How does one contract it?  Is it genetic?  Is it environmental?  Are the symptoms definitive?  The answers to those questions are still to be answered.  Muscular Sclerosis (MS) is a disease that affects the body's central nervous s...
~ Where Do You Squeeze Your Toothpaste? ~ This morning while I was out walking my dog, Kobi around 6:15, I saw something I had never seen before.  I had to take a second look and I know the driver thought I was a little odd for doing so.  But he was the odd one. He was driving his little Honda Ci...
~Aurora, Colorado Home For Sale ~ 6028 South Ukraine St.  Aurora, Colorado 80015 is listed for sale for only $375,000.  This beautiful home is located in the Saddle Rock Ridge Subdivision near E-470 and Smoky Hill Road and within the Cherry Creek School District.  The home was built in 2002 by DR...

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