home design: Remodeling - Common Pitfalls - 10/13/17 10:33 AM
There are easy Problems or Pitfalls to watch out for before you begin your new design of your home.....
You just purchased a new home, moved in, and would like to make some changes........    
What should you look out for?
1.  Wetlands nearby?
2.  Where are the support beams?
3.  What will you gain vs. what you will lose?
4.  Do you still want your sink under the window?
As a homeowner, it is exciting to plan to build or modify your house into your dream house.  I have a friend of mine who is in Home Design Industry and shared his stories of his clients. 
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home design: The Kitchen Triangle- How important? - 02/24/10 08:12 AM
The Kitchen Triangle - How Important?
Do you remember years ago in your mother's tiny kitchen, she seemed to be able to pull off cooking for a huge crowd, and without too much trouble!    She could cook for a small crowd of 8 (the family), or she could pull off a dinner party for 30 with equal ease.    The kitchen was always the smallest room in the house, practically,  but always functioned well, due to the placement of all of the main appliances.    This is home design at its best.
The main appliances were, of course, … (14 comments)

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