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Wow.... this is starting to get out of hand here.  I saw a recent CNN video of a woman that committed suicide in Mass, just hours before the auction sale.... This comes as a striking wake up call about the seriousness and tragic situation the housing industry is in.  Everyone has clients or folks...
I have been keeping up with several recent posts about whos fault it is with the mortgage and financial mess were in.  I came across an interesting piece on Yahoo video that was meant as a slam piece on our current president.  Leaving politics out of it, I think what they described as "President ...
Looking for ideas here.  There are communities rampant with foreclosures, short sales, etc....  There are also wildfires on both coasts and Local disasters.  What can we do as agents individually to help at lease in the local areas, let alone national times of hardship.  NAR is great about suppor...
Ok I may be just a little jaded here but I have to get this off of my chest.  I just received yet another junk email heralding tapping into the new and bountiful frontier.... Selling Bank Foreclosures.....  I have been doing this for seven years....I started doing BPOS ( did hundreds of em my fir...
Just a note to remind any of us who are working with option one's reo division....  THe new listing letters will be out on monday and we have to update mls and send it in relecting the new commission schedule.... If there is anyone out there working them as well, I'd love to know....  COmpare sto...
Ok... So not to step on any toes here or anything, but I'd like to have some opinions here.... I sell foreclosures for a living...not making a killing, but enough in my market that I have had a measure of success at it.  I have been doing it for about 7 years now and I see alot.  Being a REO brok...
I wanted to take a moment to share with everyone the concept of Exit Realty Corporation.  We are an empathetic based real estate company that adds to the earning potential of our agents.  With an added residuals program, you really can earn more that 100% with our organization.  We are the larges...
I wanted to make everyone aware of a predator out there targeting absentee owners ( and apparently elderly owners as well)... I have a client who was contacted by a "Todd Teal" wanting to purchase his tract of land here in NC ( He lives in another state).  THe long and the short of it is he write...
Hey guys....anyone who does REO interested in telling war stories or in need of a "support group"  I'm open.Has anybody noticed lately that the proposed commission structure is going down on the list side, yet they are requiring us to do more and more?  Anyone having problems getting reimbursemen...

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Ramblings of a Foreclosure Agent's Mind