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But why isn't it?  There are lots of reasons, none of which I am going to delve into in this post.  This post is just about making the time for that walk in the park. Or a stroll by the lake, or a hike in a forest, or even just a quick jaunt around the block.  Get outside into the fresh air.  It ...
From yesterday's Did you know... On Average, US office employees generate 1 1/2 pounds of paper each work day. Paper is one of the largest expenses per employee and office has. To streamline your paper costs here are some tips: Reducing images to be printed by using routing lists, e-mail, electro...
"Good Morning Activerain Members"  I would like to wish everyone a good morning to you and as we get closer to the end on November 2009, and where did the year go?  When ever we get towards the end of the year we think back to the begining as a whole on our ups & downs, and what we can do to cha...
Howdy folks of Northern NH.  If you know anyone who is interested in acquiring the 40 hours of pre-Licensing class for Real Estate salesperson of 40 of the 60 hours needed for becoming a broker in NH; an new class will be starting in Northumberland in December 5th.  Please have interested persons...
If you are enthusiastic about your business and the opportunities you have to interact with the public, if you are passioante about your business and the way you deliver your product or service to the marketplace, and you are a delight to talk with because of your attitude, then you will do well....
    We cherish freedom, but freedom only works with respect for our boundaries. Just as these horses are free to run and roam and graze, there is a distant fence that sets the limit of their freedom. Freedom without limits is not healthy. ─── For more information on my coaching and educational pr...
Top Tips to Improve your Credit 1. Review your current credit report for accuracy. Everyone is entitled to one free credit report per year from each of the three credit bureaus-Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Get a copy of your credit report and look at it for accuracy. First, make sure that t...
A couple of days ago I reblogged Clint Miller’s excellent post on things you must do if you plan to be a successful real estate sales person. One of the points he made was that it is vital to stick to a set working schedule – not allow yourself to decide that you don’t feel like working today. I ...
A friend of mine watches her grandson after school because both parents work.  Sean is in second grade and never ceases to amaze her. It seems Sean came home from school last week and announced that they had learned how to make ‘babies' in school that day. My friend was a little shocked; after al...
  This was taken this year in August to honor the 812 Military Police returning from Iraq.  The parade was held in Tappan, NY in Rockland County.  It was quite a nice time and also very moving during the ceremony.  It makes you really appreciate what these men and women are asked to do.  Have a ...

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