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It's Not Rocket Science- Were now 2 Trillion dollars deeper in debt we still have no real mechanism in place to revive our mortally wounded economy. We are losing Trillions of dollars of National wealth. If the Nation were a human being, the doctor would say we are going to "bleed out" meaning de...
Foreclosure Versus Short Sales - What's the difference for Buyers? This is a common question that I am often asked. The simple answer is a foreclosure is a property  that title has been taken back by the lender, and is now Bank or Lender owned. The previous owner has no connection to the property...
 Short Sales seems to be the New BUZZ Word in Real Estate now days. It seems every client and everyone I run into wants to talk about what's the deal with "Short Sales".  Are they all that GREAT? Well Yes sometimes they can be, however most times they are a nightmare... more on this later-  Let'...
  Boise Real Estate Market - Half Full or Half Empty  OK, OK, I know "the Market is in the toilet" and the sky is falling & Blah Blah Blah- Let's talk Reality V/S Realty  Boise Valley Inventory in 2009  is Down 10% in numbers and 25%+  in price from 2008 at the same time  Yes the "Media" will lea...
Bad News V/S Good News - Sometimes I wonder if someone published a newspaper with just Good News - Would anybody buy it? Apparently not because all of the media focus is always on Bad News.As a tribute to the  New Year, I would like to focus on the Good News in Boise Valley Real Estate. The numbe...
TIME TO INVEST in Boise Valley Real Estate ?????When would you say is the best time to invest? at the bottom of the market or at the top of the market?  The question is obvious, however what is not obvious is when - where is the bottom.  When & Where are the key components separating the smart in...

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