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This is a good summary that explains some areas of misunderstanding for buyers and agents when using the VA Loan Program.  Another point to add is that if the borrower has a verified disability (albeit a slight %), the funding fee can be waived, which saves hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars ...
    Just when I thought it was perfectly clear and thought everyone else did, too…the earnest money delivery timeline reared its ugly head.   I represented the buyer on purchasing a property that went under contract on a Wednesday night.   Since it was a cash transaction that was closing in ten d...
This is such a wonderful idea!  There may not be a Starbucks close to where people in need are staying or living, but there are other options perhaps.  It is worth looking!  Maybe a local grocery with a coffee area, or family-owned place willing to do it.  Maybe it could be a bit more than just t...
  I received the following tidbit from a vendor this morning and found it very interesting...if not downright amusing, based upon those commercials on TV about selling your own home without a REALTOR and saving thousands!!  ForSalebyOwner.com Founder Uses Agent to Sell Home Daily Real Estate News...
Burden of Proof and Valuation Some Legislative changes to the Texas Tax Code bode well for those trying to fight tax valuation increases: "The chief appraiser may not increase the appraised value of a property in the tax year following a successful tax protest on that property unless the increas...
Springtime is the time to refresh and renew!  So how about those floors? If you are considering selling and want a look that will have buyer appeal, or are just wanting to update to give your home a new look, it appears that choosing a wood product may be the way to go. The National Wood Flooring...
Don't you just feel more relaxed when you walk into a space, whether it is a restaurant, patio, or whatever, and there is an abundance of green, living plants?  I know I certainly do.  But I forget about the positive difference they can make in our air quality when they are indoors, and especiall...
Kristen Wheatley gives some good advice to sellers in her series "The Tao of Home Selling".  You can click the link to read her post from yesterday about making the buyers feel welcome in your home.  She makes some great points about buyer's perceptions based upon what they see if they peek unde...
This new rule reminds me of a dog chasing its tail!  Ed Gillespie has taken the time to explain the "new" mortgage rules that become effective in April, 2011.Well, it sounds noble enough. "The Federal Reserve Board on Monday announced final rules to protect mortgage borrowers from unfair, abusive...
  Does Hitting the Re-Blog Button Produce Google Juice? Occasionally, when I stumble upon a post that I think consumers might enjoy reading about real estate or financing, I re-blog it.  I have also noticed that there are some in the rain who re-blog continuously...if fact, it is difficult to fin...

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