attitude: Attitude - 04/23/14 03:48 AM
How is your attitude today?
We take care of our body (hopefully) with a form of exercise on a regularly basis. Hopefully we are eating healthier than we did in the past. We take care of our home so the landscaping looks nice, keeping our home clean, keeping our gas tank ½ full minimum, and the oil change on a regular basis of your automobile. Now what about your mind? Your brain, if you are not maintaining your thoughts on a daily even hourly basis you can slip right in to the ditch.
What do you do … (2 comments)

attitude: Attitude, Mindset, Belief, Faith, Imagination - 04/01/14 01:36 PM
Words to focus on hourly
Seems every day I become more involved in watching and listening to people. People are just interesting, some are very intriguing. Over the past 14 months I have been coming in contact with over 300 people every week consistently. Maybe I should have had this interest a few years earlier. However I am anxious to see what the final results of 2014 will turn into.
My thinking is the more people I can meet the less time I have the opportunity to fall into the habit of just sitting and watching the television. … (0 comments)

attitude: Attitude, Expectations and Goals for 2013 (see video inside) - 01/13/13 11:55 AM

How Is Your Attitude, Expectations, and Goals for 2013 Doing?
 If this question sounds like an interesting, motivational, enthusiast question, you will enjoy what you are about to read. If this question sounds silly, and of no interest to you, may we recommend you read it a couple of times and hopefully your mindset will change.
Sometimes things in life just do not go well for a period of time that is what I experienced most of 2012; in some areas of life; (then too August 2012 was the best vacation in Kodiak Alaska I have ever had in … (0 comments)

attitude: Attitude, Beliefs, Expectations and Goals - 12/12/12 02:26 AM
What is your attitude, beliefs, expectations and goals? Do you focus on all four of these every day of the week? Would you agree they are equivalent to breathing oxygen or heart beats, or at least in between them and LOVE?
Do you have beliefs, expectations and goals in place for 2013?
I am very excited about 2013, actually I am thinking 2013; has as much expectations as any of the past 32 years of my real estate career. And it is a funny thing to me. The attitude seems to have to come to you like an angel out of … (0 comments)

attitude: ATTITUDE One way I help myself maintain a successful positive mindset - 07/01/12 03:05 PM
Just a couple of nights ago I visited youtube and put in Anthony Robbins. I don't know who your favorite public speaker is, but I KNOW Anthony is my favorite, and I have seen about 25 or 40 different ones in person here in Phoenix, people like: Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Og Mandino, (actually Og is the one who gave me the suggestion of taking the title: THE PUMPKIN MAN" and he said put it on everything) Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Denis Waitley, Danielle Kennedy, Dr Phil, Pat Riley, Ken Blanchard, Les Brown, just to name a few.
It was amazing … (0 comments)

attitude: ATTITUDE-U S ECONOMY-RESULTS BLAME BUSH and/or OBAMA - 06/30/12 05:20 AM
Why can't we reach a common ground, and more importantly a common sense. We the people of the United States of America especially those of us who were born here, and have been alive for over 40 years, and living in what we are told to be the richest country in the world, you would think if we STOP and THINK, we would have enough common sense to realize our country was not set up by our forefathers to where one individual like President Bush and/or  President Obama could get our debt and economy where it is today. Now if it … (1 comments)

Have you heard the news? How the Phoenix AZ Real Estate Market & the economy in Phoenix AZ have improved 17% in the past week? It is quite possible you have not heard because this was not on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, or FOX. What is even more exticing, it is expected to improve another 9% during the first week or two of July.
Actually how I heard about it:  I made some changes in my life: I decreased my intake of the news, and television this week, and I invested in myself a few hours this week in prayer, watching … (0 comments)

Isn't it amazing, isn't our attitude about the most important part of life? Isn't life all about controlling our thoughts we allow to float around, hang out, or live in our mind? Isn't it somewhat interesting to just listen to what some people say versus what others say?
Have you ever been stuck in snow with your car, and the harder you tried to get out the more aggrivated you became, and still made no progress? Isn't some thoughts or things we sometimes worry about kind of work the same way as that time you were stuck in the snow?
Think … (0 comments)

attitude: ATTITUDE Would you say you are better off than most? - 06/21/12 07:18 AM
I recall Ralph, who I see at church every Sunday since 1979, when I say: "How are you?" Ralph always says: "Better than most."
So let me ask YOU, how are you? We hear and see negativity and violence daily, however, aren't you most likely better off than the person who lives on either side of your or the one who lives across the street? How about the millions of other people who live in places like: Irag, Iran, Russia, India, Africa, and Mexico. Maybe that will change your thought pattern a bit. Right?
Another of my friends whose name is … (0 comments)

Think about it 99% chance those reading this, live in North America. 99% chance you are well off as far as your physical health goes. I was doing my therapy last week for my knee procedure I had last month, and noticed the man who came in after me for therapy on crutches (I had done away with my crutches), then I noticed, he only had one leg.
99% chance you are like me and have never had a fire in your home, never had your home burglarized. 99% chance if you have children they were born with two arms, two … (0 comments)

attitude: ATTITUDE! Change Your Mind In Seconds - 06/13/12 07:54 AM
The mind is a marvelous tool. Isn't it amazing how in just seconds you can CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE. Does this make sense? You can have a negative mindset, bad attitude, feel miserable, and in a matter of seconds with something positive happening in your life, such as: becoming engaged in marriage unexpectedly, receive a huge pay raise, or receive a large unexpected gift. All of a sudden, life is good, things are great, everything is wonderful.
What is even more interesting, (this next item could have multiple titles) you can make yourself believe one of the above items has happened to … (4 comments)

attitude: ATTITUDE. By Dan Dee McGinnis, a Realtor, Speaker, Published Author - 11/13/11 02:16 AM
ATTITUDE. By Dan Dee McGinnis, a Realtor, Speaker, Published Author. Isn't it rather AMAZING how attitude works?
A thought came to mind last week with regard to the saying I am sure you have heard before, it goes like this: IS THE GLASS HALF EMPTY OR IS THE GLASS HALF FULL? I will proove it is half full toward the end of this blog post, or at least that it "WAS" half full when we initially ask the question.
Over the past thirty years I have continued to learn about attitude, being a real estate agent it is interesting to note … (0 comments)

attitude: YOUR BELIEFS, EXPECTATIONS, GOALS - 11/11/11 02:52 AM
Your beliefs, expectations, goals are the initital keys to YOUR SUCCESS! If you are having a bad day, bad month, bad week right now it will be almost impossible for you to kick your mindset into the mode I currently have my mindset in right now.
Hopefully YOU right now are not at the top of your game, however LOOKING, and SEARCHING to get to the top of your game, to reach for those beliefs and expectations YOU want to be in. When YOU are...........ISN'T IT A TOTALLY AWESOME AND EXCITING LIFE?
Do YOU keep facing unbelievable challenges? Have YOU had … (0 comments)

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