arcata california real estate: A 'Visit' to Humboldt County, California - 09/07/11 03:11 AM
If you will be visiting Humboldt County, California in the near future, here are five suggestions for 'things to do' during your visit.  All of the items on the list are easily accessed from Highway 101 on your drive from San Francisco to Seattle.
1. Visit 'old town' Eureka. Look for the direction signs on Highway 101 as your drive through Eureka.   Drive to old town, park your vehicle and take a walk.  Have coffee at one of the many coffee houses.  Enjoy lunch at one one the many restaurants. Walk along the bay.  Browse thought one of the many bookstores and other … (7 comments)

arcata california real estate: Do You 'Really Know' Where you 'Property Lines' Are? - 09/06/11 01:33 PM
In most California Real Estate Transactions, the property to be purchased is not surveyed as part of the transaction. 
So the question comes up frequently here, where are the exact property lines and where are the property corners?
Property pins may be in place but the question always is, are they correct?  The next question is, have they been moved?  The only way, in most cases, to know for sure where the corners and property lines are, is to have another survey completed.
My answer always is to contact a Surveyor.  And then I add, "a Surveyor who is familiar … (10 comments)

arcata california real estate: Does you Home have a "Garage"? - 09/06/11 10:29 AM
Many homes here in Humboldt County, California do not have a garage.  A garage, attached or detached (you can always build a covered walkway from the home to a detaced garage) is an important part of your home.  The garage not only serves as a place to park your car, it also provides storage, a workplace out of the weather, an area to entertain children on a cold day etc.
Adding a garage to the home that does not have one is the easiest way to add value to your property. Yes, you do have to have room for it but most … (8 comments)

arcata california real estate: What "Plants" are you taking with you when you move? - 09/06/11 08:16 AM
If you will be selling your home in the near future, walk through your yard now and decide if you will be taking any plants or shrubs with you when you move.  Plants and shrubs that are planted in the ground should convey with the home.  If you remove a plant or shrub from the ground just before 'closing' you could potentially have a problem with the buyer.
Fall is an excellent time to transplant plants or shrubs you will be taking with you.  Replant them in pots or planters now, before you place your home 'on the market'.
By … (7 comments)

arcata california real estate: Your "Lawn" will help "Sell" your home! - 09/06/11 06:53 AM
Lawns in this area of Humboldt County, California must be appealing.  We have no shortage of water here, so there should be no excuses for the condition of your lawn!
If you will be placing your home on the market for sale in the future, take a good look at your lawn now.  Does the lawn add to the curb appeal of your home?  If not, it is time to take action!  The curb appeal of both your home and your lawn are an important aspect in finding a buyer!
If you have ignored the lawn in the past, it may take … (7 comments)

arcata california real estate: Closets are very important, Buyers Always Look In Them! - 09/06/11 06:06 AM
If you are preparing your home for sale, take a good look at your closets before listing your property for sale.
1. First, empty them out, completely!  Keep only the items you will need currently on a daily basis.  The rest, pack up and move to a storage area.  Wardrobe boxes, that will allow you to hang cloths in, are available from U-Haul, Home Depot etc.  They also come in tall sizes for long coats and dresses.
2. Once the closets are empty, inspect them carefully.  Do they need painting or other repairs?  Is the current color appealing and does it … (12 comments)

arcata california real estate: Smoke Detector Corrosion in Humboldt County, California - 09/06/11 03:24 AM
Smoke detectors in this part of coastal California should be checked more often than just twice a year.  Once a month would be more appropriate.  The type of smoke detector that needs to be checked is the battery powered variety normally found in older homes.
The reason; this is a very corrosive environment due to the fact that we are located close to a large body of salt water, the Pacific Ocean.
When smoke detectors become corroded, they just stop working.  No annoying alarm like the one you receive with the battery is low.  A smoke detector that has stopped working due … (8 comments)

arcata california real estate: Humboldt County, California's "Older Homes" - 09/06/11 03:13 AM
When shopping for a home in this area of Northern California give some consideration to one of the many 'older' homes on the market. 
There are several very good reasons to consider one.
1. These homes are generally located in a stable neighborhood.  What you see is what you get as far as the neighborhood is concerned.   The turn over rate in this area is generally low.  Do however use caution if there are large areas of undeveloped land very near the property you are considering.  Do your research and find out any future plans for that land.  Find out … (3 comments)

arcata california real estate: "Bat's" in the 'House'? - 09/06/11 02:53 AM
Many homes in Humboldt County are surrounded by large trees.  These large trees are wonderful to live amongst.  However, they also attract Bats.  Bats are wonderful creatures who help to control the insect population.  We all need to cultivate their growth.
Unfortunately, Bats do end up in homes on occasion.  They will fly in an open door and then the fun begins.  Feline residents of the home will be the only ones to enjoy their visit.
Removing them without causing them harm is a challenge. 
One way to safely remove them from your home involves using a large paper grocery bag … (6 comments)

arcata california real estate: Is your 'Assessed Value' higher than your 'Market Value'? - 09/06/11 02:21 AM
There is the possibility of a temporary reduction in the assessment of your property in Humboldt County, California under 'Proposition 8'.
If you feel that the assessed value of your home or exceeds the ‘market value', you should contact the Humboldt County Assessors Office and request a review of your assessment.  They will need your cooperation in determining the current value.
If your property taxes are reduced, it is a ‘temporary reduction'.  Generally for one year.
Ask when you will have to apply again to maintain the reduction and do not ‘miss' that filing date to extend the reduction for another year if the … (5 comments)

arcata california real estate: Boo at the Zoo (The Sequoia Park Zoo)! - 09/05/11 10:31 AM
"Boo at the Zoo" is scheduled for Sunday, October 30thy 2011 at the Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, California between 10:00AM and 2:00PM!
This Halloween, come discover creatures slimy, slithery, creepy, and crawlie at Boo at the Zoo!
Bring the whole family to this dreadfully delightful event. Wear a costume and receive a prize, then enjoy a day of games, crafts, and treats. Fun and educational activities will include the Snake Maze, Bat Discovery and Trivia, Spider Web Toss, Raven Goody Bags, Skull Identification and Scavenger Hunt, Slug Slime, and Chalk Walk. Best of all, interact with the animal residents of … (8 comments)

arcata california real estate: Enjoy Labor Day! You earned it! - 09/04/11 03:18 AM
Enjoy "Labor Day", you earned the right to enjoy it!
Take time off and spend it with your loved one's.  Have a BBQ and invite friends over.  Take a walk on the beach, the Pacific will be beautiful, no storms are forecast!  Take the family to the zoo or to a movie and dinner, do something special that they will remember.
It is your day and your earned the right to take the day off and enjoy it.  Don't pass up the opportunity.
Drive safely and watch out for the other person.  Do not drink and drive.  Remember, safety first, always.

arcata california real estate: "No 'Candle Light' Emergencies", Please!! - 09/03/11 07:24 AM
'Candle lit' dinners are great!  'Candle Light' emergencies, like earthquakes and power outages, are not so great.
The use of 'Candles' in an emergency situation has very few benefits and numerous dangers.  You have an 'open flame' that will ignite a gas leak.  If you drop the candle and it lands on something flammable, you could have a fire to deal with.  Many people are burned each year because they ignite flammable clothing they are wearing.  If you fall asleep with a candle burning you could wake up to a fire.
In an emergency situation, emergency services are already overwhelmed!  If … (12 comments)

arcata california real estate: Neighbors know the history of "Your" home. - 09/02/11 08:49 AM
Neighbors are one of the best sources of information about your home!  They know the history and any problems that have occured.
In many cases they have witnessed several owners of your home.  They know the level of care it received.  They may have also learned information about your home from other neighbors who have departed.
In the event their home was built at the same time and by the same builder they may be familiar with problems you may run into during your ownership.
Get to know your new neighbors as soon as you make an offer on a home.  … (13 comments)

arcata california real estate: Humboldt County, California Weather Information - 09/01/11 03:43 AM
The weather in the coastal areas of Humboldt County, California tends to be very mild year around.   You will seldom see snow in the winter or 70 degree weather in the summer if you are visiting.   The Pacific Ocean helps to maintain the mild climate.  If you are looking for four-season weather, you will find it 70 miles inland.   
A good umbrella is an excellent investment if you are planning a visit.  The large 'Golf Umbrella' is the best choice in my opinion.
Also bring along both a light and a heavy coat.  To walk along the harbor in the evening, … (8 comments)

arcata california real estate: Get It Together and Meet the Challenge! - 08/31/11 04:14 AM
Tomorrow is September 1st (already).  Don't forget the "September Localism Challenge"!
This will be a great opportunity to develop your 'Localism' skills.  Something I have not had a lot of experience with.
If you missed the original announcement from DeBorah Byron Leffler, this is the link:
The link will provide all the details and information on registering for the group. 
Get It Together and Meet the Challenge!

arcata california real estate: Business Cards must be 'Signed' by the agent at showings??????? - 08/29/11 09:03 AM
The Humboldt County, California Association of Realtors has a 'rule' that agents will leave a business card at all showings with the date and time of the showing and the card must be' signed' by the agent. 
It would seem to me that leaving your legal signature laying around in vacant homes may not be the "brightest" idea!
Most of the business cards of the board members do not have adequate room for a signature on them.  They are now printed both 'back and front'.
If the homeowners are present at a showing I always introduce my self and provide them … (29 comments)

arcata california real estate: Don't let your shop "Look Like One"! - 08/29/11 08:32 AM
If you will be placing your home on the market and it has a 'shop', make sure the 'shop' does not look like one!
Shops are very popular with home-buyers.  They will want to see it and the shop needs to appeal to both buyers.
After all, your 'wood' shop may become a 'quilting room'.
Start by packing and removing anything that is not necessary.  Take it to the storage area; do not use your shop to store packing boxes.
The interior should be 'neat and tidy', clean floors, clean windows, clean and sand if necessary the workbenches, clean bathroom … (7 comments)

arcata california real estate: Do You Really Need a Chimney? - 08/29/11 08:01 AM
One of yesterday's news stories about Hurricane Irene contained the following quote: "and a women in Queenstown, Maryland died after a tree knocked the chimney through the roof of her home".
Do You Really Need Your Chimney?  Here in Northern California, many chimneys and the fireplace they serve are located on an outside wall of the home.  In many cases the fireplace has already been converted to a 'gas' insert.  This type of chimney and fireplace is relatively easy to remove.
The newer 'zero clearance' fireplaces may be installed with a horizontal venting system that could eliminate the need for a chimney.
Eliminating … (4 comments)

arcata california real estate: Skunks are "Not" good tenants! - 08/29/11 07:45 AM
This is the time of the year that Skunks will be looking for a new home here in Northern California.  Don't let make their new home under your house.
1. Make sure the cover to your crawl space access is secure.
2. Make sure that all vent openings in your foundation are secure.  If necessary replace any covers that are defective.  Don't just try to block them with wood or bricks, skunks are smart and will move the blockage.
3. Take a walk around your home and make sure there are no low spots that a Skunk could take advantage of … (3 comments)

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