mcclellanville: Town Resurges 20 Years After Hurricane Hugo - 09/21/09 06:17 AM
It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since Hurricane Hugo muddied McClellanville’s timeline. The town has made anamazing comeback and it’s finally to the point that you don’t hear that four-letter word in everyday communication now.  I certainly couldn’t say that 10 years ago.  Time was still measured in terms of “before Hugo” and “after Hugo”, but that past is becoming more and more distant.  This anniversary will come and go and my phone will cease to ring from reporters who read my first article about Hugo looking for an interview, maybe a before and after article or  a “Where are They Now” piece to catch America up on what the … (3 comments)

mcclellanville: “The New Daughter” Comes to McClellanville - 01/18/08 03:40 AM
I can now confirm my earlier post about the filming of the new Kevin Costner movie, The New Daughter, here in McClellanville. Film crews are already in the area and filming is slated to begin February 18th. I have been working with the films housing manager to help them find suitable McClellanville Rentals for all the cast and crew.
The New Daughter is a horror/thriller movie, in which Kevin Costner plays a single father who’s daughter starts acting strangely after moving to a new house in the country that happens to have burial mounds on the property. Ivano Baquero, who starred … (0 comments)

mcclellanville: McClellanville Fishing Tournament - 09/28/07 12:34 AM
Put some new line on your reels and scout out your secret fishing holes, because November 3rd is the 16th Annual McClellanville Creek Tournament. The event is sponsored by Archibald Rutledge Academy and 50% of all the proceeds go to supporting the school. The rest is up for grabs for the contestants, with 25% going to 1st place, 15% to 2nd, and 10% to 3rd place.
Points are given to fishermen with the biggest legal bass, trout, and flounder and bonus points are given to boats that catch all three. As always there will be some great door prizes so even … (0 comments)

mcclellanville: McClellanville Rentals Offers Full Service Property Management - 09/28/07 12:31 AM
McClellanville Rentals is your one-stop source for homes to rent in McClellanville. I offer full service property management for full and part-time vacation rentals as well as monthly and yearly leases. Whether you have a home to rent or need a rental, you can now let be your guide. is the only website devoted to the McClellanville rental market and matching home owners with renters.
Home Owners Renting your home is a great way to have your home work for you instead of you always working for your home. It’s also a good substitute to selling your home … (2 comments)

mcclellanville: McClellanville Creek Sweep - 09/17/07 12:44 AM
The rain held out for paddling participants in the 2007 McClellanville Creek Sweep this Saturday. McClellanville locals Sherry Browne and Cheves Leland organized the event which was part of South Carolina’s 19th Annual Beach Sweep/River Sweep, the state’s largest volunteer cleanup event of its kind.

Around two dozen volunteers hopped in kayaks and paddled through the marshes of Jeremy Creek in search of debris. There were drinks, coupons, door prizes and all the garbage bags you could fill. Kathy Livingston of Nature Adventure Outfitters, which does local kayaking tours, even donated kayaks for people that were without.

My wife … (1 comments)

mcclellanville: 6 Reasons McClellanville Won't Change - 07/18/07 02:57 AM
One of the hardest things to explain to people about McClellanville is that we are not going to be “discovered” one day and change over night.  I can’t blame their cynicism, because we’ve all known a sleepy little town that we loved to visit or pass through and then one day the town has become a city and it’s lost all it’s charm.  The people that came to enjoy the “quaintness” ruined it in the process, because they didn’t see what harm a few Starbucks and a Super Wal-mart could do. 
First of all, to claim that we are undiscovered is simply a myth.  McClellanville is frequently featured … (1 comments)

mcclellanville: What to do with McClellanville’s share of the Greenbelt Funds - 07/17/07 02:01 AM
Last night was the planning commission meeting at town hall to discuss possible ways to spend the towns share of the proceeds resulting Charleston County Greenbelt Program. This is the money raised by the 1/2 cent sales tax increase that has to go to preserving greenspace within Charleston County. McClellanville has been told that we will get a share of this fund, but not how much that share will be. I went and was a little surprised that I was the only one that came out to present my ideas, but I think several people have already presented their ideas at … (0 comments)

mcclellanville: A Paddle Down Otter Creek and Memory Lane - 07/03/07 12:35 AM
In McClellanville just across Jeremy Creek from the town boat landing is a small tidal creek named Otter Creek.  On a recent kayak trip, I didn’t encounter any otter, but I did see nature at its best while paddling through this area now known as Mouzon’s Bluff.

I start my trek as I entered Otter Creek, only 10 feet wide at its mouth.  Snails work their way up blades of marsh grass slowly cleaning them as they slide.  Small minnows and shrimp jump and splash as I quietly wisp through the water.  In the marsh grass near the shore, I catch a glimpse … (5 comments)

mcclellanville: It Takes a Village - 07/03/07 12:32 AM
You’ve all heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”, but do you actually buy into that theory?  Well this sounds-to-good-to-be-true way of living actually exist in McClellanville.
Growing up in a small town like McClellanville (under 500 people) and then working as a police officer in Rock Hill (a suburb of Charlotte, NC with a population of +65,000) has given me an interesting perspective on law enforcement. When I returned to McClellanville, I was sort of elected without contest to be the new deputy town marshal. The town marshal’s authority is limited to the enforcement of town … (2 comments)

mcclellanville: McClellanville Real Estate - 06/20/07 05:53 AM is your one-stop source for McClellanville Real Estate. 
Search MLS for homes or land for sale in McClellanville
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Vacant Land - View building lots for sale in McClellanville
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Waterfront Properties (includes property on deep water and shallow water as well as tidal creeks and marshfront, but does not include ponds and lakes)
View waterfront homes for sale in McClellanville
View waterfront land for sale in McClellanville
Acreage - View large vacant land tracts in McClellanville
Historic District homes for sale
Silver Hill homes for sale
Skipper's … (1 comments)

mcclellanville: McClellanville's Moving Markers - 06/15/07 07:25 AM
Well just a few days after I posted “DOT Changes History”, the issue of the signs was resolved.  The historical plaque marking Archibald Rutledge’s birthplace was returned to it’s rightful location in front of “Little Hampton”.  They also moved the often ignored McClellanville historical marker (shown below) from the corner of Highway 17 and North Pinckney Street to in front of Deerhead Oak, where many more people will be able to actually stop and read it. Who knows what will happen when we get a historical marker for Deerhead Oak, I guess the DOT will play musical historical markers again. Click Here … (0 comments)

mcclellanville: DOT Changes History - 06/12/07 05:56 AM
If you’ve driven through town recently you may have noticed a new historical marker at the Deerhead Oak.  Upon closer inspection you will have found that it is marking the birthplace of Archibald Rutledge.  Well, not exactly.  No, Archibald Rutledge, South Carolina's first poet laureate, was not born in the long branches of one of McClellanville's oldest live oaks (estimated at over 1,000 years old).  The Department of Transportation moved this sign from Archibald Rutledge's true birthplace known as "Little Hampton" where the family's vacation home from Hampton Plantation.  The original "Little Hampton", on the corner of Pinckney Street and Rutledge Court, … (1 comments)

mcclellanville: Fishing and Boating in South Carolina - 06/06/07 09:33 AM
The water is warming up and it’s getting to be great weather to be out on the boat.  I wanted to cover a few boating and fishing basics for people coming to Bulls Bay or Cape Romain.  For more information on local boating and fishing visit The Village Community Forum.  Click Here to read more. … (0 comments)

mcclellanville: The Village Community Forum - 05/29/07 03:32 AM
Announcing the creation of the McClellanville Forum, for the McClellanville community and those aspiring to join it.  The forum contains topics ranging from fishing, hunting, boating, kayaking, nature, gardening, stories, and much more.   You can reach the McClellanville Forum here or through a link at or or by visiting  Click Here for the rest of this article.  … (0 comments)

mcclellanville: Adjusting to McClellanville Life - 05/13/07 07:20 AM
   Bob Bestler wrote a great short article in the Myrtle Beach Sun News on how he’s adjusting to life in McClellanville that everyone should read.  The article really reverberates what I have heard from so many McClellanville transplants.  It’s a different sort of life in McClellanville and it’s an adjustment getting used to it.  You will miss certain parts of your “old life”, but overall you wouldn’t change a thing about it. Click Here to read more. … (5 comments)

mcclellanville: Thank You ARA for Another Great Shrimp Festival - 05/11/07 09:37 AM
   Congratulation to Archibald Rutledge Academy for another great Shrimp Festival.  There were lots of great vendors, tons of games for the kids, and really good food too.  No wonder families come back year after year to take a break from their hectic lives for the day and relax in this amazing town.   Click Here for  the complete story. … (1 comments)

mcclellanville: Your One-Stop Source for Local Information - 05/09/07 09:23 AM
When creating this site, I wanted to create the "one-stop source for local information" in McClellanville.  The way I saw it, in order to do this, you must present actual information pertaining to the local area covering a wide range of topics and it must be freely accessible and easy to read.  I'm a still posting new information every day (truth be told, I'll never be finished), but these are the reasons that I believe I am on my way to achieving my goal.  Click here to read the rest of this article

mcclellanville: McClellanville Rocks, But Don’t Take My Word for It - 04/24/07 09:18 PM
   McClellanville is a great town, but with a population of 500, you won't find it winning any awards, because most people don't even know it exists.  In fact, the attention of a national award like "Best Retirement Town" or "Top Ten Vacation Spots" would bring about massive change to our quiet little town and negatively impact our way of life.  That being said, despite my best efforts, my opinion of McClellanville is admittedly biased by the fact that I live here and as a real estate agent, have a vested interest in people moving here, so I have included the … (0 comments)


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