referral marketing: “No, no, no, not Happy Grasshopper” he said. “You need a better name, something like...” - 04/12/11 01:20 AM
We have the happiest customers in the world.  Or at least the most fun.  How do I know?  At least once a day somebody makes the effort to share their experience using HG.  
Their feedback generally falls into two categories:
Surprised.  As in  “Wow, this actually works.  I didn’t think it would.” AND Gobsmacked.  Which sounds like this “OH MY GOD!!  THIS REALLY WORKS!  Why didn’t you tell me?”    The second is my favorite because the compliment in tinged with genuine anger.  I love that.  Not sure what it says about me but when you’ve launched a radically … (1 comments)

referral marketing: What's your kickback story? As for me, I HATE THEM! - 04/08/11 01:24 AM
I read Kathleen Daniels' post on Wednesday and it really got me thinking about kickbacks.  She describes being asked for $2,500 to "close the deal".  As ugly as that is, she is willing to pay to keep her short sale sellers out of foreclosure, but it gets worse.  The real rub comes when the lender asks her to break the law by paying it out of escrow!!
Her story makes my blood boil, so I can only imagine how Kathleen must feel.  But she's not alone, right?  Please help the AR community by sharing your kickback stories and how you deal … (0 comments)

referral marketing: Do it Yourself Email Writing - 04/06/11 04:44 AM
Want better results? Improve your message. It's just that simple.
I've previously shared with you some of my thinking about email design. All the testing, with metrics collected around the world, has shown that text based email outperforms the artfully designed, graphically rich email many of you feel compelled to send.  Why?
Most email clients (Outlook, Gmail, etc) have a default setting that will prevent graphics from being displayed. This is to protect against viruses being downloaded along with the images. It also tells the recipient that it's a sales message.  We're all experts at tuning out sales messages.  Unfortunately, this … (5 comments)

referral marketing: She was SO STRESSED about the move, what could I tell her?! - 04/04/11 11:52 AM
A few weeks ago I got a call from a good friend who wanted me to talk to her daughter Alexis.  They were moving, and knowing that my parents moved us almost annually, she was hoping that I had some words of wisdom to pass along. 
What could I say that would actually help?  Did I really know anything that could make this less painful for her or that she hadn't already heard a hundred times before?
When she came to the phone the stress in her voice brought a tear to my eye.  This normally bubbly, bright, wonderful kid reminded … (6 comments)

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