legends realty: What Are The Down Payment Requirements in Buying a Home - 03/09/17 02:38 PM

Literally every day I'm responding to phone calls and emails from people who think they would like to buy a home, but are not really sure what they need and what they should do to get started.
So I thought it might be fun to share a typical email correspondence between me and one of my newest customers about to buy their very first home here in Central Florida.
This is their very first email to me along with my response back to them. After several more back and forth questions, a quick call into their new lender, we're about to go out and find … (1 comments)

legends realty: Saint Valentines Day reminder - 02/01/17 02:12 PM
  It's February, and you know what that means!  It means, if you have a significant other, it's time to buy that Hallmark card and call to make dinner reservations for February 14th.  Last year, I made the big (BIG!) mistake of waiting until the last minute to call and ended up having to eat dinner at an "intimate" little dive.   Alone.   I'm kidding.  We had a very nice romantic meal.   If there's anything I can do for you this month to help improve your real estate business (aside from making your dinner reservations), please feel free … (2 comments)

legends realty: Groundhog's Day - 02/01/17 02:09 PM
February 2   Happy Groundhog's Day!  I know, it's an unusual reason to write a letter, but Groundhog's Day is a very important holiday.  There's even a whole "Groundhog's Day" section at Hallmark you know?   In case you're wondering just what exactly Groundhog's Day is, it's the national holiday that elevates a certain groundhog (one that lives in Pennsylvania) to weatherperson status.  Now, on this day, if this certain groundhog comes up from the ground and sees its shadow, that means there's six more weeks of winter. Brrr!   Kind of a silly reason for a holiday.  Unless you … (3 comments)

legends realty: City of Lake Mary, FL (Video) - Legends Realty - 12/02/16 03:47 PM
I commonly refer to Lake Mary as a Mayberry on steroids, Lake Mary has never lost its focus of promoting a sense of community where people can live, work and play in a safe and friendly environment...that's part of the reason Lake Mary is still one of the fastest growing areas in Central Florida. Located approximately 18 miles north of Orlando just off Interstate 4, the City continues to be a choice location for high tech businesses, many of which spend considerable time and money searching for the right place. Among other things Lake Mary is known for its well … (0 comments)

legends realty: Understanding Closing Costs - 12/02/16 03:33 PM
    I'm often asked about Closing Costs. What are they? How much will they be? Do 'I' have to pay these?   Every home loan has associated closing costs, which are fees that are associated with home financing but are not part of your actual mortgage. Closing costs cover items such as title search, attorney's fees, origination fees, discount points, prepayment of taxes and insurance (escrow) and real estate transfer taxes. The names of the fees can vary from state to state and a few don't apply everywhere, but in general the same costs are charged across the country.

legends realty: Online Home Values and Your Home - 12/02/16 02:33 PM

Plenty of sellers have visited online home valuation sites such as Zillow, Trulia, eAppraisal, and others only to be shocked at the value of their homes.
Most sellers are pleased when the values appear higher than they expected, but many online valuations come in far lower.
Online Valuations
Estimating a home’s market value is far from an exact science. What these sites attempt to do is provide greater transparency to homebuyers and sellers by making data derived from public records, more…public. They publish what you paid for your home and how much you pay in taxes. Many have satellite … (3 comments)

legends realty: Features in a Home that make it sell - 08/29/16 05:13 AM

According to the National Association of REALTORS® latest profile of homebuyers and sellers, buyers plan to occupy their homes for the next 10 years. They want homes that offer the room, flexibility and comfort they anticipate they will need for a long time. Over three out of four buyers chose a detached home, while attached homes - condos and townhomes - were favored by single homebuyers and buyers without children.
Buyers Today
The median-sized existing home purchased in 2010 was built in 1990, with 1,780 square feet, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Size mattered most, while the home's condition … (1 comments)

legends realty: Negotiating with Buyers - 08/29/16 05:09 AM

Sellers today have to do more to attract buyers and offers than ever before. When offers come in, sometimes they are low or have conditions that have to be negotiated. As a seller, you can be proactive before the offers come in to make sure negotiations are kept to a minimum and in your favor.
Negotiate by planning ahead
Before you begin negotiations with any buyer, make sure you have the upper hand by removing any sticking points in advance.
Price your home to sell at or below current market comparables and you’ll more likely receive serious offers close … (2 comments)

legends realty: Choosing your REALTOR® - 08/29/16 05:02 AM

To sell your home, you want your real estate professional to have many qualities, including experience, market knowledge, and great communications skills.
Find the Professional Who is Right for You
Ask for Referrals: Your family and friends may know a good agent. Be sure to ask what they liked and disliked about how the agent conducts business, not what they are like on a personal level. Also, consult with neighbors who have recently bought or sold their homes, how their agents performed for them.
Seek an Agent With the Right Experience: Neighborhood specialists have house-by-house market knowledge that is … (2 comments)

legends realty: Curb Appeal, A Buyer's First Impression - 08/29/16 04:59 AM

First Impressions
Most buyers form their first impression of your home before they even get out of their cars. This is “curb appeal,” or the view from the curb that tells the buyer how attractive and well-maintained your home is compared to other homes. In a competitive market, it takes more than trimming the hedges and planting a few flowers to create curb appeal.
The exterior of your home must be in pristine condition – freshly painted, cleared of clutter, with no visible repairs needed. A broken step, overgrown bush, or abandoned toys in the yard can spoil the … (1 comments)

legends realty: Moving Checklist - 08/29/16 04:56 AM
Ask your REALTOR® for recommended companies.
Moving to a new home can be an exciting journey. Whether you’re changing cities or neighborhoods, a move is not only a change in scenery, it’s the start of a new chapter in life. Yet, moving can also be very stressful, often seeming like one thing after another has to be done. By finding the right moving service and having a good, though flexible, moving plan, most of the common moving headaches can be easily avoided.
Start planning your move
Finding the best mover for your particular needs and at the right price involves a simple … (2 comments)

legends realty: How CMA's Can Vary - 08/29/16 04:52 AM

Whether you are buying or selling a home, your real estate professional can give you a snapshot of the local market known as the competitive or comparative market analysis or CMA.
CMAs are generated from multiple listing service data. They’re convenient reports that help sellers choose a listing price and buyers to make offers on a given home.
CMAs vary greatly depending on the search parameters that are input by the real estate professional, by type of home (detached vs. attached), postal code or by street, number of bedrooms, baths and living areas, square footage, and numerous other search … (0 comments)

legends realty: 10 Jobs For Your REALTOR® - 08/29/16 04:45 AM

Your real estate professional is there to help you through the most challenging aspects of selling your home. This includes marketing, negotiating and closing the sale. While it may be hard for you to relinquish control of such an important job to your agent, there is plenty for you to do to make your transaction successful.
Your job is to make your home appealing to the marketplace with the right price and by keeping it in show-ready condition.
Jobs Your Legends Realty Agent Will Happily Do
The CMA - While you choose the price of your home, your agent … (0 comments)

legends realty: What do the letters behind a real estate agent’s name stand for? - 08/29/16 04:41 AM

What do the letters behind a real estate agent’s name stand for?
Real estate agents, like doctors, lawyers, and other professionals have the ability to specialize in certain areas of their business by earning designations. Those acronyms signify that they have achieved a specific designation or certification through extensive training and education. In simple terms, designations and certifications enable agents to increase their skills, proficiency, and knowledge in various real estate sectors. They can also provide agents with access to members-only marketing tools and resources which can be an added benefit to their customers. These are usually shown by putting a … (1 comments)

legends realty: Back to School here in Central Florida - 08/09/16 11:31 PM
  When the school bell rings, it signals the end of Central Florida summer's long days and the beginning of the next season.  Chances are your family activities of travel, barbecue and trips to the beach or park will be scaled back as the school season commands full attention.   At this time it's natural for kids to want to choose their own leisure activities after school.  They may not choose homework over playing with friends, watching tv, or some other activity.  Parent's and kids work together to be sure the homework and important assignments get done.   That's never changed for … (0 comments)

legends realty: Why Buyer's need their own Real Estate Agent - 07/24/16 10:18 PM

Find an Experienced Real Estate Agent
Buying a home in Central Florida is a complex process. An experienced real estate broker or agent will assist you all through the search, comparable homes sold, making an offer, inspection, repair, and appraisal processes, as well as help you find the best value, neighborhood, and quality for your budget and requirements.
The seller’s real estate broker pays your broker or agent out of the sales proceeds. If you don’t use your own agent, the seller’s broker keeps the commission, so you might as well avail yourself of professional advice. Your real estate broker or … (0 comments)


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