inspired by music: Cool Change - 03/20/09 02:34 AM
There has never been many times in my life that I have not been able to express my feelings. Today is actually one of those days. I really do not know how to put my thoughts into words today. So, with that said, I decided to reach into the archives and get help from the Little River Band. … (6 comments)

inspired by music: Music - Power Quotes Series - 07/07/08 03:52 AM
Music is always been inspirational to me. Regardless of the genre there always seems to be a message in the words if you listen. Today's quotes hits very close to home for me and I hope for you too.
When I am done, I can turn on a song to bring a smile to my face. When I am lonely, I can turn on music to be with someone. When I am scared, I can turn on music to be made to feel safe. And when I am happy, I can listen to music and be jubilant.
I hope that you … (5 comments)

inspired by music: Honesty - Power Quotes Series - 05/16/08 02:50 AM
I have come across a lot of loan officers in my time that do not practice this with their customers. The outcome is devastating when they arrive to the closing table and what was told to the customer is not what is on the paperwork. To me, it makes no sense why you need to lie to your customers to get them to do a deal. Problem is this; this is not just a problem in the loan officer world.
I hope that in one of the quotes below you find some form of inspiration. I have added a song for … (7 comments)

inspired by music: Kiss the Rain. - 05/07/08 01:02 PM
Enjoy the music as you read this post. Well, I have just one thing to say at this moment. I’m back.

And Frankly, I have missed this place and missed all the friends that I have made here. I have to say thank you for all the emails and the calls that I have received. I guess you never really never know what kind of impact that you have had on a place or the people in that place until you are away for some time. I had to spend that time away and I am back now, refreshed because I … (13 comments)

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