seo: Landing Page - Static versus Blog versus Flash - 05/11/10 05:15 AM
When it comes to landing pages for your site, there are quite a few options. The three main ones that I have encountered are Static, Blog, and Flash. Personally, I hate Flash pages as a landing page, but for the purpose of this article, I am going to keep my personal feelings to myself. With that said, over the last year that our online real estate network has been in existence, we have moved from the Blog Page being front and center to a static page. When we create a new account for our members, a static landing page is standard … (6 comments)

seo: Embed Google SERPs In Your Site - 05/10/10 02:41 AM
One of the daunting feats that we all want to do is to keep people on our page. One of the newest ways to do that is to embed Google SERPs (search engine results pages) in your site. This way, when someone comes to your site looking for your informative post and want to do research, they can with the click of the button and never have to leave your site. Now, before you all say that this is old news, let me go into it deeper. The picture to the right is actually OLD news. However, that is not quite … (7 comments)

seo: Marketing Properties With A Listings Blog - 03/09/10 06:42 AM
Marketing properties with a listings blog just became easy. Imagine walking into a listings presentation appointment armed with the ability to have your client’s property reach the top of the search engines quickly. The great thing is, there are no black hat tricks used to accomplish this. Another great thing is, you do not have to log out of one site and into another to post to this additional blog. Everything is done on the same platform and is almost seamless. One of the things with Postlets and VFlyers is that they require more room that what is typically on a … (7 comments)

seo: Now Offers Broken Link Checker - 03/04/10 07:55 AM
PREP now offers broken link checker to it's members. We decided to add this tool after running a number of reports on our online real estate network. For those of you that are unaware of what damage broken links can have to your SEO and your site, let me explain it this way. When a link is broken and someone clicks on it, they are directed away from your page. Sometimes you will get a "500" error, but most of them come back as a "404" error and state nothing was found. Not only are these errors encountered by human searchers, … (0 comments)

seo: Paid Links: A Love Hate Relationship - 03/01/10 11:35 PM
It never fails that I get 2 or 3 emails requesting link exchanges on a daily basis. Most of the requests are from people with low ranking sites that have some relevance to us. However, I typically turn all of them down unless it is a member of our online real estate network. The biggest reason that we do this is because we are not here to promote sites of non-members. We created this network to promote our members and that is what we try to do.
With that said, yesterday I received an email that was requesting a link on … (0 comments)

seo: Mastering Search Engine Optimization - 03/01/10 01:00 AM
Over the last month I have discussed mastering search engine optimization with many of our members of this online real estate network as well as clients of R & D Art. In those conversations, it always seems to end with me telling them that to master SEO it is not all about the meta keywords that are in your site. Actually, that might be the weakest link to mastering SEO and getting the search engines to recognize you. With that said, I think the biggest problem is that people think they need to master Google and forget about Alexa, Yahoo, and … (17 comments)

seo: Commenting Impacts Your Blogsite - 02/15/10 12:53 AM
Over my years of blogging, one of the things that I see people fail the most at is commenting. Whether it is responding to comments on their own blogs or commenting on others' blogs, they fail. It may seem like it is a painstaking task to do either, yet if people really knew how much it impacted their blogsite, I wonder if they would change their ways. Before we go much deeper in this subject, I have to admit that I was one of the "comment slackers" myself. I used to think that as long as I wrote posts on a … (12 comments)

seo: The Ever Changing Face of SEO - 02/14/10 06:17 AM
For those of you that are not aware, Google has launched Google's Social Search and it is changing the face of SEOs and SERPs. The way this works is Google takes the friends that you have on and and uses that to personalize your search so that you can find the sites that are more relevant to what you are looking for. Also, Google will pull from your GMail account if you have one. Ultimately, you could end up with search results of many of your friends. Now, with that being said, it will also have implications on your individual sites … (7 comments)

seo: All in the Name - 02/04/09 04:56 AM
When I initially started blogging over one and a half years ago, I never knew where it would lead me. Since that day, I have shared over 1500 articles across the world wide web on 10 different blog sites. It has brought me more business than I ever thought that I would have gotten from blogging. The great news is, it never seems to end. I know that I can work from sun up to sun down and know that I still have more that I can do.
With that said, today is a special day for us at R & … (11 comments)

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