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News, Events and Updates about The Greater Miracle Mile and surrounding areas, by Danny Mahelka, neighborhood specialist



By Danny Mahelka I had a great conversation with a new client yesterday, a client who will be flying in from overseas in 2 weeks. This will be his first trip to the Los Angeles area.  He was referred by another client who had praised my knowledge of the individual neighborhoods in and around the ...
By Danny Mahelka There are a couple of really important things to remember in today's market.  First, despite the fact that the market has changed there are still homes being bought and sold everyday.  Yes, prices have changed and the way in which loans are approved has changed; but business is s...
 By Danny Mahelka  I live and work in the Greater Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles.  One of the many things I enjoy about this area is the diversity of lifestyle choices all within a short distance of each other.  When you consider that there are people living in luxury high rise condos on the Wi...
by Danny Mahelka It's hard to imagine that when A.W. Ross purchased the Miracle Mile in 1920 for $54,000, a staggering sum at the time, it was nothing more that an unpaved road. Ross was quite the visionary. He redesigned his "dirt road" with traffic in mind.  Wilshire Blvd. became the first stre...
By Danny Mahelka Halloween may be a nationally recognized holiday, but in West Hollywood, it's a week-long celebration. We're known for our costume party on Santa Monica Boulevard for a reason; six designated hours to, as the catch phrase says, "Eat, drink, and be scary." Many of the costumes are...
By Danny Mahelka  I am a little bit of a history buff.  I especially love knowing about the history of the area we live in.  I recently wrote a blog about Carthay Center Elementary, and one of my clients commented that it used to sit directly opposite The Carthay Circle Theatre. In fact the neigh...
By Danny Mahelka Los Angeles is an amazing place. It's easy to forget how fabulous it is when you have lived here for a long time. I love showing our fair city to friends and clients from out of town. Its great reminder to me how really remarkable our home is. I took an out of town friend to the ...
By Danny Mahelka Another aspect of Los Angeles I love is that there is always something to do. The Grove features a series of events guaranteed to satisfy just about everyone. From children to adults, from freestyle to intellectual, each event has its own benefit for an audience. The musical ent...
By Danny Mahelka In order for the world to shop at The Grove, the world must also be able to eat at The Grove. The world, however, has standards. Now is not the time to expect another fast food Chinese restaurant next to a sandwich shop. This is Los Angeles! If you're in the market to wine and di...


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News, Events and Updates about The Greater Miracle Mile and surrounding areas, by Danny Mahelka, neighborhood specialist