west hollywood neighborhoods: Perambulator Parade - 12/21/08 06:02 AM
By Danny Mahelka
Life is so fast-paced. People are constantly rushing from one appointment to the next, from one errand to the next, from one chore to the next, and each time they find themselves hopelessly running behind schedule because of the many hours they spend parked on the five waiting hopelessly for a break in the traffic that never seems to end. Unless, of course, they live or work on The Miracle Mile.
One of the greatest changes that has come to The Miracle Mile is the wide variety of businesses, services, and property available. Do you need to see … (1 comments)

west hollywood neighborhoods: Buying a Piece of History - 12/02/08 05:01 AM
By Danny Mahelka
One amazing fact about The Miracle Mile is that it is steeped in history. This eighty year-old stretch of retail and residential property has a long background of providing a set area within Los Angeles that promises to be auto, consumer, and retailer friendly. Originally designed by A. W. Ross, The Miracle Mile saw massive revitalization in the 90s which has made it the new go-to spot in the greater L.A. area.
My favorite contemporary change is the way in which the old and new businesses create a veritable architectural smorgasbord of Art Deco, Spanish Colonial, and more. … (0 comments)

west hollywood neighborhoods: My Los Angeles - 11/24/08 02:37 PM
By Danny Mahelka
I had a great conversation with a new client yesterday, a client who will be flying in from overseas in 2 weeks. This will be his first trip to the Los Angeles area.  He was referred by another client who had praised my knowledge of the individual neighborhoods in and around the Greater Miracle Mile area. I love to show out of town clients my Los Angeles.  I say my Los Angeles, because I live and work in an area that is unique and wonderful and maybe slightly overlooked.  Everyone knows about Beverly Hills and Brentwood, but many people … (0 comments)

west hollywood neighborhoods: The Miracle Mile - 11/18/08 10:13 AM
by Danny Mahelka
It's hard to imagine that when A.W. Ross purchased the Miracle Mile in 1920 for $54,000, a staggering sum at the time, it was nothing more that an unpaved road. Ross was quite the visionary. He redesigned his "dirt road" with traffic in mind.  Wilshire Blvd. became the first street to have designated left hand turn lanes and synchronized traffic lights.  By 1928 the first major department store had moved in, Bullocks opened their doors with an amazing architectural wonder which included a parking lot in the back to offset parking issues.  The rest as they say is … (0 comments)

west hollywood neighborhoods: The Carthy Circle Theatre - 11/11/08 12:10 AM
By Danny Mahelka
 I am a little bit of a history buff.  I especially love knowing about the history of the area we live in.  I recently wrote a blog about Carthay Center Elementary, and one of my clients commented that it used to sit directly opposite The Carthay Circle Theatre. In fact the neighborhood was actually named after the theatre.  It was one of those facts that I knew at one time, but must have forgotten and the more I started thinking about it the more intrigued I became.  So I did a little research. The Carthay Circle Theatre opened its doors … (0 comments)

west hollywood neighborhoods: The Grove, Part 3: Entertaining the World - 11/06/08 05:15 AM

By Danny Mahelka
Another aspect of Los Angeles I love is that there is always something to do. The Grove features a series of events guaranteed to satisfy just about everyone. From children to adults, from freestyle to intellectual, each event has its own benefit for an audience.
The musical entertainment interests me the most. The Whisper Lounge offers "Jazzy Sundays." Whether it is date night or just time to relax with some friends, "Jazzy Sundays" offers soothing, live jazz combined with gourmet hors d'ouevres and chilled cocktails. This combination provides a break from the hustle and bustle of the rest of … (0 comments)

west hollywood neighborhoods: The Grove, Part I: The World of Shopping - 10/29/08 01:21 AM

By Danny Mahelka
One of my favorite parts about shopping at The Grove is the sheer variety offered with every step. Regardless of age, gender, or disposable income, The Grove is available to meet every shopping need.
The most obvious customers are women. The most obvious need? Clothes. Now you can go to just about any mall in America and find Forever 21 or the GAP, but only in West Hollywood are you going to find these stores just a few hundred feet from something as high-end as a Michael Kors store. Looking for a ten dollar cotton skirt? Check! … (0 comments)

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