firsttimebuyers: How Will the Next Recession Affect Housing in Reno & Sparks? - 09/27/19 01:48 PM
      I should start by saying that I cannot predict the future. However, I do feel it’s important to keep an eye on the experts’ forecasts, both for myself and for the benefit of my clients. Although pundits argue over the timing of the next downturn, one thing is certain: our economy will go through a recession at some point, probably sooner than later given the length of the expansion. Just saying the word “recession” brings back ugly memories of 2008, but assuming the majority of expert opinions are correct, the next recession should be a more garden-variety downturn … (0 comments)

firsttimebuyers: Technology Transformed the Real Estate Industry While Some Things Never Change - 09/27/19 01:39 PM
Photo courtesy of Supra 
I was cleaning out my garage and stumbled into an ancient Supra Lock Box (see version 1984 above). Some licensees may remember those boxes and the giant, crotch stabbing, skeleton-like keys we we’re required to carry around to make them work. This got me thinking about other advances in technology that have changed my job description in fundamental ways.
 We carried a book: Until the late 1990s, it was rare to see any real estate advertising that included the address of the property and potential buyers were obliged to call the listing broker for the basic information we consider … (0 comments)

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