firsttimehomebuyer: Three Things To Keep In Mind If You’re Looking For A Home In The Country. - 10/15/19 11:55 AM
Many of our rural Northern Nevada neighborhoods offer lot sizes of one acre or more. If you’re considering a home purchase of this type, you’re likely to find these properties served by a private well and septic system rather than municipal water and sewer services. If you’re not familiar with these systems, here are a few things to keep in mind.
 Inspection Fees will be higher: Although not required, it’s customary that the septic system is pumped and inspected prior to the close of escrow, with total fees ranging $400 – $1,000. The fee for physically locating the septic tank & lids can … (0 comments)

firsttimehomebuyer: Condos & Townhomes, What’s Difference and How Do I Buy One? - 09/18/19 11:39 AM
385 PIne Street, Reno
Let’s start with the basics. The term townhome refers to a style of construction and not necessarily a type of ownership or management. A typical townhome will share at least one common wall with its’ neighbors and the homeowner almost always owns the ground it’s built on. For that reason, townhomes often come with additional features such as an attached garage and/or adjacent patio area.
 When buying a condominium, you’re simply buying “air-space”. That is, fixtures such as the parking areas, the structure itself (walls, roof, etc.) and in many cases the HVAC system are owned in common by … (0 comments)

firsttimehomebuyer: The “Process” of Finding the Right Home - 09/18/19 11:00 AM
* Photo Courtesy Of Realty Leadership / American Dream Home 
For most people, buying a home is thought of or remembered as an event. However, when I assist my buyers in their quest to buy a home, I think of it as a process. To put it more succinctly; I don't make the decisions, my job is to help my buyers find clarity and confidence in their decisions. Whether you’re in the market or not, I would like to share a few elements of my process that help bring clarity to the minds of my buyers. Let’s start with the … (0 comments)

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