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This is geared toward Home inspection businesses but the methods are a proven success that can be applied to all businesses. In the last couple of weeks I've had several request from inspectors on how I use sendoutcards.com to build my business so I'll elaborate here and show you some examples. S...
Paranormal Home Inspections OK, this in and of itself is scary. But what scares me the most is to think there may be buyers who actually believe they need this service. Some folks are just not in touch. Maybe I'll become casper the friendly ghost home inspector.
OMG! price vs value illustrated. A repeat & devoted client of mine decided to try a cheaper inspector for his 3rd house because it would save him $45 . I pleaded with him and warned of the risk. Well...he just sent me this e-mail and has scheduled me to re-inspect this house that he now owns with...
  A customer just called me this morning and sadly she informed me that her husband had passed away suddenly just a couple of weeks after their home inspection.  Their beloved family dog also died the same week.   She wanted me to know that she treasures the card I sent using SendOutCards.com as ...
If you think your customers will be impressed when  you send them a card of appreciation with your logo and glamor shot, you should see how they react when they open that card of appreciation that contains familiar faces of the ones they love. Just by accident I discovered that 3rd party apprecia...
Now that the housing market has frozen over and it's January, I've been seeing a lot of foreclosed, bank owned homes. I had 3 inspections this week on "winterized" homes and I've got to say I do not feel comfortable about this and neither should the buyer. When I get a call to schedule an inspect...
Yes, in spite of the economy I was pleasantly surprised that I almost doubled my number of inspections from the previous year. I knew I had increased my sales but was surprised when I closed the books for 2008 and saw the numbers.I'll give you an overview here of how I did it but it will probably...
Lately these days it seems the old addage "all's fair in love war and politics" has become part of the real estate transaction too. Most every offer to purchase a home will contain an inspection contingency. The contingency will outline the options for seller and buyer, in the likely event that r...
3 Things Buyer's Of New Construction Need To Know BEFORE Their Builder's Warranty Expires! Over the years we hear Buyers of New Home Construction repeat the same three reasons over and over again as to why they didn't get a Home Inspection. Unfortunately they realize this after it's too late. Her...
You Know what "as is" means, But what does it mean in regards to the property your buying. Some people think that because it's "as is" there's no point in getting a home inspection. Not true. As is does not mean you don't have the right to be informed. A Home inspections plays a key role in deter...

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