mortgage: Options for Financially Distressed Home Owners - 08/13/12 06:21 AM
Options for Financially Distressed Home Owners!
Historically there have been several options available to home owners who have fallen on hard times for various reasons. Those options have usually been un-appealing for lots of reasons.
But recent changes in laws and practices by the major banks have made some options less painful than others and as a result, many homeowners are finding their way out of abysmal financial circumstances with some hope of pragmatic recovery in their futures. 
Be warned: None of the options are a joy ride, but there are some advantages and disadvantages that need examining.
For whatever the … (0 comments)

mortgage: Earnest Money: Staying OUT of Default chosing the right Loan Officer - 08/13/12 03:44 AM
Earnest Money: Staying OUT of Default and chosing the right Loan Officer:
This discussion is a broad discussion and should NOT be construed as legal advice in any specific case. If you questions about any specific situation, please contact your real estate attorney.
"Earnest Money" and "Contract Default", are complex concepts for attorneys and the very experienced Realtor(s) alike to fully understand andnavigate through, let alone the average Home Buyer and Seller in today's real estate market.
Each state and local jurisdiction has it's own unique laws addressing these topics. Each Local Realtor(r) Board produces sales contracts and addenda that address these concepts to … (0 comments)

mortgage: Getting free doesn't have to mean running away. - 08/07/12 10:12 AM
Getting free doesn't have to mean running away. Today, many homeowners find themselves unable to escape an unmanageable mortgage. Some of them are being given some bad advice.
They are being told that walking away from their mortgage and letting the bank foreclose is their best possible option. It is called Strategic Default, and it has terrible consequences.
As a real estate professional who has earned the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation, I make it my mission to know the best possible options available to distressed homeowners for both their present AND their future.
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mortgage: Real Estate Short Sales in DC Virginia and Maryland - 10/03/11 06:09 AM
Real Estate Short Sales in DC Virginia and Maryland
The most prevailing inevitable first question I get from new home buyers I meet is,
"What's the deal with these Short Sales"?
Real estate Short Sales are both an opportunity and a curse for home buyers in today's market.
In theory, Short Sale is a fantastic concept that really can go a long way to making things better for everyone involved all the way around.
In practice, the truth is that Short Sales are extremely frustrating, time consuming, and seemingly completely illogical processes to get to the desired end result.
A Short Sale starts with a … (0 comments)

mortgage: DC VA 203K Purchase Renovation Specialist - 01/25/11 07:31 AM
The Wash DC and Northern Virginia FHA 203K Real Estate specialist!
We hope this blog article provides you with useful insight and tools to get you on your way to owning your own personally customized dream home in DC or Northern Virginia.
Frustrated with your home purchase buying power?
Not finding the right home to fit your specific needs or tastes?
Looking for a home you can improve, expand, or upgrade? 
Have limited cash to finance a purchase and renovation project?
Want to buy and renovate or improve a starter home with your special touch but don't have construction expertise?
Customize … (0 comments)

mortgage: Establishing the List Price: It's all about the Appraisal! - 12/27/10 10:54 AM
In today's home selling environment the most difficult task may be in coming up with the right list price on a property.
My neighbor's house sold for $xxx,xxx 6 months ago, therefore mine is worth 10% more now If I price it $20,000 more than I expect, I will get more in the end. I need to price it for $xxx,xxx because I owe almost that much on it and I am desperate to get rid of it. I need to price it higher, because I know I will be hit with building inspection issues. These ideas and others like them have been around … (3 comments)

mortgage: Shopping for the right mortgage- Part 2 - 12/26/10 12:00 PM
Shopping for the right Lender & Loan
Step 2: Assess the data in your 3 credit reports
The next step is to carefully scrutinize each report for accuracy. You may be surprised to see what is actually present in these reports with respect to the scope of data there as well as the age of some of that information.
It is very common for these reports to have inaccuracies and flagrant errors. These errors can really do great damage to your credit worthiness. The good news though is that, these errors can be corrected relatively easily in most cases.

mortgage: Shopping for the right mortgage- Part 1 - 12/26/10 11:52 AM
Before you are ready to shop- Do your own homework
Step 1: Obtain your own 3 current full credit files.
6 months before you are ready to find your new home, there are a few steps you should take in preparation for that effort.
Ideally this process should begin about 6 months prior, but if you need to find a new home immediately, take the following steps now as well. The only difference will be you have less time to find and fix any surprises that appear on your reports.
3 credit files? What do you mean?:
Your … (1 comments)

mortgage: 203K Home Purchase and Renovation Loans - 12/07/10 09:06 AM
Recently the abundance of tightened lending guidelines by mortgage lenders in conjunction with an abundance of Short Sale and Foreclosure Home saturating the Listing inventories nationwide has created an unusually high market for an old Financing Tool that previously had very little use or application in many home sale markets.
With such inordinately high numbers of distressed homes in the DC/VA/MD Regional REALTOR® Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Databases a new opportunity has inadvertently materialized for home owners.
Many home buyers have been forced to scale back their ideas of what their dream home will be due to decreased loan qualifying power in … (1 comments)

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